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Author Topic: Friday the 13th Part 2  (Read 7809 times)
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« on: November 14, 2006, 03:56:36 PM »

Slime Rating: **

I've recently rewatched this but prior, I had not watched it since I was about 11 years old (a very long time ago) and I forgotten how much different ol' Jason was at first compared to the image that usually comes to mind. This one actually has a couple characterizations (relative to the later Fridays) - not necessarily good ones, but I was suprised there were any there at all. I actually found Ginny and Paul somewhat likeable and neither of them had a moustache!

No hockey mask in this one either kids - Jason was in his rebellion years and decided to pay homage to his favorite killer from "The Town that Dreaded Sundown" and wear a creepy old burlap sack with one eye hole cut out. I have to say, I find the burlap sack a little bit creepier than the hockey mask, but I admit that could just be due to desensitization. But if I seen a guy with a burlap sack out in the cornfields here in rural Ohio I'd run like a mo fo. Anyway, onto the film...

-a Steve Miner film

Opening Scene
This isn’t camp! We’re in the ‘burbs. It’s nighttime and only one light is on down the street. Some kid’s feet sing the itsy bitsy spider for awhile. But mom calls and the feet whine then split. Scary feet step into the water. I know they’re scary because the music says so. These feet aren’t singing either. The feet naturally head over to the house with the light on. Whose house is it? Ah it must be Alice, from the first movie. The feet know because the light on tells him so.

Upstairs in a well-lit room, Alice dreams about the ending of a horrible movie she watched the night before...I mean...she dreams of the events of the last movie –her going to camp and having a rundown with an insane murderous soccer mom out for revenge for her son who isn't even really dead. Well it appears this film is already a slight improvement in that Alice has finally shaven her moustache since the last film. Maybe the loss of this moustache is symbolic of her loss of virginity, which is why she has to die.  Oops, I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you.

This dream sequence serves to weakly foreshadow that five years have passed and Jason’s still out there, hillbilly mode, about 15ish years old I’m guessing, probably in his rebellious teen years, mad as hell because he has no mom to rebel against and he hasn't been to a soccer game in years. The dream shows a highlight of Alice makin’ the first machete kill by removing ol' Pam Vorhees’s head. The last shot of the dream of course is when Alice takes a canoe ride (first thing I always do after a night of running from a killer) and meets Jason for the first time.

So wait a minute...all Mrs. Vorhees would have had to do was yell out “Jason” real loud or actually go out and look for him? (We find out later Jason likely seen this whole event anyway.) Why, if they never found his body, didn’t she ever go look for him? If he raised himself and roamed the lake, wouldn’t she have come across him during her stalking of the horny teenagers?  She was one mad mother indeed.

So anyway, she wakes up, splashes some water, and answers the phone –it’s just mom. It’s a mucked up conversation just to reinforce she’s been through a lot and to eat up film time. She starts complaining to mom that “[she] needs to put [her] life together and this is the only way [she knows] how” – wtf is she talking about? So did she just move to a suburb outside of Crystal Lake? Is that why teen rebel Jason knows where she lives? Hell if I know but somehow Jason knows where she is and walks to her place, which could be anywhere.

She heads into the kitchen to look at some pencil drawings -a strange picture of a girl (her?) with blood on one side of her face (red being the only color). She decides to change off screen in the bedroom, throwing her dirty clothes off onto her bed (yuck) and then takes very quick shower off screen and avoids a direct Psycho rip off but instead does a cliché with the phone ringing and no one on the other line.


Alice hangs up the phone. She is in trouble now because she hears Jason’s theme playing, so she decides to look around the house. She goes back to the kitchen, notices the open window, and grabs herself an ice pick. Here’s a classic scene – the first of many cat-throws Jason does as one flies through the window at Alice, obviously being thrown as I’ve never seen a cat jump through a window like that. My theory is that Jason (and his mother for that matter) had a helper who just threw cats (and sometimes dead bodies) through windows –the feline jettison expert.

Alice puts on some tea and yells at the cat. This false scare scene sets up Alice’s demise after she strolls to the ‘fridge to discover she forgot to wrap Pam’s head with aluminum foil. She screams in horror at this as she knows it has probably spoiled.

