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The plot does indeed involve a 2-headed shark that attacks, and what it attacks is a group of college kids filled with so many annoying characters that I wished it was a 12-headed shark, just so the kids would disappear faster than they did.

That would be six times as fast, in case anyone wants to do the math.

Lesson Learned:
  • A forty foot-long shark can hide in four feet of water.
This movie is a rip-off of "Gremlins," but with Harvey Korman. A LOT of Harvey Korman. In fact, there is so much Harvey Korman here that there is very little time for the hungry gremlins.

Lesson Learned:
  • In southern California "yard work" means either raking the sand or vacuuming the Astroturf.
This movie is the best film ever made in BFW (the "W" stands for "Wisconsin"). Unfortunately, it is also the worst film ever made in BFW and should only be watched by those who believe that snow is entertaining. Yes, you get to see Bigfoot, but you will also see a whole lot of snow.

Lesson Learned:
  • The phrase "Wardrobe by Kmart" should not appear in a film's credits.
In a number of ways, this is the movie that "DOOM" should have been, but it uses so many ideas from other films that there is precious little new material to make it interesting. Plus, the characters are idiots. All of them.

Lesson Learned:
  • Every spaceship or research center has at least one room filled with hanging chains and dripping water.
In the year 1980, the refugee fleet of spaceships led by the Battlestar Galactica finally discovers Earth. This sequel series is terrible, and it shares very little with the original show. Well, except for the stock footage of vipers, old costumes, and recycled character templates.

Lesson Learned:
  • Waterloo and Gettysburg are both located on page 124 of the Encyclopedia of America.
The best way to describe "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" is to say that it is a "Scooby-Doo" episode, but starring KISS instead of a bunch of meddling kids and a talking dog.

Something to watch for:
  • 48 mins - Whatever happened to the days when a musical celebrity could beat up a few cops, steal a horse or two, and get off with just a slap on the wrist?
What do you get when you cross "Jaws" with "Predator" and cast a 1990s pop culture star as the protagonist? Why yes, this is a SyFy original movie. How did you know?

Lesson Learned:
  • Blinking is a telltale sign of rigormortis.
A Navy officer discovers that the Chinese are using machines to dig their way under America's defenses. He leads a team of Marines into the tunnels to stop the communist sappers before they can plant atomic bombs under our cities.

Lesson Learned:
  • The Department of the Navy has jurisdiction over all military operations that take place below sea level.
Parts of this anthology movie are absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, the brilliant parts are smothered by loads of sexual jokes and toilet humor. I laughed some, I cried some, I rolled my eyes a lot.

Lesson Learned:
  • Jason Voorhees is Jewish.
Prisoners at a futuristic government work camp are used as human game for politicians and their cronies.

Lesson Learned:
  • The legal term for an English person deported for committing a crime is "Australian."
Patrick Swayze is a bouncer/philosopher who teachers the bouncers of the Double Deuce the ancient art of bouncing, saves the town from a corrupt businessman, and falls in love with a female doctor who does a lot more than kiss on the second date.

Lesson Learned:
  • Presbyterians believe that the 11th Commandment is "Thou shalt not rent thine loft to the Hottentots."
In this unauthorized Italian sequel to "Alien" a group of spelunking bowlers (Or are they bowling spelunkers?) discover that their favorite cave and favorite bowling alley are infested with alien monsters that hatch from rocks.

Lesson Learned:
  • Spelunking is an important branch of physics.
Strike Commando
Cool World
Deepstar Six

