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Manos, the Hands of Fate

Started by The Burgomaster, January 15, 2004, 05:43:05 PM

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James Perry

Like many others I only ever saw the MST3K version.  But first time out I got to where I was paying too much attention to the movie and not Joel & the bots.  It made me physically ill.  Many have said the same thing about Troll 2 and others on this site.  Big kudos to the Best Brain guys and MST3K...the best thing to happen to movies like this.  Manos is definately in the Top 5 of MST3K episodes.  

Love the message above saying that MST3K messed up the movie!  LOL

Todd D.

I dunno, this movie sorta grows on you after awhile.....


Screw Plan 9! At least that movie had bisexual aliens! THIS is the true worst movie of all time!

Da Hsiung

This movie is the definition of 'bad movie'. From lights to sound to acting and location, absolutely nothing was done right. I've seen movie with more painful plots and more painful acting but this one is just bad all 'round.


"Manos" ain't the only misused non-English word here-"Torgo" is Greek for "vulture". Make of that what you will; maybe Hal Warren thought he was producing a classic Greek tragedy.


There was one part of this film that I absolutely loved... THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, I looked this one up online and it's worth LESS new that it is USED!  It's like depriciation adds to it's overall value!  Either way you got jipped!


I admit that i've only seen the MST episode showing this movie, but that was enough for me.  As far as i'm concerned, the only good line came when one of Manos's wives said "Man yes; child no" and Tom followed it up with "Cheese, maybe!"


You, sir, are to be saluted for watching the non-MST version of this film...I know I wouldn't be able to do it, at least not without some serious alcohol in me...the first time I watched the MST episode was with my cousin when I was about 14 or 15...Torgo freaked her out, and over the next few weeks I was constantly getting punched by her for playing with her hair like Torgo did in the film and saying "THe MAstER lIKes yOU" this day it still freaks her out. It was years before I saw it again, after having bought the DVD of the MST version. Without Joel and the Bots to help, I imagine that this film could be an implement of torture the Spanish Inquisition only WISHED it could have had...


Did anyone notice the bad editing & continuity errors when Mrs. Useless keeps appearing with head scarf off then on, then off, then on??? Man I laughed my ass off at this stinkburger, made more palatable by MST3K. and I thought "The Creeping Terror" was the worst film I'd ever seen.


This is soooooooooooooooo bad, I'm surprised Robert Rodriguez hasn't decided to do a remake of it!  Just think - Antonio Banderaz as the Master!  Johnny Depp as Torgo!!  (or would Cheech Marin work better there?)  Quentin Tarantino as Mr Useless!!!

Easily the single greatest MST3K episode!


I saw this on MST3K, and I thought the episode was decent as far as humor goes.  But about the movie.. It seems obviously poorly done, as far as the editing, and picture quality, and how everyone is dubbed.  But... I didn't hate the movie.  

Drama Mama

I must also salute the man (or anyone for that matter) who viewed this movie sans MST3K; if it weren't for MST3K, I wouldn't watch "Manos: Hands of Fate" over and over again.  Anyway, the real reason I am commenting.  I read somewhere that after the movie failed, Torgo, the woman who plays the mother, and the woman who's continually making-out with her guy over a bottle of liquor killed themselves because the movie failed so horribly.  Crazy, but not hard to believe.


I'm just sorry that John Reynolds didn't live long enough to see how the character he played (Torgo) became a cult-movie icon. Just think at what kind of reception he'd have gotten at an MST3K convention.


For some reason, the defining moment of the film for me is the moment towards the end where the crew is clearly having trouble getting that dog to bark on cue. The dog just sits there and stares at the camera for several minutes, and finally lets out a grudging "woof". It's almost as though the dog was trying to intentionally sabotage his big scene, hoping maybe he'd get cut out of the film. Unfortunately, he failed to consider that they'd probably use up their editting budget long before then, and thus this gripping scene was presented in it's entirety.