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Title: Unusual film compilation ideas?
Post by: Javakoala on August 05, 2007, 09:56:20 PM
After answering a "What was that movie?" post in that same forum, I pulled the movie involved out of my stacks and watched it. Creature With the Blue Hand is the original title (well, original English title), but it was re-released in the 80's under The Bloody Dead. Apparently, Image Entertainment released a "double feature" disk with both movies on it, which means you get two versions of the same movie.  Stupid.

Anyway, the original novel the film was based on was written by Edgar Wallace. Even though I don't have any titles that come to mind (and, no, I'm not mining for titles tonight, sorry), I know there have been a large number of films made that used his books for their basis. I was thinking that it would be very interesting for some company to round up as many of these films and release them as a series or as a boxed set.

I've seen a few films that used Wallace's books as their source, and the guy had a knack for cranking out really twisty mysteries that usually slapped you alongside the head at the end with a final twist that leaves you thinking, "Jeez, I should have figured that out." And sometimes you do, but it's still fun.

So, in that vein of thought, are there any films with a similar but offbeat connections that any of you would love to see brought together in a compilation or released as a series of DVDs?

And, please, for the sake of my sanity, no suggestions of a Todd Slaughter boxed set!!  Mill Creek Entertainment has stuffed a number of their 50 movie packs with his...films. Sorry, had to stifle a retch and a yawn at the same time.