4 January 2013
Happy New Year! Enjoy the first 2013 review: 2-Headed Shark Attack.
13 November 2012
For anyone who wants to end their life by ODing on Harvey Korman, the "Gremlins" rip-off Munchies is your poison pill.
31 August 2012
The Capture of Bigfoot does, as advertised, contain some Bigfoot. However, the main ingredient is snow. So...much...snow.
7 August 2012
The Dark Lurking could have been called "DOOM Down Under" instead. Those pesky demons will eat your soul, mate!
19 June 2012
Galactica 1980 is the sequel series that should have never been made. It would have been better if the refugees from the Cylon genocide died in space.
21 May 2012
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park really does star KISS, really does take place in an amusement park, and really does show the rockers using magic powers to fight alien werewolf androids.
2 May 2012
Parker Lewis comes up against an invisible fish monster in Sea Beast.
17 April 2012
The Navy tries to stop atomic Chinese sappers in Battle Beneath the Earth.
25 March 2012
My bad movie spider sense totally rickroll'd me with Chillerama.
5 March 2012
Evil government toadies hunt human game in Escape 2000.
14 February 2012
Road House is the touching story of a boy, a girl, and a bar.
24 January 2012
Bowling and spelunking get mixed up with fleshy alien monsters in Alien 2: On Earth.
2 August 2011
A Turkish barbarian battles Norsemen wearing pastel bath rugs in Tarkan vs. the Vikings.
13 June 2011
Rudy Ray Moore is the (Avenging) Disco Godfather!
4 May 2011
Getting Lucky is the heartwarming story of a nerd, his leprechaun, and a cheerleader.
12 Apr 2011
Catholics fight Lucifer with magic in The Killing of Satan.
28 Feb 2011
Dagon is the story of a young man's love affair with his half-fish sister.
17 Feb 2011
Tiffany creates Mega Piranha, which are big enough to eat a battleship.
23 December 2010
Dr. Freex put a little something under my tree for this Sadistic Santa roundtable. I think that he is getting soft in his old age. The Spirit is more monologue than movie, and more annoying than entertaining.
21 November 2010
Once again, I delve into a place where man should not go. OMFG, it's full of ponies! My Little Pony: The Movie.
18 October 2010
Are you scared of bears? If you are then Savage Planet will terrify your socks off.
20 September 2010
Discover every maggot's fantasy and every blonde's nightmare in Galaxy of Terror.
31 August 2010
Every machine on the planet becomes a human-hating murderer in Maximum Overdrive.
15 August 2010
I join the other B-Masters in reviewing the awfulness that was once the TV Movie of the Week. My contribution is Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo.
9 August 2010
Cower in fear as otherworldly horror walks the Earth in Night of the Demon.
28 June 2010
RetroRussell's review of Midnight is posted. I believe that he enjoyed writing the article, but not watching the movie.
12 July 2010
Big Meat Eater is a sci-fi horror comedy musical. You should run away from this movie right now, and hide under your bed until is is gone.
20 June 2010
"Jaws" was released in the United States on 20 June 1975. In celebration of that iconic killer shark movie, here is a review for Blue Demon.
8 June 2010
Zardoz is the skeleton in Sean Connery's closet.
24 May 2010
He's big, he's hairy, and he breeds with anything. Yep, I'm talking about Bigfoot. You thought I was going to say "Ron Jeremy," didn't you?
11 May 2010
Lady Gaga's android army returns in War of the Robots.
26 April 2010
Time to get better acquainted with the meow-meow. It's Teenage Catgirls in Heat.
10 April 2010
Get hip about syphilis, LSD, and feminine protection by watching The Educational Archives: Sex & Drugs.
4 April 2010
Spazzo's review of Repo! The Genetic Opera is posted.
21 March 2010
Feast II has monsters, topless biker babes, and midget luchadores. Why don't I like it?
7 March 2010
Send more paramedics, the zombies in Return of the Living Dead are hungry for more brains.
28 February 2010
Enjoy the boredom that is Star Odyssey.
21 February 2010
My entry in the B-Masters 10,000 B.S. roundtable is Ator.
7 February 2010
Five Element Ninjas is an awesomely fun old kung fu movie. Mmm-Mmm, that's good ninja.
31 January 2010
Korean King Kong Krazyness abounds with A*P*E.
25 January 2010
Striped opponent of evil! It's Zebraman!
