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September 20, 2014, 03:13:10 AM
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 on: Today at 03:02:45 AM 
Started by indianasmith - Last post by Javakoala
Lester, those are two VERY different takes on "loving your neighbor"!!!

Java - I just don't see Gaius Julius Caesar teaching the Parthians that kind of lesson.

Sorry, thought you were talking about Jesus. I suppose I should read back further.

Ceasar wouldn't have taught that kind of lesson. He'd be better at military tactics and how to undermine a country to make it ripe for conquering. He was a fairly smart cookie, from what little I know.

 on: Today at 12:52:23 AM 
Started by Allhallowsday - Last post by indianasmith
All alone.

"All by myself, I stand ALONE!!!!!!!!!"

Lamest song in the history of children's animated shows:

Small | Large

 on: Today at 12:14:49 AM 
Started by indianasmith - Last post by indianasmith
I rented this movie with zero expectations; it was one of a stack of new release low budget horror/sci-fi films that showed up on the shelves of Hastings recently.  I popped it in to the PC tonight after the wife had claimed the couch, and watched it with only minor interruptions.

It starts like a standard slasher film: a group of recent college grads are travelling to a cabin in the woods to celebrate graduation, and drive through some remote mountain country. Inevitably they get lost; late that night, nearing their destination, they see a man run towards them, waving his arms, and swerving off the road to avoid him, they hit a tree and damage the van.  Fortunately by that point they are within walking distance of the house they are headed towards; they find a note advising them that the owners have gone but they can make themselves at home in the meantime.

So they settle in, partying, drinking, and having fun.  Like I said, standard slasher movie opening.
Then there is a cutaway scene to the house's owners, who are getting jiggy in the back of their RV (the only purpose I could find for this scene was
to provide the requisite B-movie nudity, but since the rest of the film is so dark, it actually was a relief of sorts).  But after they finish making the
sign of the squished avocado together, the dude goes outside and gets a meat cleaver in the gut, then the killer climbs into the RV to go after the girl.

Now, back to the crew at the house.  The next morning they find an abandoned mine, and begin to explore it and pull a few pranks on each other.  BUt
the place is creepy - someone had written on the outside wall BREAK THE CYCLE in a red medium that looks suspiciously like blood.  One of the guys
gets locked in an underground vault as a joke by his friends; it takes them a few minutes to get the door open again, but while they are trying, the guy who is locked in sees something written on the back wall:  THIS IS THE FIRST TIME.

After this the weirdness comes thick and fast.  Two of the guys go back to the mine to look for a lost wallet - and find three dead bodies in one of the chambers.  But two of the bodies are theirs, and the third belongs to their friend whom they just left in the cabin.  And when they return - he is still there!
What is going on?  Are they hallucinating?  Are they dead and in hell?

This was a very clever, well-acted horror film with a good cast and a genuinely unpredictable plot.  I highly recommend it!


 on: Today at 12:03:19 AM 
Started by skuts - Last post by indianasmith
I guess the fact that I hadn't watched a single Godzilla film SINCE the 1998 Matthew Broderick version made me like this one better.
And I guess, before that, my last Godzilla film was GODZILLA 1985.

 on: Today at 12:01:53 AM 
Started by indianasmith - Last post by indianasmith
Lester, those are two VERY different takes on "loving your neighbor"!!!

Java - I just don't see Gaius Julius Caesar teaching the Parthians that kind of lesson.

 on: September 19, 2014, 11:51:03 PM 
Started by trekgeezer - Last post by Javakoala
Tonight I Will Possess Your Soul (1967)

Another of the Coffin Joe movies. This one pushed the offensiveness to 11, but seemed less sacrilegious in the long run than the original. Loads of weird-@ss fun with a hoot of an color ingress into the film as the main character Coffin Joe dreams he is sucked into Hell.

I still have the final film of the trilogy to watch. I'm expecting large amounts of gore.

 on: September 19, 2014, 11:46:23 PM 
Started by trekgeezer - Last post by JaseSF
Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman (2014): This documentary from WWE provides an overview and traces the career of wrestling manager Paul E. Dangerously who later became better known by his real name as Paul Heyman from his humble beginning as a teenage wrestling photographer and fanzine writer to his later involvement in wrestling as a manager starting with Florida, then Memphis, moving to the AWA, WCW, ECW where he was given the creative book and eventually took over the company, finally to WWE.

