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Buck Rogers

Started by Andrew, December 23, 2006, 08:40:57 AM

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That's an awesome deal.  I think I paid around $60 for mine (maybe more).


Quote from: Gerry on November 30, 2007, 06:13:18 PM
That's an awesome deal.  I think I paid around $60 for mine (maybe more).

I don't really care for the 2nd season that much so I'm glad I didn't pay that much for it. But it's nice to have everything in one complete set, even though I hate flipper discs.
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Death to Twiki!
Mel Blanc how could you! Did you need a house payment that bad?
Oh, how I, Crow and Tom Servo loathed him...
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Ok, I admit it, Guilty.  This show helped trigger my puberty.  I mean between Erin Gray's spandex outfits and Pamela Hensley Slinking around and acting like the intergalactic space slut from hell, I discovered certain things watching this show.  Things that could make standing up in front of class to do a problem on the chalkboard embarrassing.

I also admit that given a choice, I'd pick Princess Ardalla.  I mean I just like bad girls.  Which brings me to one question I always had since then and it gnaws at the back of my mind to this day.  Ok, there was this episode, where the mean Sexy space slut princess comes to earth with an ultimate planet destroying weapon.  Her ultimatum.  Either Buck Rogers sleeps with her, or she blows the planet to smithereens!

So what does buck do?  Runs away with Twiki!  JEESH!  I mean I think I would make that sacrifice for my planet.   So I wonder.  Was Buck Rogers Gay?


Now Amazon's got it of $18, jeez.  I think I paid at least $60 for it as well.  The first season was great, all the campy fun and hot chicks any man could want.  Don't know what the hell happened in season 2, the whole thing just  became a dopey comedy for little kids.  Midgets in every other episode, terrible writing, terrible acting, and they even gave Twiki a smurf voice for one or two episodes. 
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Ben K.

I was a fan of the tv show growing up. So, naturally I'm a fan of the film.


 :hot: Still amazing by today standards, i have the whole buck rogers collection on DVD quit funny lots of things changed during theses 2 seasons.

Twiky voice became more female like then its switch back to the old voice LOL, the second season is not that good when they are on the ship to explore new world.

Hawk was pertty cool, but nothing beats the pilot movie.

Tiger man raw raw raw

Too Much TV As A Child

You completely overlooked the best line from the theatrical release! Twiki saying, "Beda-beda-beda-beda -- Freezing my ball bearings off." This for some unimaginable reason got cut from the TV release. (Along with the scantily-clad title sequence. What were the censors thinking, man?? Those were ratings grabbers!!!)  :hot:


Pretty Sad for Henry Silva to play just a lackey thug to some whiny  b***h. Why couldn't of he been the main bad guy.


Great review! I loved Buck Rogers as a kid,I had all the toys except for Ardala. The Wilma action figure is the 2nd ugliest female toy in all of history. :bouncegiggle:

I love the ship designs from this. The Earth Fighter was originally going to be the Viper in Battlestar Galactica. They changed their minds for some reason but since Producer Gary Larson followed up with this series,he had a chance to use this excellent ship. IIRC,the Galactica shuttle appeas in Season 2 of this show.


You have to agree those earth starfighters are the coolist looking ships since the X-WING and Y-WING from STAR WARS


I was 14 or 15 when the series came out.  I refused to watch it.  I thought it was a weak, lame, stupid Star Wars rip-off, and being a huge Star Wars fan, I was not going to subject myself to such drivel.  I caught a few glimpses of Twiki and I hated him.

Now, however, I'm not 14 or 15 and the series is on a local channel during the weekends.  I've been catching some episodes and I find them amusing.  All the space babes are terrific!  And Colonel Deering -- wow!

I never saw the movie, but now I may have to dig up a copy.  Thanks for a great review!


Ick. This series did not age well. I caught this movie on Netflix a few years ago and yeah, it was pretty bad. Netflix had this movie as the pilot episode, followed by the TV series, all in one movie package which was a pretty neat setup. For some reason, the show looked awful on a high-definition TV, or maybe it was a poor streaming signal that I was getting over my cable Internet. The blu ray or DVD set is probably a lot better quality but I don't see myself investing any kind of real money into it strictly for nostalgia purposes.

I will say that the actress that played Princess Ardala looks even better now than she did when I was a little kid. Hubba hubba hubba! Oddly enough, she seems to have retired after her Matt Houston days, at least according to IMDB. I think she had a small role in that horrible Runaways sci-fi movie with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons before she quit, but I'll have to look into that.

But yeah, I remember first watching this in the movie theater as a double-feature with the original Star Wars movie back in 1979; it must have been one of the many reshowings of Star Wars in the movie theaters back then, before home video really took off. I wasn't too impressed with it then. It was a lot better on TV for some reason.
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