18 January 2010
Another reader review is posted with Panic Attacks' Puppet Master 4 piece.
11 January 2010
One of my guilty pleasures is a large, killer, mutant cat monster chewing on George Kennedy. The Uninvited review has been updated.
3 January 2010
Happy New Year to everyone! Here is another episode of Radio. If your neighbor might be a mad scientist, it's worth a listen.
23 December 2009
It is almost Christmas, so here is one of the worst things I have ever reviewed. The Star Wars Holiday Special.
21 December 2009
Watch paint dry - underwater in The Neptune Factor!
16 December 2009
As the days count down to Christmas, I am going to repost some festive reviews from the archives. Here is the 1959 version of Santa Claus.
13 December 2009
InformationGeek's reader review of Frogs is posted. Do you enjoy gratuitous frog footage?
22 November 2009
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding, the members of the B-Masters Cabal (all of us, past and present) are reviewing Sting of Death.
16 November 2009
U.S. Seals II is the best movie about a SEAL martial arts expert trying to stop his rogue ex-partner from holding the United States hostage with a nuclear missile.
8 November 2009
Circus Circus' first review is posted; he picked Over the Top.
31 October 2009
Tonight I conclude October Monster Movie Mayhem with The Bermuda Depths.
26 October 2009
No political party is likely to enjoy The Werewolf of Washington.
18 October 2009
October Monster Movie Mayhem continues with The Strangeness. Enter, if you dare!
12 October 2009
Jimmi Campkin's guest review of Bride of the Monster continues October Monster Movie Mayhem.
4 October 2009
October Monster Movie Mayhem begins with Terror Beneath the Sea, and I'm GOING IN!
19 September 2009
Robot Monster is the patron saint of b-movie monsters.
14 September 2009
Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll is reviewed by Russell Shiley.
7 September 2009
Ever wonder what would happen if friendly transvestite bikers encountered pigs? Check out The Pink Angels.
31 August 2009
InformationGeek's reader review of Jaws: The Revenge is posted.
23 August 2009
Prepare for a fatal review of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.
9 August 2009
Who's the black hairdresser that's a sex machine with all the chicks? Jonathan! Enjoy the review for Black Shampoo.
27 July 2009
Poultrygeist is why you should never build a fried chicken restaurant on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.
24 June 2009
Lea Thompson falls in love with Howard the Duck.
8 June 2009
David DeCoteau tortures me with the mildly homoerotic Leeches! I am so not this movie's target audience...
30 May 2009
F**k! It's the remake of Teenage Caveman!
17 May 2009
Get your yearly recommended allowance of plaid by watching Winterbeast!
10 May 2009
Heaven save me from artsy directors with cats, it's Sins of the Fleshapoids.
2 May 2009
Updated review for a cult classic about brain-eating monsters: Fiend Without a Face!
27 April 2009
Black Magic, booty-flavored rice balls, and dead chickens!
13 April 2009
Space Mutiny is reviewed, in all its horrible glory.
4 April 2009
This week I review the rock 'n' roll chronicle of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
31 March 2009
Willie Dynamite is the best-dressed, b***h-slapping, scratch-making pimp in New York. You may remember him as Gordon from "Sesame Street." Yes, really.
21 March 2009
I get angry at Ghosts of Mars today.
14 March 2009
Over-Sexed Rugsuckers from Mars is the new review. The title sort of catches your attention, doesn't it?
7 March 2009
I revisit the horribly painful movie Star Crystal.
1 March 2009
In space nobody can hear them make a bad movie out of a great video game. DOOM is reviewed.
21 February 2009
Godzilla 2000 proves that there is a little Godzilla in all of us. Yes, even those of you who think that a flying blue nose from outer space is out to get you.
16 February 2009
The Forbidden Dance is Lambada!
12 February 2009
InformationGeek's reader review of Eight Legged Freaks is posted.
7 February 2009
Ash returns in the enjoyable Army of Darkness.
31 January 2009
An interview with Philip Cook, the creator of "Invader," "Despiser," and "Outerworld," is posted.
24 January 2009
Get schooled on marriage, 1950s style, with Atomic Age Classics Vol. 6: Love & Marriage.
17 January 2009
