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3 probes sent to universe but 1 crash landed to earh

Started by johnp, February 12, 2020, 12:52:03 PM

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This one was actually a tv show, maybe australian. the base idea was that some aliens sent 3 probes to universe to teach.
1 was hit by an asteroid and diverted to earth and was broken down. the parts landed near some farm. and the local kids
found 1 base part of the probe from 2nd floor of a barn. the device suddenly flipped around and the kid fell down from
the surprise but the device use some powers to save the kid and landed him safely.
the probe instructed the children to find other parts. one parts was named Flower.
when the children finally built the device it started to drain the energy of everybody, people stoped moving
on the streets.
if i remmebr this was australian tv show. there was 3 parts of this alien probe that broke down. the main dish shaped,
and the flower part, and something else i forgot


i remembered some more information about this show.

the first episode had the children finding out the base part of the device. it was at the 2nd floor of the barn.
the child aproached the device and it suddenly flipped over, the child got scared and backstepped out of the opening.
and when the child was almost hit the ground the device used some power to cushion the fall.

also if i remember the show ended when the 2 other probes came to earth for finding the missing probe.
they told that it was not supposed to come to the earth and was broken.

Rayo Casablanca


Perfect, it is that !
Heres the full? Show, only 6 episodes it seems. Lets see how this works today :)