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Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)

Started by Andrew, June 17, 2008, 05:54:44 PM

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Are you ready for the inevitable zombie holocaust?  Just owning a shotgun and a chainsaw is not enough.  You need to consider all the factors, all your options, and be prepared to make the hard decisions.

Andrew Borntreger


what about the persons disposition, if they are a 'sunny' kind of person they will inevitably open the door to the zombie in police/security uniform........ avoid people who think help is on the way
if we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards.........checkmate!!


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BRAVO!! It is always welcome to see others promoting the awarness of what needs to be done to survive the shambling hordes of the undead.

If anyone is interested I posted my own guide on the forum some months back.,113001.0.html
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Quote from: DarkAdmiral on June 17, 2008, 09:20:04 PM
BRAVO!! It is always welcome to see others promoting the awarness of what needs to be done to survive the shambling hordes of the undead.

If anyone is interested I posted my own guide on the forum some months back.,113001.0.html

I remember this thread.  I loved it.  I am going to add more to it.  I also loved this little bit here too.  Having the movies tied in to was the icing on the cake.


P.S.  I am glad to see that the Karma is back! :thumbup: :teddyr: :cheers:
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If anyone's interested, I made a youtube video on this subject a while back about how we shouldn't take Hollywood's depiction of zombies at face value when making our plans.

john hanna

 :buggedout:You may want to reconsider the bicycle as transportation.  According to Max Brooks "The Zombie Survival Guide", a bike is your best tranportation.  Cars eventually run out of gas or break down. They also can't go over rough terrain if roads become impassible.  A bike is quiet, can be carried, is easily maintained, and it keeps you exercised.


Great article, Andrew: karma , sir.  :thumbup:

I'm a scaredy cat sometimes so I would, in addition to the chainsaw, shotgun and car, bring along a mountain of second hand underpants.  :teddyr:
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Believe me, I see this coming.  As soon as I can I'm stockpiling weapons and building a fortress, nothing like my own custom, fuel efficient Hummer to take me to safety.  Yeah, I'm going to make a fuel efficient Hummer.

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Hehe.. this is funny.  Sadly, if a breakout ever did occur, not sure I'd last too long, as I'm not in the best of shape and own NO weapons.  Course, maybe my "inside knowledge" (ie all the s**tty films I've watched) would give me a slight advantage. 

One thing I don't get is why people in zombie films NEVER think of covering the areas of their body that are vulnerable to bites.  I mean, you take some of the stuff they have goalies wear on their legs (shin guards?) and strap them to your arms, then put on an elbow pad to protect that.  Also put on something thicker than a t-shirt to keep zombies from ripping open your chest and digging out your intestines.

Also, not to jump on the "I did a thread like this..." bandwagon, but I did do a thread once about whether or not zombies would really take over if such an event happened.,100701.0.html

Basically, my hypothesis is I don't think we'd see a complete and total collapse like we do in the George Romero films, at least not with the slow moving zombies.  I mean, think about it, in the U.S. we could do stuff that no zombie film will ever have the budget to show, like getting out fight jets to bomb crowds of zombies from the sky, send in platoons of soldiers with automatic weapons, heck, you could hope in a tank full of gas and probably RUN OVER several hundred zombies before you'd need to refuel. 

Unless of course, the zombie outbreak was combined with something else... like maybe an EMP or some other terrorist attack.  Hmm.. think I got an idea for a script here...

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Oooh! Good Stuff. I'll keep my Suit of Armor with Chain-mail oiled up!


Andrew, you are the man. You just brightened my day.  :cheers:

Recently I was part of a "Zombie Survival RPG" on a gaming website. (Yes, I am overweight and somewhat pimply, but I also enjoy writing and telling stories, and this was sort of like a story, so...) Sadly, it went nowhere, and I was very sad. (Still am a little.)

I haven't looked at the other people's links, but one important thing I think you left out: what KINDS of zombies are they? Are they Romero's or Russo's? "Do they shamble or do they run? Can shooting them in the forehead work or must they be entirely incinerated? Do they eat brains, flesh, or a combination of both?" That sort of thing...  :wink:

*Checks out links*
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Remember, the Government Installation that you don't know about is the one you have to worry about.  These are usually in desolate areas and underground but they can lurk in more metro areas as well.  For instance, any abandoned Drive-in theaters in your hood are guaranteed to be camo for either missile silos or secret bio research labs that could be ground zero for a zombie attack.  Nowhere is safe.


I wouldn't knock the hybrid.  At a certain point during or after the zombie apocalypse fuel may become scarce between the lack of fresh imports and the scavenging of the other rag tag survivors.  Your camel-like compact may serve you and your few remaining companions well.

The trick would be to avoid situations where you need to mow down a mob of zombies or ram a barrier.