The Deathstalker review is updated.
14 January 2009
Jimmi Campkin's guest review for Battle Royale is posted.
10 January 2009
If you have ever said to yourself, "This is a great boxing movie, but I wish it had more male rape scenes," then I have found a movie for you to watch: Penitentiary.
1 January 2009
To celebrate the New Year a group of us are reviewing time travel movies! I picked Future War. Hooray for time travel! Hooray for flannel! Hooray for dinosaurs and cyborgs! Hooray for fla...I already said that, didn't I?
27 December 2008
Time for some old school, really bad b-movie monster action: Creature from the Haunted Sea.
20 December 2008
Streets of Fire is an incredible "Rock & Roll Fable."
13 December 2008
My Wizards review has been updated.
10 December 2008
Readers Andrew Weaver and Jed Siple review the film that tried to portray Bill Cosby as a super agent: Leonard Part 6. Don't waste your time looking for "Leonard Parts 1 - 5."
5 December 2008
Kathy Ireland's annoying voice in Alien from L.A. proves that making a deliberately quirky film is almost impossible.
30 November 2008
Are you fat, happy, and thankful? Sit back and enjoy a second helping of cat monsters via Sleepwalkers.
22 November 2008
John Wayne plays Genghis Khan in The Conqueror. John Wayne. Really.
16 November 2008
I am tormented by the memory of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.
8 November 2008
Dead Alive is my favorite splatter comedy of all time.
31 October 2008
Are you afraid of smart ants? You should be. Here is the Phase IV review.
26 October 2008
Please Don't Eat My Mother is my latest foray into the realm of inept softcore cinema.
22 October 2008
Trevor, our South African ambassador of cult movies, wrote a guest review of his favorite Chuck Norris film: An Eye for an Eye.
18 October 2008
Officer Dave Speed is the Super Fuzz. As in "supah-sssuuupppah" fuzz.
12 October 2008
Pass the ketchup, because it's time to update the review for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
8 October 2008
Silent Hill is not the sort of town where people retire.
4 October 2008
What do you have nightmares about? Mine are about angry, one-eyed hookers with sawed-off double-barreled shotguns, and I've never even met one. I just watched Thriller: A Cruel Picture.
1 October 2008
Echelon Studios is giving away 5 free copies of their new supernatural release, "Point of Contact." Meanwhile, Information Geek's review of Tremors II: Aftershocks is posted.
27 September 2008
You are not ready for it, but here is Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold.
24 September 2008
Do You Have A Zombie Plan? (Part 2) is added. Sequels always suck, but hopefully this one breaks that rule.
20 September 2008
The Killer Klowns from Outer Space review has been updated.
13 September 2008
Student Bodies was my pick for a "back to school" bad movie.
10 September 2008
Ethan reviews Night of the Comet
7 September 2008
"Dear God, I want to get naked and strangle a manatee for mother! MOTHER!" Here is Maniac.
3 September 2008
What would "The Running Man" be like without Arnold? Better than Mortal Challenge, that's for sure.
31 August 2008
What does one do with a whiskey-drinking tank? Well, first off, you had better keep it away from my liquor cabinet. Enjoy the Toho cyberpunk adventure, Gunhed.
27 August 2008
Glen or Glenda? is reviewed by reader Astrid Jakobs.
23 August 2008
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon contains some of the worst "people eaten by stock footage shark" scenes that I have ever seen. I love it.
20 August 2008
Walking away is the best way to avoid being eaten by a man-eating tree. Somebody should tell the cast of Maneater of Hydra.
17 August 2008
The Feeders review is now available, for those of you who like reading about me suffering.
13 August 2008
Reader Lord Hades hates Alien 3.
10 August 2008
I turned 35 today, and to celebrate my midlife crisis I decided to review The Brain That Wouldn't Die.
7 August 2008
The Death Dimension capsule review is posted. The bad guy has a freeze bomb and a pet tortoise.
2 August 2008
David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone are racers who earn points by running over pedestrians in Death Race 2000. Seniors = 100 points.
30 July 2008
Jimmi Campkin reviews Reefer Madness.
27 July 2008
