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February 28, 2017, 12:16:09 PM
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 on: February 27, 2017, 11:34:17 AM 
Started by sprite75 - Last post by sprite75

No, this is real hair.  How dare you suggest otherwise?

 on: February 27, 2017, 11:32:58 AM 
Started by The Burgomaster - Last post by sprite75
Is that my Old Milwaukee Light?

 on: February 27, 2017, 11:29:47 AM 
Started by ER - Last post by ER
Part Three: Ghosts?

Real quickly, when I was sixteen my grandma had a stroke and was in a care facility, and one time I was leaving after visiting her there when I saw that a room that had been occupied when I passed it coming in, was suddenly totally empty. It was empty of the patient I saw there, this old woman who looked Hispanic or like a Pacific islander, and it was empty of the rosary hung beside the bed, the flowers in the room, the crucifix on the wall, and the cards and pictures that had been hanging around the bed. All odd enough in itself for a room to be cleared out in the course of maybe twenty-five minutes, but I hadn't heard any of that happening, and I was only across the hall and a few rooms down in a quiet place.

It was so odd that as I was leaving I mentioned it to the nurse at the desk at the end of the hall by the elevators, and she gave me a funny look and said I was describing Mrs. (she named a name which I didn't catch) but she hadn't been in that room in weeks. And she gave me a funny look, like...maybe this wasn't her first time at-bat when it came to weird goings-on in a place where people died all the time.

I've mentioned I was neck-deep in sciences at that age, I had zero faith or belief in God or life after death or anything that defied rational comprehension, and instead of saying I'd just seen a ghost, I thought in terms of some sort of time slip. I grasped for anything rational to explain it, but I don't think I ever took the most apparent explanations, which may have been I was simply mistaken (because I wasn't) or I was hallucinating (which given the state of my life at sixteen, many traumatic episodes, may not have been utterly impossible, though for the record I didn't use drugs).

I will say if I saw a ghost, the ghost as she lay there sleeping looked as three-dimensional and lifelike as any flesh and blood human being who ever lived.

What's funny in retrospect across twenty-two years is an experience of that magnitude did not change me or leave me dwelling on it. I either took it in stride or considered it less worthy of dealing with than any of the many situations surrounding me during that highly involved time. (I was recovering psychologically from almost dying myself the October before, my parents were splitting up, my grandmother was dying, my school was crushingly oppressive, and I was as obsessed with this boy in college as it is probably possible to be.) So, strange as it may sound now, what I saw that day sort of got shuffled into the maelstrom of an almost out of control life that was practically overwhelming me, and I have no idea what I saw that long-ago day.

 on: February 27, 2017, 11:15:05 AM 
Started by ER - Last post by ER
Part Two: "Psychic abilities."

I entitled this thread "preternatural" instead of "supernatural" because I don't think there is such a thing as any phenomenon being above nature or physical laws. If something exists it's a part of nature we don't yet understand and may never understand, but it does not defy nature.

About seventeen years ago I was the most skeptical person imaginable. My thoughts were rooted in science, and while I loved a good ghost story as much as the next person, I was convinced every single person in history who ever claimed to be clairvoyant/psychic/ etc. was a fraud. (In my more open-minded stage today I'm charitably allowing 99.9% fraudulence.)

I won't say much in detail about my experiences, but in 2000 I knew this man who really had a thing for me, and he'd told me before he'd had odd experiences in life when it came to  "knowing things" about other people, especially people who had died. I thought uh-huh, good line, it's not going to get you anywhere with me, and I kind of decided to give him a wider berth.

Then without any warning whatsoever, in the early summer of 2000 this man began to tell me things about someone I'd recently lost, and my initial reaction was to get furious because I thought he and my roommate were pranking me, which I thought was cruel and I was deeply hurt, but I decided to play along til I caught them out. Thing is, he quickly began to tell me things about the person who had died that my roommate simply could not have known, let alone that this man himself could not have known.

I can't begin to say what a shock this was. It defied all explanation, it uprooted and challenged my entire outlook, which I'd at least tried to keep rooted in logic, and it scared me. It was not quite like this man was giving me messages "from the dead" but he'd tell me about incidents from my life involving this person who had died. He'd tell things that were incredible detailed.

I guess I'll stop, but to this day I can't explain what he did or how he did it, and I don't know whether his apparent ability was benign, evil, or neither, but it shook me up and waiting for him to pick up on something else and tell me became something like my addiction.

That was a strange time.

 on: February 27, 2017, 11:01:54 AM 
Started by ER - Last post by ER
Part One: UFOS....

I sometimes wonder if (at least some) UFOs aren't the craft of time traveling humans from our distant future. Hawking has said he doesn't think time travel will ever be possible because we've never been visited by anyone from the future, but it seems to me that if future voyagers are responsible sorts, as you'd hope future travelers would be, they might employ craft like UFOs and try to stay out of our way as much as possible. So I have always wondered about that. Also, people have seen UFOs throughout recorded history, all around the world, so it's not some post-WWII fad, as some try to say it is.