It is as told by Paul Heyman himself and many of those he worked with over all his years in the wrestling business tracing from way back in the early 1980s as a photographer right on up to today. It`s a pretty solid documentary and I was happy see commentary provided by the likes of Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Tod Gordon, Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley, CM Punk, Edge, Stephanie McMahon, Beth Phoenix, Brock Lesnar, the Big Show, Rob Van Dam and more. Notably missing of course are the guys Heyman worked with who are now in TNA such as the Dudleys, Kurt Angle, Rhino, Taz, etc.  Honestly I would like to have seen some commentary from some of those guys too but I guess you can`t expect that in a WWE documentary...there`s some other notable names missing too like Shane Douglas, Francine, Sabu, and a few others.

I was pleased to learn so much about Heyman`s days as a photographer and how he wormed/conned/hustled his way into the business and how he has worked to keep himself in wrestling however he could throughout his career. That proved very entertaining. Also liked a lot of the stuff he discussed about Memphis on this DVD although I would have liked to have heard more about his time in the AWA and WCW. Apparently for legal reasons, Heyman cannot talk too much about WCW having made some kind of legal settlement with them in the 1990s. There's a lot of focus given to ECW understandably although I suspect some fans will be disappointed that there's little really new offered here (there was some interesting stuff covered and it was cool to hear Heyman's viewpoint) we haven't heard before and many things are kind of skimmed over. Still this documentary proves really entertaining nevertheless. It helps that Heyman is actually a terrific talker and entertainer (I especially enjoyed his early AWA stuff included as extras, would have liked to have seen some stuff from Memphis but WWE still doesn't own that library, the WCW stuff is pretty cool too). Heyman in WWE has actually been a very successful manager too but they don't spend a ton of time on that I guess because they expect we already know a lot of about it but they do cover Brock Lesnar and his run as creative writer for Smackdown to the position he holds today as on-air talent. Overall for that reason, I'd give this **** out of ***** stars (I knock a star only because there's censorship done on this DVD which I hated and you get the sense that they are holding some stuff back, and for some of the stars not included).

 on: September 19, 2014, 11:16:00 PM 
Started by Scott - Last post by cqmorrell

What did you guys think of the old WWF blue steel cage? It was quite different from the regular chicken-wire cage which usually has dominated wrestling. The matches tended to be less bloody and more about strategically escaping the cage back then. Me, I'm kind of nostalgic about the blue cage. Associate it with 80s-90s WWF...believe they switched back to the chicken-wire after Hell in the Cell came on the scene in late 97 if I'm not mistaken. What match faves do you recall in the big blue cage?

Me I really enjoyed Hogan-Orndorff, Bret-Owen, HHH-Foley, Rude-Warrior, Hogan-Bossman. I think those would be my top 5. Of course also recall Hogan-Bundy (Wrestlemania 2) and Hogan-Andre (Wrestlefest'88 - man, how I'd love to have that video now) and Austin-Kane...

I enjoyed it, really glad that it and a black variant can be used in WWE 2K14's cage matches. Kind of hoping one of these days that it might be used on another Old School episode of Raw or Smackdown.

 on: September 19, 2014, 11:14:29 PM 
Started by Mr. DS - Last post by retrorussell

Castlevania 2: Dracula's Curse: Always dug this game on NES, never got past the point where you "prosess" Dracula's rib. Might actually beat it one of these days ...

The second one is Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.  The third one is Dracula's Curse.

 on: September 19, 2014, 11:11:23 PM 
Started by Mr. DS - Last post by cqmorrell
Went on a sort of shopping spree today via the 3DS shop, got some neat stuff.

Castlevania 2: Dracula's Curse: Always dug this game on NES, never got past the point where you "prosess" Dracula's rib. Might actually beat it one of these days ...

Ikachan: From the creators of Cave Story; you play an adorable tiny squid trying to navigate through a massive underwater maze. Spikes, crabs and pufferfish are a constant threat though.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Mighty Switch Force!: Robot police officer lady has to catch several escaped crooks. This game's gimmick is switching blocks to solve puzzles, to catch said crooks.

Mighty Switch Force! 2: Basically the same idea as its predecessor, except that robot police officer lady is now a firefighter rescuing people.

Super Mario Bros 3

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