There are a few entertaining "after the apocalypse" sports films. The Blood of Heroes is one of them.
19 July 2008
House of the Dead arrives. Welcome, Mr. Boll; I have been expecting you.
16 July 2008
42nd Street Forever, Vol. 1 is a collection of exploitation movie trailers. See "The Bullet Machine!" Watch in terror when "Death Will Have Your Eyes!" Her weapon was her body - "Ginger."
12 July 2008
Convicts pilot attack helicopters in outer space in Moon 44.
9 July 2008
Ultraman has to save the Young Japanese Mountaineers (they're like the Boy Scouts, but they climb things) in Ultraman: Operation Lightning.
6 July 2008
It is hard to imagine a movie with less Christmas spirit than Battle Queen 2020.
2 July 2008
They Saved Hitler's Brain is reviewed by reader Greg Smalley. See: Hitler decapitated. Watch: Hitler grimace. Thrill To: Hitler blinking. Wonder: How you are going to stay awake through the whole thing.
29 June 2008
The Champions of Justice chronicles masked Mexican wrestlers battling super midgets. SUPER MIDGETS!
25 June 2008
The 1988 version of Not of This Earth stars Traci Lords, and lots of bad female acting.
21 June 2008
Dogs wearing carpet remnants try to eat Rosco P. Coltrane (before his liver dissolves) in The Killer Shrews.
17 June 2008
It is time for you to ask yourself the important question: Do you have a zombie plan?
13 June 2008
A software program from outer space tries to take over the United States in Invader.
7 June 2008
Are you man enough to conquer Red Sonja?
4 June 2008
A new reader review is posted. This time C. Demetrius Morgan takes on Zombie Lake.
31 May 2008
Bad Girls Go to Hell. Yes, they certainly do.
28 May 2008
Rock & Rule is my entry for the B-Movies That Rock roundtable.
24 May 2008
Want to know more about "The Mutilator?" Read the Interview with Buddy Cooper.
21 May 2008
Tintorera! is Spanish for "three-way" or "tiger shark." I am not sure which.
17 May 2008
"There's a cyborg on the loose! Get me a DEA agent who can stop it! Wait, make that a 'loose cannon' DEA agent who can stop it!" Then read my Cyborg Soldier review.
14 May 2008
Dungeons & Dragons: The Hall of Bones joins the TV Show reviews.
10 May 2008
Hysterical is the latest review. What difference does it make?
7 May 2008
Reader KYGOTC reviews Phantasm. He didn't like it.
3 May 2008
I'm so hungry, I want to hear Frosty the Snowman talk about cooking and eating prostitutes in Microwave Massacre.
30 April 2008
Almost every movie review website has a fair use notice posted, but do we understand it? I hope that this Fair Use Essay will be of assistance to anyone who wants to start a movie review website.
27 April 2008
Giant hairy moon spiders! Missile to the Moon is reviewed.
24 April 2008
Peter Weller faces off against Ratzilla in Of Unknown Origin.
22 April 2008
Dinosaurs eating Germans, and Germans eating dinosaurs. The Land that Time Forgot review is my contribution to Earth Day.
16 April 2008
Fausto's review of Gothic is posted.
13 April 2008
Princess warrior? Maybe. Laser swords? Kinda. People driving around, and driving, and driving...yes. Yes, we have a lot of that. Princess Warrior.
9 April 2008
Bryan White's cult movie blog, Cinema Suicide, is my choice for the April - June 2008 Legion of Muck Award. The newest capsule review is The Bat People.
7 April 2008
Fanged, funky butt worms! My Dreamcatcher review is posted.
3 April 2008
Can you cope with the podcast terror of the Chosen Survivors?
1 April 2008
Ultraman: The Space Ray of Terror pits the Science Patrol against the child artists.
30 March 2008
As a part of the Full Moon Rising roundtable, I updated my Seedpeople review.
28 March 2008
Supercroc is reviewed by Vultur.
25 March 2008
Whatever you do, don't buy the Mesa of Lost Women soundtrack.
23 March 2008
When is being selected to survive a nuclear war a bad thing? When the bunker is filled with vampire bats. Enjoy Chosen Survivors.
20 March 2008
Tank is reviewed by reader Michael Colander.
18 March 2008
Captain Coolio battles man-eating monsters in Pterodactyl.
16 March 2008
Interstellar rhyming carnage: Leprechaun 4: In Space.
13 March 2008
The newest podcast is a review of Flash Gordon.
11 March 2008
Tears of the Black Tiger is a violent cowboy shoot 'em up, but here's the catch: it was made in Thailand.
9 March 2008
The Flash Gordon review has been updated!
6 March 2008
