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Streets of Fire

Started by Andrew, December 20, 2008, 11:44:15 AM

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LOVE this movie... got a copy of it a few years ago and did some research.. it was a surprisingly involved mythology, and supposed to play out over a trilogy set in what might or might not have been the afterlife. The question of what world it was set in was one of the main things actually..

Unfortunately the critics who raved when it debuted later turned around and said they hated it, elsewise we could have had 2 more of these..  :bluesad:

oh and btw.. and unofficial sequel with Michael Pare was done a few years back, but word on the street is that it should be avoided if at all possible..

I expect your review shortly.  :cheers:


Don't be so hard on Rick Moranis! He's great. The character of Fish might not be as great a person as the actor Rick Moranis, but I couldn't help but feel for him when I saw this movie as a 12-year-old. OK, so he's not Michael Pare. That doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to find love!

I may have been too young when I saw this, as it made a negative impression on me. Besides feeling bad for Rick Moranis's character, I also found the whole setting and the villains too scary. I bought a used VHS at a thrift store a few years ago but have not had the heart to re-watch it so far.

What is about the eighties always wanting to imitate the fifties?