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Title: Chris Kruize Interview
Post by: Andrew on May 18, 2007, 11:54:03 PM
Chris Kruize was one of the original writers for "Mutant."  He was kind enough to give some interesting insights as to what went wrong.

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Title: Re: Chris Kruize Interview
Post by: peterzorton on May 23, 2007, 08:12:45 PM
Your Interview with Chris Kruize:  "....we heard no reaction from the producers for several weeks and after numerous phone calls, found out we'd been replaced by Peter Orton. Presumably he didn't have a real job and was able to go the Film Ventures offices and essentially take dictation from Ed Montoro."

Well, what a kind thing for Chris Kruize to say about me:  "[Orton] didn't have a real job..."     took "dictation from Ed Montoro...."   Hmmmmm.     For the record, I was a working member of WGAwest since 1978 (long before this Film Ventures assignment), wrote episodic TV for ABC, CBS, and NBC, and was Story Editor for Steven Spielberg in his Amblin' days (before Dreamworks), writing and re-writing teleplays for Steven...  And despite Chris's uninformed conjecture, I wasn't "taking dictation from Ed Montoro," but rather re-writing his screenplay (w/ input from Mark Rosman) in ways to make it more engaging and exciting.    I hope I did, but in any event made substantial revisions enough to be credited as first writer from the WGA credits arbitrator...    Cheers,  Peter Orton