Unfortunately, she put the ice pick down and Jason just happens to be sneaking by wanting to borrow it. He too sees his mother's head and is not too happy she forgot to wrap it and he gives her the ice pick back the temple. But showing he’s a bit civilized for a feral hillbilly, raised in a shack, killer animal, he takes the tea off when the whistle blows.

The evil hiss music starts and the Friday the 13th logo literally explodes off the screen, early 80s style, into a giant “part 2” and some copyright information, playing probably the best score of the Friday series unbelievably. Credits roll.

On the Way to Camp
...Whiteout... We see a big truck in a small rural town, probably close to our favorite campsite. This is our first two victims…I mean characters. They stop at the gas station to call Ted for directions.

Ol’ Crazy Ralph notices the new kids and rolls up on them…evidently he’s been waiting for new kids for the last five years just to drop his catchphrase. He’s still pretty creepy…not scary though. He says “the others didn’t believe me” –yeah no kidding Ralph; they didn’t understand wtf you were talking about and neither do these poor saps.

Ted the neon Prankster
The kids get directions from Ted while he punks them out by having their truck towed. Ted is this film’s prankster. Ted should be arrested –you will soon see why. They two chase down the tow truck around the corner where Ted stands laughing, “welcome to God’s country” in a shirt so loud I won’t be able to hear for weeks.   Where are the fashion police?!  “Welcome to god’s country?”  - is this one of many clues about this being a morality play where bad kids get punished by a vengeful god? Reaching? Perhaps.

I was hoping the fashion police would break this travesty up right away, knock this guy to the ground and handcuff him to the tune of “bad boys” but alas, this is 1982 and the kids were in some preppy fluorescent backlash against punk. Ted must be staying right there around the corner if they were just on the phone with him, unless he had a cell phone, which is highly unlikely in the early 80s as it would have been the size of a cinder block.

I actually like this next shot of the winding road through the countryside –it’s great countryside view hinting at the isolation but it’s also a tad creepy –great foreshadowing.  Prankster tells a joke but we only hear the beginning and the end but not the middle – is this from Jason’s perspective or what?   It may be a stupid joke but you’d think they’d at least let the audience in on it. They stop to move a tree limb from the road, comment on how spooky it is, find a Crystal Lake sign, and get prowled by a hand in the bushes.

Orientation Meeting
Bell time – must be time for dinner! No it’s just Paul, some early 80s surfer, lookin' like he just stepped off the set of "Hardbodies" introducing some cardboa.. I mean, characters with feathered hair. These folks consist of two factions; Paul points out faction A by name –they will be staying tomorrow night to meet a grisly end. Thanks Paul. Faction B is the unnamed group of extras who will stay at the bar the next night and live to camp again.

Characters: Paul himself, the head hancho camp master. The trainees include the couple we’ve already met, a jock in a wheelchair (I have a bad feeling about this), and his friend I will just refer to as Slutspeak. Then we meet Terry, a very round set of …Mickey Mouse, and her dog Muffin. We get an introduction to Terry’s ass cheeks as a guy I will refer to as “F!ckstick” shoots her in the ass with a slingshot. Terry is dyslexic however and grabs the wrong cheek, seemingly annoyed rather than offended.

Paul continues his speech while someone in a foreshadowing device, I mean, a car, sputters in late passing ol’ Crazy Ralph. It’s Ginny, second in command and girlfriend to surfer dude in charge. She is demonstrating that her car is junk and will be a problem later. Paul and Ginny talk alone for a bit then return to the meeting. Paul decides it’s time to talk about safety mentioning knives, axes, and saws – some things a few of them may just get to know on a personal level before the end of the weekend.

Ginny still tries to start her car – ok we get it – later she’ll need to escape via car and it won’t start. Did I say we get it already? Paul decides it’s time to take a jab at women in general with some remark about Bears, which he will reinforce later. Paul decides to be manly and help with the car. He also drops some exposition that Ginny is a child psychologist before the car sputters in his face. Crappy car, check. Child Psychology, check. Weapons everywhere, check. Stupid teenagers, check.  Maniac hillbilly in the woods, check.  Sounds like things are getting set up.

