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Hell Comes to Frogtown

Started by Adam, December 12, 1998, 04:49:04 PM

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The "three snakes" part is enough to traumatize even the toughest bad-movie aficionado.  Sucks to be Sandahl Bergman in that scene.  Rowdy Roddy Piper is the shiznit!

Speaking of Roddy Piper, when are we gonna see a review of "They Live"  on this site?  I'm surprised it's not on here already.  That movie is Bad-movie gold!


O.K. it's official- I love this friggin site! Me & my buddy (Brandon) picked this up for $5 at the local Edward McKay (N.C. used video/dvd/cd/book store)and laughed like hell (Sam Hell, that is). At about minute 73 look for the miraculous first appearance of a samurai sword and ask yrself- "Where'd that come from?" Also dig actor William Smith as "Devlin". This guy's been in more bad movies than you can shake Roddy's superpotent stick at. A classic "bad guy" actor some may remember from the (supposed)A-list movie "Maverick" starring one Mel Gibson (pre-Passion dontchaknow). Loved "Frogtown" & "They Live" IS INDEED B-movie gold- hallelujah!

Hadrian Wolff

Awesome movie! It was the last movie i watched before i went off to boot camp. While at Parris Island I swore when I got my  ten free days before MOS school. I was going to rent that movie and have Hungry Howie's pizza like I did the night before I left. But wouldn't you know it? The video store got baught out and the new place got rid of it. p**sed me off. But oh well. I'm still looking for a copy.


My stepdaughter played one of the passives in this movie.  

I told her that it was a "Class Z Stinker"


I have a turkey called 'Mystery on Monster Island' on right now. I'm not sure how people like Terence Stamp and Peter Cushing got sucked ito making this fiasco, but what tied it to 'Hell Comes to Frogtown' was the reuse of the frog's costumes for the villains here. I keep waiting for a "ribbit" to come from behind one o' these masks.


In fall 1972, the writer-director of this film, the late Donald G. Jackson, was working for an auto bumper plant near Detroit, while making Super 8 films and publishing a film and comics fanzine called Finders Keepers. I had flown to Detroit for a sci-fi convention, he picked me up at the airport, and we spent hours in his car in rainy freeway traffic, him interviewing me on tape (I was only 18 but had already made and screened several films) as he drove us to the convention. I also took dozens of photos for his zine at the convention. He was a fascinating fellow, with a unique vision and great passion for films and filmmaking.

Those were the days...   


hi love the review just wanted to point out it's Sandhal Bergman not Sandra,  she kicks piper's ass

Rev. Powell

Wow, if you can channel your inner 13-year old boy this is probably the greatest movie ever made. Piper's job is to travel the countryside sleeping with beautiful women and killing the occasional frog. Not a bad gig, and it comes with government benefits!
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