This week's reader review is Action Jackson by Ted C.
4 March 2008
Would you buy "Total Destruction" from an ant with a human face? The Outer Limits: The Zanti Misfits review is posted.
2 March 2008
Sweet pneumatic-driven pain, it's the Nail Gun Massacre!
28 February 2008
I talk about the 2007 Toys for Tots effort in the latest podcast. Also, check out some b-movie inspired comics by James Roberson.
26 February 2008
Of all the horrible things done to physics: The Black Hole (2006).
16 February 2008
A kung fu flick filled with song? The Cave of the Silken Web.
21 February 2008
Speaking of ultraviolent zombie-killing mayhem, have you ever seen Versus?
19 February 2008
Glennman reviews Invasion of the Space Preachers.
16 February 2008
I like the theme song, but the rest of Raiders of the Living Dead is a bloody mess.
13 February 2008
Another podcast, this time for Latitude Zero.
12 February 2008
They just don't make them like they used to. Watch Latitude Zero to see what I mean.
9 February 2008
Slither is my freakish b-movie choice for Valentine's Day.
7 February 2008
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is reviewed by reader Ethan Logue. You can also read my older review for the film. Also, share with a friend during February 2008 and you might win a free copy of the "Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection Volume 2" DVD set! Read here for the details.
4 February 2008
Another episode of the animated Dungeons & Dragon's cartoon is posted. Beware The Eye of the Beholder. Also, is the "Site of the Week" on the AMC TV Monsterfest Blog.
2 February 2008
Please read my interview with writer/director Rick Sloane, the man behind "Hobgoblins."
31 January 2008
Return of the Living Dead Part II is much like the original movie, but with a happy ending. Reader Alexander Gustafsson authored this review.
29 January 2008
Jeepers Creepers is a mediocre horror film, but the story behind it is frightening.
26 January 2008
If you scream the Blind Dead will find you.
24 January 2008
The 2006 remake of House of Wax is the subject of Cath's reader review.
22 January 2008
I talk about "Diamonds of Kilimandjaro" in this Podcast.
21 January 2008
Jess Franco gets my goat with Diamonds of Kilimandjaro.
18 January 2008
As part of the "Original Sin" roundtable (SciFi original movies), I review Shockwave. Everybody probably remembers the original title, "AI Assault." The distributor is already try to confuse us by changing the name. Finally, I would like to announce the new monthly DVD Giveaway. This month the DVD is Ray Harryhausen's "Clash of the Titans." Click here for a chance to win.
17 January 2008
Bill Adams reviews Tobe Hooper's unfortunate failure, Lifeforce.
15 January 2008
Todd the convenience store clerk is back in the latest Podcast.
6 January 2008
The Monster that Challenged the World review has been updated. Enjoy the killer snail monster goodness.
11 January 2008
Max Gardener reviews the completely insane action film Fantasy Mission Force.
6 January 2008
The Outer Limits: The Human Factor is an arctic-themed episode from the old TV show.
6 January 2008
If the movie Orca is taken at face value, killer whales are the smartest creatures on the planet.
3 January 2008
Shaquille O'Neill stars as Steel in Keijo's reader review.
1 January 2008
Happy New Year! To get 2008 started, the first Podcast is posted. The intent for Radio is to publish reviews and monologues twice a month. Along with that, Post Apocalypse Films is my choice for the first Legion of Muck Award in 2008.
28 December 2007
My last review of 2007 is Monster High.
27 December 2007
Read the latest capsule review: Tobe Hooper's remake of Invaders from Mars.
21 December 2007
The K. Gordon Murray Santa Claus movie is reviewed.
18 December 2007
Hercules vs. the Hydra arrives in the Capsule Reviews section.
14 December 2007
My article about one of the best monster b-movies ever made, The Giant Claw, has been updated.
11 December 2007
I wrote a capsule review of Dungeons & Dragons: The Night of No Tomorrow.
7 December 2007
D-Man's reader review of Xtro is published.
4 December 2007
A capsule review of Kiss Me Quick! is posted.
29 November 2007
At long last, El Topo! My review does not even come close to adequately describing this bizarre film.
27 November 2007
Evil Toons is posted in the Capsule Reviews.
26 November 2007
