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Black panther and dark climate - mysterious movie

Started by wositelec, August 19, 2023, 05:37:46 AM

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It was episode of  TV series, perhaps "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", probably from 90's. I'm almost sure that it's TV series from 90's. I remember only ending scene: the black panther goes through the forest in dark night. Long-haired man is scared, but when wild cat is very near him, the man shouts: "Forgive me Father for I have sinned!" (several times). The black panther stops. The lector says: "The most important is humility!

I was looking for many years, but no effect.

It's interesting that I found something similar. Perhaps I am near to solution.

"So Weird" Season 3 - unfortunately, it isn't.

Cara DeLizia, the actress who played Fi, chose to leave the show after the second season, but appeared in the first episode of Season 3 as a way of transitioning the series to the new lead protagonist for the rest of the season and series, Annie Thelen, who is a friend of the family. Carey, first introduced in season 2, becomes a series regular. Due to Annie becoming the protagonist, there is a significant tonal shift in the series, in which it becomes more lighthearted, contains more singing, employs a bright color scheme, and introduces a romantic subplot.

The main arc of the story is the mystery behind Annie's spirit animal, a black panther who has protected her since she was a child. Annie insists that people exercise great respect when learning about Native American culture. When the mystery is unveiled, Annie finds out that when she saved a Native American man in the Amazon, his father returned the favor by shapeshifting into a panther and keeping an eye on Annie in order to help her out when she is in danger.

The returning characters have closure as well. Although Clu was bad at core subjects in high school, he is good at philosophy, and majors in it in college. He tours with the band during vacation times. Carey follows his dream of becoming a guitar player. Jack, who lost his love of singing when his father died, regains a desire to sing with the band. Annie expresses a desire for him to believe in the paranormal, and he slowly becomes more open-minded towards the paranormal.


User from other forum found it.

It's "Swamp Thing: The Series Swamp Thing: The Series S03 E033 and "An Eye for an Eye".

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