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Hell Comes to Frogtown

Started by Adam, December 12, 1998, 04:49:04 PM

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This is a classic b-film...I even think it spawned a couple of sequels, one I remember being called RETURN TO FROGTOWN, with Robert Z'Dar and Denise Duff (chick from SUBSPECIES sequels). Anyways, this is a lot of cheesy, dumb fun thats best watching with a group of friends. The concept is different and Roddy Piper makes a good b-film action hero (see THEY LIVE if you haven't yet). Overall, I recommend this to you fans of b out there...this is at its best.

Excellent movie!  This was the one that showed me the light of truly terrible movies.  I saw this up for auction on the internet so I put a bid on it, because Piper was in it.  He is the greatest wrestler of all time afterall, and I loved him in They Live!  I watch the movie, and decide to read more about it at the imdb.  I found a link to from there and my life has changed.  Thank you Mr. Piper!


This is one of those enjoyable low budget "B" movies with any number of enjoyable lines.  If you liked this movie, you should catch Roddy Piper's other movie "They Live!" which has him saying some memorable lines, perhaps more so than in this fillm.   I only wish Roddy had been in more films since he has an earnest yet casual manner of acting that is appealing in "B" films.

NetFrog Alpha

One of the last fertile men on the planet is charged with impregnating as many women as possible, and also has to kill giant mutant frogs. I think every guy has wished for that at one point in their lives.

This film contains one of the great B-Movie lines ever.  When Bull, a giant man-frog sporting an eyepatch, tells our hero Sam Hell "You're one weird dude!", I about died laughing.  


That Fred Olen Ray crack at the end of your review was classic. I know just what you mean. It's frustrating being a struggling, aspiring filmmaker, and seeing this guy continueing to be funded to churn out crap. Anyway, for years, I searched for this movie after having seen the video box when I was too young to have a membership of my own. I finally found it again recently, and, of course, rented it immediately. the strange thing is that I saw the far inferior sequel first. Let me just briefly tell you that Frogtown 2 is bottom of the barrel filmmaking. It stars Robert Zdar, the guy from Tango and Cash with a huge jaw that Stallone had broke prior to his jail stay. The paper thin plot revolves around the returning frog masks, and a Texas Rocket rangers unit. That's right, and the only time you see these guys flying with their rocket packs, it's stock footage from The Rocketeer. Therefore, their costumes when they jump to the ground look just like that of Disney's Rocketeer.

You should put a WAV file of "You have aroused the 3 snakes" on here. great movie

Fisheating Fred

Frogtown three is called Toad Warrior. I've never seen it but that's what it's called.

Green Hornet

Haveing been bad, I punished myself by watching this thing. Two things kick this disgrace into the toilet: If Piper's sperm is so important, WHY did they send him on a rescue mission where he could have gotten KILLED? And why the chastity belt that shocks his "package", risking killing or mutateing (electricty causes mutants in movies) his "juice"? Just another "Idiot World".


Hey, man!  What about one of the best Roddy Piper movies ever?  I mean, of course, They Live!

Snow Dog

You should review Return To Frogtown...
crazy, crazy flick.  Brion James alone is
worth the price of admission.


Movies like this are what makes America great.  Where else could someone make a movie like this without being deported or shot =).  It's absurdity makes it an 'entertaining' movie, good for a few hearty chuckles.


What the hell is the 2nd sequel, we have "hell comes to frogtown", "Return to frogtown (Frogtown 2), supposedly there's a third??  WHAT IS IT???????


*Speaking very unenthusiastically* Wow. Just what I wanted to see, a turned on mutant Frog. I bet that whole Three Headed Snakes FX must have kept the prop department up all night trying to figure out how they were going to pull it off.

Ben Miler

I saw this once on the Sci-Fi Channel and I couldn't believe what I was seeing: bad acting, bad costumes. I never laugh so hard when I saw Sam Hell's (played by Roddy Piper) genitals attatched to a device that electrocutes him. This movie is forever engrained in my mind for really bad movies. This is a must watch!