Campfire Chat
It’s storytime!. Paul tells the trainees the story about Jason around the campfire. Somehow Paul knew to put the victims all on one side of the fire though. As Paul gets everyone all spooked, prankster boy jumps out with a spear and a cheezy old man mask and everyone goes off running like he was actually scary or something. Paul says it’s all just a legend hinting that he’s probably going to die just by claiming any kind of doubt.

Party Time ...well sorta
Everyone heads back in to start the festivities. Prankster Ted props the mask on the spear so we can get a good look at it –I’m betting we’ll see that again. Ok did I say festivities? Ok maybe if your definition of festivities is to run around like school kids, arm wrestle, watch arm wrestling, play chess, or play those old electronic games with the dark blip and a lot of lighter blips. Man, I’m glad my party years were in the early-mid 90s.

Come to think of it, there’s a lot of focus on arm-wrestling in this flick. It must have been the big thing in 1982. I mean, yeah in ’82 I was in grade school and we all arm-wrestled, but I didn’t realize it was an all-ages fad at the time. Maybe wheelchair guy just likes to hold hands with a lot of guys. Wheelchair guy beats some trainee we’ve never seen before nor will we ever see again. That poor guy -on his resume he can put “got beat by wheelchair dude in arm wrestling in Friday the 13th Part 2.”

Someone watches this wild and crazy hedonism from outside, getting angry as hell at all the debauchery. F!ckstick hits on Terry again, striking out, he moves in on her dog. F!ckstick brags to the dog about his career in the art of fast food. Ginny reinforces she is smart by beating surfer Paul in chess. She comments on the insane party going on around and decides to go to bed. The first couple starts to dance, which brings out the evil thoughts right away. Sandra just has to see Camp Blood; her man resists at first but he folds easy by the next day.

Ginny heads to her cabin and gives us a view of her new bra she picked up at VS earlier. Someone knocks and she answers the door like anyone would, immediately stepping outside repeating “hello, hello, hello” like people always do after hearing a knock. Paul gives her a good scare and she makes out with him as a reward. Ol’ purvy Ralph tries to watch from outside and pays the price for it in the form of barb wire. No more incoherent warnings for you Ralph!  Ginny reveals that she’s “on” and Paul leaves her with a sexist bear joke on the mirror in the morning. What a jerk.

Day 2
The last morning –enjoy it trainees. Focus on the woods –someone grunting –appears as if they are trying to escape the oncoming voices. Jason must have been trying to relieve himself and almost got caught –how embarrassing! Jason gets a good view of a bunch of trainees in headbands who just left Olivia’s “Let’s Get Physical” studio audience. They all end up at the bar later, so it matters little until we see at the back of the line is our favorite Psych major, Ginny.

Muffin appears on screen and sniffs her way to a pair of scary feet and poof…quick scene change to hotdogs on the grill –how clever. I wonder if Jason ate muffin. Ginny saws some wood, showing she’s strong and showcases a power tool, so I’m sure we’ll see it later. They’ve established her as Final Girl™ pretty well so far. I’d say she’s more interesting then the previous final girl at least, and still no facial hair.

Terry looks for muffin while someone watches. Ginny puts the chainsaw in her cabin closet just like where I would keep mine, next to the dress shoes. Sandra talks Jeff into heading to the other side of the lake while everyone takes a swim (and Ginny looks pretty tight there) and share more bad jokes. What is it with all the bad jokes in this film? Anyway, our explorers discover a mangled animal and a cop discovers them.

It’s a terrible sight…and the mangled animal looked nasty too. The cop is an overweight middle-aged idiot, which is kinda realistic in relationship to some b-town cops. He made the unfortunate error of showing up in the middle of the film so he will die for it. See, most of the cops know to only show up at the end of the movie after the killer’s dead or just wait in the hospital for the Final Girl™ when it’s time for leftover exposition.

Cut back to Surfer’s office with the cop talkin’ up Crystal Lake. He says the woods are condemned. Now how can the woods be condemned? I mean a building or house I could understand …or even buildings in the woods, but can the forest itself be condemned? Off-limits maybe or contaminated…something…but “condemned” just doesn’t seem to be the right word.

