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Babes in Toyland

Started by Squishy, December 16, 1999, 07:22:05 AM

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This movie is HOT! I Dont know what youre talking about. Im 17, and i bought this movie at McDonalds about 10 years ago!  The movie, the characters, especially Mrs Hubbard.. all of them are great.  Justice Grimm is wonderful, and Sweet Trullog is a brilliant character.  Its a great movie for anyone of any age! A Must seee!

the mighty movie man

lets just put this movie into one word that describes this movie to a tee. TERRIBAL!!!!!!!!!! there has been more plot in porno movies. i pity the fool who wasted good money to rent this one. luckaly i was able to waste my friends parents money to rent it. it is an over all frightiningly bad movie.


first time i watched this movie i was tripping my balls off, it seemed to have a much more complicated plot then... of course it really makes no sense what-so-ever when im straight. hmmmmm. this is one of the best horrible movies of all time...


If you really  have a sense of tast and you know that this movie is FICTION!!!! you'll know it's a great movie, who cares if he had something in their hands and then didn't. And who cares if the bats were made out of toys, It's a fiction moviue made for KIDS and not to be analyzed, that it's why its rated G. who ever did the review on the movie really needs to learn how to do that. Critizing doesn't change anything but your was RIDICULOUS

Keanu-Lord of Acting

Yes this is a kids movie. That doesn't excuse just how bad it really is. Even 'G' -rated flicks need to adhere to SOME standards or else this is what develops. For all the stars involved, this was truly a lowpoint in all of their careers (except Keanu, for which it was a highlight).


i think the movie is fantastic, its a true childhood memory. ive been trying to find it for ages, i really must see it again. ive looked all over the net and cant seem to find a place to buy it. well its magic anyway.


This movie...whoa. I rented it after reading this, as I was a fan of that crappy 60's version and the good one with Laurel and Hardy whe I was little and wanted to compare it.
First off,  I am a fan of Drew's and think she did the best she could with what she was given here...Keanu did okay(He's hot here though!)..but Toyland itself is SO chintzy, it looks like a bad theme park. As for the plot...what plot???? I enjoyed the badness of it all and I wonder how the hell Elieen Brennan ended up in this movie(her charcter's speech about selling the kids creeped me out, as did Barnaby and Mary's realtionship, its like Olvia Newton-John marrying that creepy janitor from your middle school)
My favorite part was the Cinncinatti song.. "At first they named it Cincci but the cinnci is so natty..."


After noticing this review I remembered that my parents have this movie so my friends and I decided to sit down and watch it.

It was hilarious! Has anybody noticed that as the sleigh takes off Santa feels the need to adjust his junk and then scream OOOOHHHHHHHH!

Also when the children first meet him in his workshop he lets them in on a little secret, no a big secret, one he has never shared with anyone, and then he reaches for his crotch.  OSCAR GOLD!


Hey, probably he best part about this li'l flick is how bloody illogical everything is. Such as how the actors could say their lines with a straight face....


It's a good movie.  Richard Mulligan makes a fine villain.

Keanu is very cute...


When me and my sister were kids we couldn't wait for december when my dad would let us watch christmas movies. This was one of our favs.  I love it.


I'd post a longer comment, but I can't beat what that one guy said about this being "the Too-Perfect Version 1 of the Matrix".  Gold.


I come from c-i-n-c-i-n-n-a-t-i cincinnati the best town in O-H-I-O ohio usa at first they called it cinnys but since cinncys was so natty that's how it got it's name to stayyyy.

WEll the girls are pretty pretty in this little town and city the fellows are the fiesteyist i've seen, and when it comes to football the browns and the bengals maul teams they nock the socks off every team

I mean to tell comminsinceable the backs are irrestible


this is the best film ever! The songs are great and Barnaby Barnacle is really scary with his strange thumb nail!!! I love it!! Can anyboby tell me what the monsters are made of? I love a happy ending - just like the Wizard of OZ !!!!

night heron

I remember seeing the origional with TOMMY KIRK and RAY BOLGER and how about kirk astrid his toy horse and leading the army of toy solders against barnaby as well as the red and green spray stuff in those handy squirt bottles