I do know someone who I am convinced at least believes he was abducted by "grays" as a teenager. He's not kidding or bragging and it seems to have changed the course of his life. I'm not saying aliens came and got him (and I'm not saying they didn't, though I have an opinion on the subject) but I do believe he believes the story he tells.

I can't say I've ever seen anything very dramatic in the sky, but when I was little we lived near an international airport and got good at ID-ing various aircraft, even F-111 jets the Air National Guard used, and we saw weird lights so routinely we almost stopped paying much attention, and my dad would bring his friends over in summer and sit on the deck, and more often than not those lights would show up on the horizon surrounding the airport. They were small, colorful lights that seemed to move in a group but also pull apart at times, and they would trail jets as they landed, but the thing is they could zoom up in the sky at impossibly fast speeds, they'd pause in mid-movement, and strangest of all, just seem to blink out and vanish. None of us, even my father, ever figured out what they were.

 on: February 27, 2017, 08:17:02 AM 
Started by Trevor - Last post by Trevor
Well, I guess I won't be watching this any more  Thumbdown

You would think they had enough of a budget to stage an attack.

 on: February 27, 2017, 08:10:35 AM 
Started by ER - Last post by Trevor
I saw something odd late one night when I was still a kid: I told my folks about it and they looked at each other and went  Question Question - the next day, the entire school was talking about it and some weird circular burn marks were found on our cricket field.  Buggedout

 on: February 27, 2017, 08:09:57 AM 
Started by ER - Last post by RCMerchant
Ok, let's recap

~ me, my family and the family of my uncle heard and seen a bigfoot when I was four years old. This was in Louisiana during our 4th of July BBQ at a small pond near somee woods.
~ my youngest sister and me (sharing a bedroom as kids) saw the shadow of a small balded person staring in our window at night. Our window was 10 feet above the ground. We found small footprints in the snow underneath our window the next morning.
~ about ten years later we both saw the silhouette of a small balded person in the huge closet mirror of my parents bedroom, walking back and forth on the balcony. My parents were gone for the weekend and we fell asleep in their bed watching movies. We both didn't dare to move or to look directly at the bedroom window. After some time it disappeared.
~ I filmed a UFO with colorful lights moving slowly above a highway during a heavy rain storm in Italy. Sadly the tape containing the footage got lost over the years. This was in the 1990s.
~ Saw another UFO in the late 1990s on a bright and sunny day. It was silver and "parking" next to a church tower in the sky. I watched it for about 20-30 seconds before it zipped away and disappeared.
~ There was a time my mother would complain about a loud electronic beeping sound in her bedroom. It would usually start around 3 am and would last about a minute or two. My mother was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia so we took that info with a grain of salt. One night she came to my bedroom and woke me because of the beeping sound. So we went to her bedroom and indeed, there was a loud, weird sounding electronic beeping. The noise appeared to be coming from the corner walls but we found nothing that would cause such a noise. The beeping sound never returned again after that. This was about ten years ago.

Oddly enough-every single incident you mentioned have been reported-including the strange beeping noises-by people who have experienced Close Encounters of the Second Kind.  (I read a lot of books on UFO's-but avoid the ones by obvious crack pots pushing an agenda. And most TV shows on the subject are bally-hoo nonsense-i.e. Ancient Aliens,UFO Hunters).

 on: February 27, 2017, 08:07:38 AM 
Started by Flick James - Last post by Dark Alex
Really annoyed with myself by missing a rugby match I wanted to see, especially when the team I support won it.

 on: February 27, 2017, 08:06:09 AM 
Started by ER - Last post by RCMerchant
I don't believe in monsters,ghosts,or boogie men. But UFOs? YES. Because I've seen them.
.In about 1971,me,my 4 brothers,and my sister were outside playing. Broad daylight. My step mother was washing dishes which had a window looking out the backyard. from the west came-slowly-a huge-like football field huge-thing-that looked like a flattened out gray dirigible. It made no noise-and it was LOW. Real  low! maybe 1000 yards from the ground. It floated over the house-and out towards the woods. We lived waaay out in the country.
.When I was living in Paw Paw in 1995,in a small two story duplex,I me and some freinds were helping my neighbor-an old man named Joe,change a tire on his van. The old man looked up and said-"Look-a ufo." We all looked-and a capsule kinda object was moving through the sky. It was heading east to west. It was about the size of a Tylenol if held at arms length. Behind it coming up fast were 3 jet planes! and 2 from the east as well! Suddenly the dam thing turns on a right f**king angle and zips off !
.In Feb.2002,my brother Richie and me were moving some wood from the backyard to the side of the road. (we had cut up a tree that had fallen). It was early in the morning.Clear blue sky.I looked up and saw to dime-sized objects moving south to north.they were directly across from one another.At first I thought they were mylar ballons. I said to Richie "What the f**k is that?" And pointed up. Without looking he said "Ducks." I sez-"Ducks my ass-LOOK!". The two discs were moving in a straight line side by side. Then-at the SAME TIME-they seemed to flip! Because you could see the sun glance of the rims as they did so-like when you play with sunlight on a mirror-and POW! They accelerated at a fantastic speed-and they were gone!
I have no clue what these things were-or are. But I seen them.

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