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I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later . . .

Started by indianasmith, January 17, 2022, 03:40:56 PM

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Came home from Austin yesterday and started feeling kinda off; ran a low-grade fever this morning and have a nagging cough.

Sent my son-in-law to the store for a quick test and came back positive for COVID-19.
Feeling pretty decent, really.  Just a huge inconvenience as we scramble to cover our work schedule.
Hopefully I'll throw it off quickly.
"I shall smite you in the nostrils with a rod of iron, and wax your spleen with Efferdent!!"


I hope you have a mild case my friend and that you and any family members who get it recover quickly.
I'll show you ruin
I'll show you heartbreak
I'll show you lonely
A sorrow in darkness

Rev. Powell

Get better soon! I'm sure you'll have a mild case and your immune system will emerge stronger than ever!
I'll take you places the hand of man has not yet set foot...