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Title: Creature (1985)
Post by: claws on October 08, 2021, 09:57:39 AM
From Vinegar Syndrome:

Next up, the world Blu-ray premier of William Malone's gory outer space thriller, starring Klaus Kinski, CREATURE, which we've just restored in 4K from the original negative and are proud to present in both its theatrical cut as well as the alternate TITAN FIND version!

Street Date, November 2021

Another one to finally cross off the list.

Title: Re: Creature (1985)
Post by: FatFreddysCat on October 08, 2021, 04:24:19 PM
Nice! I dig that movie. It doesn't have an original bone in its body, but it's a fun watch.

I have it on one of those cheap ass dollar store "double feature" DVDs that were frequently seen at dollar stores in the early 00s. I forget what movie it's paired with. Maybe "Slipstream," with Mark Hamill/Bill Paxton.