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Babes in Toyland

Started by Squishy, December 16, 1999, 07:22:05 AM

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Wow, I hope I can see this someday. It looks like it REALLY hurts.

Paul Westbrook

If you moviephiles out there want to really enjoy this flick, then you should check out the original Laurel and Hardy version. You will not be disappointed.


i remember this movie, one big can of awful

Stefan Robak

I remember this 2.  When I was 7, I was quite scared of the one eyed bird thing.  Looking back on it, the monster (and the movie) was really lame and was easily defeated.  And what's the guy from Empty Nest doing in this movie?


Hey,I loved this movie.  You people have no taste.


I don't care if this movie stunk or if it was fabulous. Drew Barrymore makes it incredibly worth while.


 So this movie blows moose balls, but at least it boasts the earliest crotch shot of Drew's career
(but definitely not the last!).
   Just watch as she climbs from the back of myagi/santa's sleigh, (by the way , how many times does her dress change colours?).
   And an added bonus....NO PANTIES!!


Keanu Reeves and no Matrix-cam?

Robert Green

I saw this when NBC first aired it(3 hour running time, padded with huge ad blocks of course.)

I agree with the review, BUT you missed a (in my mind) very funny line from Mulligan.

He's ranting about how he's going to frame Jack for the cookie theft, I think and the phrase 'Federal cookie deficit' is mentioned(I forget the exact quote, would have to rewatch, agh)

I just like 'Federal cookie deficit', the only really funny line I found in the movie

Keep up the good work


What you have not been able to perceive is that Babes in Toyland is really the prequel to The Matrix. It shows the first too perfect matrix programed by the AI and rejected by humans. Sheesh--I would have thought that was obvious!

Miss Rori

According to Leonard Maltin's movie guide, this film was originally 150 minutes!  (Thus a three-hour time slot allowed for a half-hour of commercials.)  Which is to say that the version most of us have seen at least part of (in my case) is almost an hour *shorter*!


I know people weren't expecting much from a film once sold with the purchase of a Happy Meal at McDonald's (damn the people at Burger King, they sold Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon videos). The funniest thing about that is that I bought a copy.

My expectations were low as low could be and even though this film is very poor, I thought it's unintentionally hilarious. My favorite 2 lines from the movie were from the grouchy store manager ("Christmas time is snow time and in no time it'll be Christmas again") and when Lisa turned the mayor/judge's words around after locking him in jail ("Sorry, but that's the way the Cookie Kingdom crumbles. Ha ha, little joke").

Susan Henry

I saw this movie on Optus (coz I live in Australia) and I thought Keanu and Drew looked cute together (Keanu looks cute by himself anyway!)and who ever doesn't like this version of 'Babes in Toyland' obviously has no taste at all!

Green Hornet

Yeah, it rips off "Wizard Of Oz", but also Laurel & Hardy's "March Of The Wooden Solders" which had a REASON for 6ft "G.I. Joes" being around. But let's have pity on the cast and crew; like the Disney version before them, they had to follow Stan and Ollie's act. Poor saps!

R. Holland

This is a great movie for elementary age children, 8-12,. It is not intended for teenagers and adults.  It would be helpful for an adult to advise the children that everything is make-believe and that nobody really gets hurt.