The guide on How To Find A Bad Movie has been updated.
23 November 2007
Werewolf booty call! Meridian is my addition to the Tent of Terror roundtable.
20 November 2007
Do not let the name fool you, Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell! is boring.
16 November 2007
Alice's Restaurant is posted. Everyone seems to enjoy it when I review a film I do not like. Well, here you go. I do not like this movie, but suffered through it for you. Hope that you are happy.
13 November 2007
Scientists accidentally clone a dragon and it eats most of them in Dragon Fighter.
9 November 2007
The Being is Idaho's entry in the "nuclear waste creates mutant monster" genre. Also, the site now has an RSS Feed to notify you about the latest updates.
6 November 2007
Have you ever wanted to see somebody slap the snot out of Wesley Crusher? The Curse is your movie.
2 November 2007
Tawny Kitaen is a good reason to watch Gwendoline.
30 October 2007
Enjoy a capsule review of The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.
27 October 2007
Kevin from wtfFilm organized a Halloween roundtable. I picked House II: The Second Story, but make sure you check all of the reviews via the Supersoaker Page. Also, you may have noticed something different. Finally (after about seven years), I updated the site's overall layout.
23 October 2007
Two Stingray episodes are posted in the TV Shows section. The pilot episode Stingray and Hostages of the Deep.
19 October 2007
The Educational Archives: Driver's Ed is a compilation of short films and an entertainment goldmine.
16 October 2007
Capsule reviews for two Ultraman episodes: Defeat the Invader! and Secret of the Miroganda.
12 October 2007
It is always interesting to hear the stories behind the movies. Please read the interview with Fred Olen Ray to find out more about the man behind Retromedia and numerous cult and b-movies.
9 October 2007
Capsule reviews for Food of the Gods and Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster.
7 October 2007
At long last, a Don Dohler film: Nightbeast.
3 October 2007
Ah, there is something new! The B-Movie Capsule Reviews section is now open, as well as capsule reviews for TV shows. First up is a neat film called The Asphyx and White Light Fever from "Showtimes The Outer Limits."
2 October 2007
I had a tough choice this time, but wtfFilm is the website I would like to announce as the Legion of Muck winner for October - December 2007. Kevin's site is a great resource for cult movie fans.
28 September 2007
As part of a one-two combination with the KO Picture Show, I reviewed Master of the Flying Guillotine. Rob picked "One-Armed Boxer" for his review.
21 September 2007
The latest roundtable effort is the Blob Family Picnic! My contribution is the 1988 remake of The Blob, but there are a host of other blob-type monster movies being reviewed. Check the supersoaker page for a complete listing.
15 September 2007
The review for Solarbabies has been updated.
13 September 2007
Fausto's reader review of Coffy is posted for your enjoyment.
7 September 2007
Who can save the Earth? Prince of Space, of course! Also, I added a new Random Thought.
31 August 2007
Beowulf takes some liberties with the ancient epic it is based on.
26 August 2007
The review for Godzilla vs. Monster Zero is updated and republished.
22 August 2007
A very long time ago, Joe Pingree wrote a reader review for Kickboxer 4. My apologies to Joe for the long wait.
17 August 2007
Are you up for a paradox? How about time travel? Okay, how about a paradox, time travel, and killer robots? Here is A.P.E.X., which has all three.
10 August 2007
I suffer through The Garbage Pail Kids Movie and find myself wishing that I was washing the dishes instead. Enjoy my pain.
3 August 2007
Godzilla, King of the Monsters is the Americanized version of "Gojira." The insertion of Raymond Burr is awkward, but the film is still worth viewing.
27 July 2007
The Terror of Tiny Town was one of my first reviews. I want to spread the word about this all-midget western, so the article has been updated and is republished. How can you not love an all-midget western?
21 July 2007
It's a B-Movie Beach Party! My entry is Brides of Blood, but make sure you check out the supersoaker page to see all the reviews.
13 July 2007
Any Lovecraft fans should see The Resurrected.
10 July 2007
