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Title: Normal People..
Post by: ER on May 04, 2020, 12:26:31 PM
.....scare me....

Hey, men, if ever you wondered what the emotional downside of PMS feels like, WATCH THIS SHOW! It's like the entire cast, male, female, animal, electronic, is a few days off from surfin' the wave.

 I liked episode one, felt like bingeing on chocolate and cutting my hair by episode ten, and by the end I was convinced the lead couple were in danger of OD-ing on Pamprin and taking viewers with them.

Ye gods what an emoting crash this show was! (And yet you watch, it'll sweep awards....)

PS It's also soft-core porn with full-frontal sex scenes filling about a fifth of its run-time. Irish porn..... will the wonders never cease!