On the cop’s way out of camp, he notices a figure darting off in the woods (nice creepy cinematography there) so he leaves his car open with the lights still on and chases the figure deep in the woods yelling “hey, hey” rather than pulling his gun and yelling “freeze.” During this chase, we get to see the infamous mud puddle –this mud puddle has more screen time than some of the characters. We will see it a few times, but I suppose it does work well as a plot device acting as a marker showing the midway point between the new camp and the old.  Funny how this mud puddle never has an appearance again in the next 8 or so flicks.

Jason's Pad
The cop finally arrives at Jason’s abode –a make shift shanty of junk, something we also never see again in the next thousand sequels (they probably needed to tear it down in order to make the thousand other “old” houses we see in the following sequels). He discovers that Jason needs a maid and a new commode. More importantly, he keeps something pretty surprising in his bedroom but we don’t get to see what it is for the moment.  The cop doesn’t get to see it very long either when he has a close encounter with a claw hammer.

I wonder what happened to the cop car –surely someone had to notice it blocking the entire road.  Maybe Jason took it for a ride.  I must say it was kinda cool to see Jason’s place. It shows how crude he is and helps establish his mindset as a golem-like beastie boy.

Headin to the Bar
Paul offers the last night on the town and here’s where the extras take off – they evidently want to live. They raise their hands in unison, lead by a dude in Mork & Mindy suspenders. The explorers have to stay as punishment. Other named trainees indicate they’re staying –Terry’s nipples wonder if the dog will show up, F!ckstick stays because he’s looking at said nipples, and wheelchair and Slutspeak stay. Prankster, Surfer, and Final Girl™ head to the bar leaving the trainees all alone.

The mood changes…it gets quiet…the lights go out…crickets..suddenly a shadow moves by, followed by a shot of the moon.

The Thinning of the Cast
Strange scene: shot of the moon with the car lights crossing the screen. Paul again reinforcing her intellect by commenting on grad school tuition –almost seems like he’s picking on her about it, yet in a playful manner.  Ok, we get it – she’s smart.

Back to camp
Terry goes for a walk. She hears a sound and assumes it must be Muffin. Meanwhile the other group arrives at the bar ready to drink and rock ‘n’ roll.

-nice shot of the moon’s reflection on the lake, rising up to the moon itself…owls…then Terry gets buka-nekkid for a skinny dip (thinking maybe Muffin might be in the lake?). Uh-oh, the lake makes scary sounds when she jumps in.

Back inside the party cabin, the arm-wrestling/hand-holding continues. Queue Sandra’s call for the obligatory sexual encounter, guaranteed to ensure their death. Slutspeak sees her chance and steps up to the plate. She fakes him out with some more Slutspeak but she’s actually talking about the blipping games.

She prefers the one with the puck (I think this is supposed to be a sexual innuendo but I’m not sure what it is – does she want a round flat one or something?). Mark just doesn’t get it when Slutspeak keeps, well, slut-speaking. She makes all sorts of bad puns and it takes Mark a few to let it sink in.

Death to Skinny Dippers
Back to the skinny dipping – Terry plunges up out of the water (like no one ever does) enough to make sure the camera gets a full shot of her breastasess while some F!ckstick steals her clothes like an obnoxious 12-year old (no offense to the non-obnoxious 12-year olds). Terry emerges from the water and we get a full view (but from a distance). F!ckstick emerges to taunt her and drops some of her clothes – she only seems afraid of him seeing her top as she holds her breasts but doesn’t mind giving him a money shot for a moment. He watches her put pants on runs off with her clothes of course. She doesn’t seem as p**sed as she should be – more like he ran off with her book bag kinda reaction.

Taunting her, he backs up into a rope trap and suddenly finds himself upside down. He curses Paul. She seems concerned like he’s injured, like she forgot what he just did. She runs back to camp to get a knife for the rope, putting her shirt back on as well. This is an interesting shot as she throws a towel (?) on the camera as she runs by. She heads in a cabin but the lights are all jakked.