After a short delay, Jordan's B-Movie Film Vault is awarded the Legion of Muck for July to September 2007. Jordan has contributed a lot of work to the online b-movie community over the years.
7 July 2007
I join Darksider's Realm and Side Order of Ninjas for Christmas in July! My choice is the wintry old horror film Beast from Haunted Cave.
1 July 2007
In anticipation of the the new movie, the B-Movie Film Vault and review Transformers: The Movie. Who doesn't remember that song, "You've Got the Touch!"
26 June 2007
Kooshmeister leaps to the defense of King Kong (1976).
23 June 2007
The Atomic Brain features a woman/cat brain transplant.
16 June 2007
Samurai films and giant monster movies are expertly blended in Daimajin.
8 June 2007
Fear the power of Gymkata!
2 June 2007
A long time ago, in a place not far away from where I am now, I wrote a review for Starcrash. That article has been updated. I encourage anyone who loves bad movies to give this one a try. It is gloriously bad.
30 May 2007
Inyarear wrote a review for Child Bride. It is just as troubling a film as he makes it out to be.
25 May 2007
Pure, unadulterated, rainbow pain. Yes, I mean Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. The Random Thoughts page was updated.
19 May 2007
Check out the great interview with George Hardy, the father from "Troll 2."
12 May 2007
Rudy Ray Moore returns as Dolemite in The Human Tornado!
4 May 2007
Yet again, I get a nasty surprise from buying a movie based on its title. I purchased Weasels Rip My Flesh. The Random Thoughts was also updated.
27 April 2007
Stay out of the water or The Flesh Eaters will get you.
20 April 2007
Hundra (the female barbarian) is reviewed and there is a new addition to the Random Thoughts.
14 April 2007
Yes, there is a sequel to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." It is called Shock Treatment. I found that, due to its effect on me, the title made sense.
11 April 2007
A classic bad movie revisited! Plan 9 from Outer Space was one of the website's first reviews. It has now been updated. Stop by and rediscover a grand old b-movie.
7 April 2007
Skaboi convinced me to do a slasher. Among his favorites is The Mutilator.
31 March 2007
Ben Black reviews The Karate Kid Part III and I add a Random Thought. Also, Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard is my choice for the Legion of Muck for April through June 2007; it is a great site for b-movie fans to visit.
24 March 2007
Ultraman arrives in the TV Shows section with Ultra Operation #1.
17 March 2007
I celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a review of Leprechaun 3 and post a new Random Thought.
14 March 2007
Check out Nick Carroll's reader review of Psych-Out.
10 March 2007
Never mix gorillas with religion is what I always say. Here is Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
3 March 2007
An old friend of mine loves the movie Galaxina and his birthday is coming up. So, this review is for you, Mr. Reinhart.
24 February 2007
Blades is like "Jaws," but substitutes a lawnmower for the shark.
17 February 2007
Please read the Interview with Ian Stuart to learn about his original script for "The Pit" and what was changed.
10 February 2007
Valentine's Day is on the way. All you primitive lovebirds should check out Cavegirl.
3 February 2007
Hope that you enjoy my review of Saturn 3. There is a new Random Thought too.
31 January 2007
Ah, I have surprised you with an update in the middle of the week. Akiratubo typed out his thoughts about the Dungeons & Dragons animated series.
27 January 2007
Time for a Russ Meyer film! Anyone who has not seen Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is missing out. Also, for variety, I posted a new Random Thought.
20 January 2007
Finally, a modern version of the low-budget monster movie that is well done. See Feast.
13 January 2007
Read my Interview With Cast Members of the movie What Waits Below or check out ClockWorkCanary's Reader Review for Friday the 13th Part IV.
6 January 2007
Teenage Caveman covers primitive law, in terrible detail.
1 January 2007
Happy New Year! To celebrate 2007, I finally reviewed Hard Rock Zombies. Also, B-Movie Central is awarded the Legion of Muck for January to March of 2007. Many thanks to Duane for creating such a fun site for b-movie fans.

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