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Funny/cool/weird video game character names you inputted, past/present.

Started by retrorussell, September 06, 2022, 01:49:16 AM

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Hey all,
You know when you either put in your character's name at the beginning of a game, or maybe at the end of the old-style games where you usually get three initials?  What were some of the more interesting ones you put in?  They can be really old games, slightly old, or more recent times or one you just played recently.  If it's profane (and for me it often is) maybe try to bleep it slightly.  What name, and what game?

Some of my favorites:
FINAL FANTASY VII for the Playstation
Seeing as how the characters call you by your chosen name often, I decided to go with something dirty and named my character (Cloud Strife): P*ssyfart.


One particular scene where I elect to not move some baby birds to get the materia they're sitting on, the girls Tifa and Aerith look at me lovingly and coo, "P*ssyfart...".  I fell over laughing till it hurt.

I was in heaven with NHL '96 or NHL '97 on the Genesis where I could use a whole lot of letters to name my players.  So one of them was Vaginal Secretions.  A couple others like Floppy Dong or something as well.  So when the marquee shows the Players Of The Game their rather bent names would all be proudly displayed:


I also remember getting NBA Live '97 for my Playstation and even getting to name the player's college!  So of course, my created player was from Bouncing Testicles University.  XD

These get especially funny when it's late and you're tired and silly.

They don't HAVE to be dirty; you can post any names you remember registering whether they're cool, funny, weird, or just names you got attached to.

Have fun!
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Not so much naming a character, but as a teenager, I remember playing a game where you were discovering an unknown land (possibly America?). I remember you fought battles by moving units around what amounted to a tennis court. Anyway, you got to name places and being teenagers we called the first mountain we found something like "Arsehole". The next thing we knew, a newspaper came up on the screen with the headline "Englishman finds his own arsehole!".

Of course, everything else we discovered then got similar names causing much hilarity, although we never played that game again for some reason.
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