Scott…er…F!ckstick hangs there when Jason decides to welcome him to Crystal Lake with the wrong side of a machete to the neck. F!ckstick’s eyes even roll before Jason makes the cut. Terry looks for a knife in the window ledge of the cabin (?) when something falls on her. She finds what she’s looking for and heads back to Scott’s corpse. Screams, more screams, and it appears she runs into Jason and he kills her off screen.

Jason History Lesson at the Bar
…80s guitar riff…it’s that band of 40-somethings who always play at the county fair –the ones that look like your drunken uncle or that band from the county fair. Oh the dance crowd … –mullets-a-plenty, feathered hair, a Rod Stewart clone, some urban cowboys (in New England?!), and some white guy with his hands in the air. What a time capsule this movie is.

Ah at the bar sit surfer Paul camp-master, Prankster Ted, and Ginny the Final Girl™. Prankster already looks 3 sheets to the wind holding up some literal beer goggles with a stack of empty bottles in front of him. Ted’s all about the bartender girl and she pranks right back at him, and quite badly.

Ted brings up the events of the previous Friday so we can get some example of Final Girl’s™ Psychological insight. She brings up the possibility of Jason’s existence and they’re skeptical of course. Ginny gives us some speculation on more of Jason’s background. Ginny goes from speculation to belief all the sudden and remembers from when she seen the first film. She brings up that Jason may be waiting for his mother’s resurrection…an idea I’m surprised they didn’t try to tackle in any of the following plethora of sequels (lol sorry just the thought of a headless serial killer cracks me up). Paul tries to assure her that Jason’s just a legend but she’s smart, remember; she doesn’t buy it.

Back to Camp Again – settin up the Obligatory Sex
Back inside – someone watches from outside the cabin as Sandra takes Jeff upstairs (they must move kinda slow). Slutspeak finally speaks some non-slutspeak and we discover how Mark ended up in a wheelchair. Jeff decides it’s time to open their sexcapade with a harmonica solo (exactly what I always do right before some hot sex) while Sandra gets rid of his Rerun hat. They both remove their shirts but we only get to see the guy (boo) and Jeff finds this pretty funny.

Slutspeak finally makes her move, either that or Mark just now finally gets it. She indicates she needs to get ready, so off in the darkness she goes…she obviously won’t be back. Of course the lights aren’t working at first but once she decides to change they work just fine. She pulls out some granny panties and changes into them (what was wrong with the others?) while Jason watches from outside. Hahah she sprays her neck with perfume, followed by the spot between her breasts and then downstairs. She hears a noise outside and the storm is about to start. She closes a shutter (?) while Jason and the audience get another view followed by yet another gratuitous panty shot while she bends over in the car just for a lost brush and we see that she checks to make sure the car is locked – I’m sure that’ll come into play later too.

Stairs of Doom
Here comes the rain again. Mark notices the rain so he decides it’s a good idea to go outside and yell into the darkness “Vicky…Vicky” – I guess that’s Slutspeak’s real name. The lightning and rain increase as he strolls out on the patio deck. We hear Jason’s music so we know this is a bad sign. He peers into the darkness for a bit when Jason whacks him in the face with a machete (I believe) and we see one of the best deaths of the film as he and the wheelchair fly down the only flight of steps (a huge staircase at camp?).  Man, the handicapped always get the short end of the stick.  I can only imagine if the poor guy was a minority too his body would have flown out of the chair, bounced against a tree and rabid dogs would have torn the corpse limb-from-limb.

Payin’ for their Sins
Back to Sandra and Jeff with their O faces. Looks like we missed some action there but that is their queue. Jason smells sex and decides to head on inside. He grabs the mask off of the spear and throws the mask down (he must like his burlap a lot better) and takes the spear upstairs to stamp out that sex smell, taking his damn sweet time sneaking up there. Jason steps in the room and mimics a scene from an earlier horror movie by driving a spear right through them both as the evil hiss music plays overly loud.  Unfortunately, the sensors made Jason cut most of that action out of the film.  Sensors = Jason’s biggest enemy.

Back at the bar – Paul and Ginny head out while Ted plans to hit some after hour joints. They run out in the rain and reinforce that the car doesn’t work most of the time (ok we got it).

