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Title: "Reevenge of the Ghost Assassin!" A Ghost/Martial Arts/Comedy
Post by: Bumdog on November 03, 2011, 03:47:38 PM
An unapologetic B Movie, made in Thailand.

Im a traveling filmmaker who just happened to be bumming through Thailand at the moment. I didnt plan on making any films here, but to make a film here only cost a tenth of the price then if you made it in Los Angeles, where Im from.

In fact within one month of arriving in Bangkok I did a one day shoot for a short film. Now most of the main people and extras worked for free, but in one day we shoot 14 pages, had it catered, with a paid four man grip and lighting crew with their equipment, a paid two man sound crew with their equipment (both working from 7am till 10 at night), plus the cost of renting the location, a RED camera with the lenses and it only cost around $1,700! Now thats also pulling in some favors of course but still it blew my mind... in LA that would have cost $20,000 easy.

The popular genre in Thailand, and in South East Asia in general are Ghost Films. B movie Ghost films. So I developed a ghost story that I got inspired to write watching an old "Topper" film called "Revenge of the Ghost Assassin!"

If you are interested to know more check me out on my Kickstarter under: "Revenge of the Ghost Assassin!" (I cant post any links here)

Would love to hear from ANYONE out there!