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Trade DVD/Blu-Ray Horror for VHS Horror

Started by Beefcurtanz, March 17, 2022, 11:18:32 AM

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I have a ton of horror DVD's/Blu-Ray's that I am looking to trade for VHS horror/Sci-Fi/sleaze. I have been collecting both formats for years but would like to focus on VHS only. ALL my DVD's/Blu-Ray's are pristine, I own a professional disc resurfacer and replaced all the cheesy thin cases with the good ones salvaged from Family Video closings. If you want to know more message me and I will send pictures. I use the same username on ebay, I am an honest seller/buyer. Thanks!


Ok, looks like nobody on this planet wants to part with a single VHS tape for a DVD/Blu-Ray. I totally understand.



I have a bunch to part with if you're still around...



That's awesome! I will send you a private message, thanks for the reply


Well, the user "M.10rda" has not messaged me back, so it still looks like nobody wants to part with any of their tapes for discs.