Jason’s First “Real” Appearance
And we’re back to slutspeak…the last one alive at the cabin…for now. She yells for Mark then heads upstairs. Not sure if she thinks he’ll have his wheelchair upstairs or if she’s looking for all the rest. She heads to Sandra and Jeff’s room to one of my favorite scenes of Jason’s first real appearance. She sees a person under the covers – could it be a body? No it’s Jason! And he's none to happy to have his early evening nap disturbed by a horny teenager!

She screams as he slices her leg. She backs up slowly into Jeff’s body and just stands there like an idiot instead of running out of the room. She takes the stab to the gut for it just as she notices that Jason needs a manicure. And where is Sandra’s body btw?

Paul and Ginny return and we actually get to see Jason moving a body (although why there isn’t blood down the stairs and on the floor now is one of the world’s greatest mysteries. They notice something’s wrong…really wrong.

Ginny hauls it again but this time to the pantry(?) where Jason’s been keepin ol’ Crazy Ralph. Crazy Ralph, of course, falls right at Ginny, -playing the often seen “body falls from convenient location” card you will see many, many times throughout your Friday the 13th experience. Ginny rips over the counter and out the window as evil cellos rip like mad.

Ginny makes it to her car but guess what? Betcha never guess? It won’t start. Jason comes up and plays drive through teller for a sec then vanishes again. He climbs on top of the car Myers-style and rips through the roof with the pitchfork then reaches his arm through. Apparently he wants to get close and personal with this kill and do it with his bare hands rather than the pole arm.

Ginny says it’s time to kick the door open and knock Jason to the ground. I don’t think you’ll see that happen to Jason much later on in his career. But he recovers quickly. Ginny splits and plays the “Obligatory Fall Down” card as you will see many, many times throughout your Friday the 13th experience. Maybe Ginny is born in a barn since she didn’t even shut her own car door – and it’s raining off and on too!

There’s some folks bangin’ cellos that follow Ginny around non-stop here…no wonder Jason’s right on her ass. She shows she’s a good Final Girl™ by hiding in the bushes for a few to compose herself. She sets up an awesome ambush, kicking Jason right in the nads as he comes around the corner. Jason does an ape growl and actually sells it, falling to the ground. Jason may be a golem in this flick, but he’s still human at this point and still prone to injury.

Ginny sprints back to the cabins again and heads for Slutspeak’s car, but damn her, she locked it! She spots Jason and ducks, circling around the car as he walks around the other side. He walks right over to the car and takes a good look at us and the top of Ginny’s head, but he must act like he didn’t see her; maybe he wanted her to feel like she was doing well or something.

She takes off in the woods and Jason has a little ambush of his own –he jumps out at her but misses. He rises and runs off the other way as we see Ginny hiding and then she doubles back. See, a Psych major can outsmart a redneck retard after all.

Nice shot of the moon with some nice sound as Ginny runs into the night. It’s a nice effect really, shows time passing; I’m not sure if we ever get that experience again in a Friday film, but then I haven’t seen many of them for a great while. Here’s another great shot of the full moon. It’s hard to tell exactly how much time has passed but we kinda get the idea it’s not a five minute chase in real time. Our Final Girl™ must be exhausted. Jason follows.

They make it back to the cabin and everything seems ok until there is a rattle at the door. Ginny sits back on the bed by a huge window with a pitchfork while Paul gets ready to whack whoever is at the door with the pitchfork handle but it's just Muffin! awww how cute must have been some other dog that Jason ate earlier.

In a similar fashion to the ending scare of the last movie, Jason bursts through the window behind Ginny sans the mask, revealing his deformed head and hippy haircut (I won't spoil this with an image -sorry) as he clotheslines Ginny in slow motion. Funny thing about this scene is that I remember when my cousin and I first watched it back in 3rd grade, we got into a big argument over whether or not Jason could or did count to ten before jumping through the window.

At any rate, we flash to the next morning when Ginny's being hauled away in a stretcher with no sign of Jason or Paul. Word is, there that the actor playing Paul left the set before they got to kill him on screen. The End.

Some observations:
*Why didn't Jason live in any of the abandoned buildings from the prior Friday rather than building a makeshift of his own?

