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If you'd like to help to Ukrainian refugees, (and I wish even 1% of keyboard warriors in the world would!) Proem is a legitimate organization that is doing a lot. Proem has been around for years with a good reputation and is centered in Poland, where so far 200,000 Ukrainians fleeing war have gone.

Yes, Proem is a religious organization, frankly much of the help in crises comes from religious organizations, but Proem has set up a link for direct sponsorship of food, clothing, water, shelter for people who need help right now.

The directors of Proem have pledged that all money donated for Ukrainian relief will go to that cause and no other.

Here is a link to the page for supporting Ukrainian refugees; any amount is gratefully accepted. (

If you don't want to donate to a Protestant group, another agency is Catholic Relief Services. I don't know much about them but they are taking in donations for Ukraine now and have the backing of the BBB and a number of Catholic diocese worldwide: (

If you'd rather not give to a religious organization, here is UNICEF's page for aiding Ukraine's children: (