*From viewing the following entries: Jason sure aged and changed a lot between parts 2, 3, and 4 considering they supposedly happened in the same week. He changes his attitude a lot between these entries as well. In this one, he seems to just be out for revenge for mom, the next one, he seems annoyed that kids are back near his lake, and the viciousness of the killings in part 4 indicate he was getting rather p**sed off. I can almost hear him saying (DAMN these kids! I'm getting fed up!! arrrrrr! ...but more on part 4 later :)

*Jason is short and moves fast in this one -something that seems to change in the next entries as well.

*Whatever happened to Pam's head after this one? Jason just gave it the toss? We never see it again.

*Is this a morality play? Drug-using teenagers who have premarital sex are destined for death in god’s country?

*the prankster lives in this one?! so much for the morality play - he lives because he decides to keep partying

The Good:
*Final Girl in part 2 is the best IMO. She uses her Psychology on Jason, uses some strategy, and even has some offense -way better than the last Final Girl.
*Some of the characters had a little personality and were barely likable...some of them anyway.
*Jason's burlap sack is creepy and effective.
*mood is established well with hillbilly Jason, shots of the moon, the shot of the isolated country side, and Jason's abode.

The Bad:
*some of the characters were so one-dimensional
*Paul showing up at Jason's abode like he knew where it was.
*Half of the councelers we never really got to know vanish before the end
*the forgotten cop car blocking the only road in
*Crazy Ralph

The Ugly:
*again, Crazy Ralph
*almost everyone at the bar
*Ted's shirt
*The cop's dialog
*Slutspeak's granny panties
*the intro setting with Alice - mostly padding - how did Jason know where she was?

Memorable Quotes

Paul: "These kids smoke better dope than I do"

Ginny: "Paul, there's someone in this room...THERE'S SOMEONE IN THIS F*#!ing ROOM!"

Cop, paraphrased: "Them woods is condemned!"

In Closing
Overall a fun ride with some good characters and some bad ones.  This show creates a few questions that never seem to get answered throughout the rest of the sequels.  All in all, a halfway decent b-flick for as far as Friday the 13th goes.

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This was my favorite of the FRIDAY the 13th movies. I rember seeing at the Strand Theatre in PawPaw, Mich. That movie house was built in the 1930's...and it is STILL virtually unchanged! It even has the same ratty old screen curtains and a balcony! I quit watching the Jason movies after 3, but I did see JASON GOES to HELL (which was kinda like the HIDDEN),and caught the FREDDY vs. JASON movie,which was kinda fun-kinda like a moderen version of Frankenstien meets the Wolfman.

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Part 2 and 4 are my favs, although I haven't watched Jason Goes to Hell yet (I heard it was one of the worst).  I have Jason X and it's a stinker in a different kinda way.  I enjoyed Freddy vs Jason - had the good elements from both series.

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I actually saw part 2 after I had seen part 3, and was damn near bored to tears in 3-D by part 3.

Part 2 is my favorite of the Friday movies. Yes, the burlap bag over his head was lifted straight out of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, but who cares.

Jason (Warrington Gillette) in part 2 is not the hulking monster with which we have come to associate Jason, but he is strangely developed for a character who has no lines. His story is told through the other characters, who eventually become his victims; rather ironic.

As well, unlike others to follow, or the first one, the art direction was well done in this one. Jason's humble abode was so well put together; piecemealed from every piece of scrap you could imagine, and some you couldn't.

In this one, Jason as well was vulnerable. Yes, he was a living being in parts 3 & 4, but he was more of a behemoth that could not be stopped short of killing him (and we see how well that worked). In part 2, Jason is up against a worthy opponent in Ginny, and it helps that she is a very likeable character (not to mention probably the best actress who faced off against Jason).

The ending of this is a little confusing. We had seen the dead dog earlier in the film. When it shows up again at the end, we presume that it is a dream sequence, but, where the hell did Paul go?

I have not calculated myself, but I have heard other estimates that Jason's age in this film would have been around 24; give or take.

Unlike some others I have heard mention, I thoroughly enjoyed Jason Goes To Hell. It was a completely different direction for a Friday movie, and the only one of the Friday movies which took a different direction. Might I also comment again on the wonderful performance given by the actress playing the FBI agent in the opening of the film...uh...I got distracted again.
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