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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Started by D-Scum, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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If you should see this movie for any reason it is the polar bear. If you haven't seen it, it is a man painted white wearing a bear head and bear gloves. To this day my brother and I still laugh our asses off about that.


I've always felt sorry for Canadians...the world looks at them as "Americans without the Big Stick..." We p**s so many people off...I'd be terrified to walk around anywhere without my stick...I'd feel even worse if I were a Canuck mistaken for an "American" and got my guts stomped out or even spat on...You all seem like such nice people up there...Are your misquetoes really big enough to fly off with small children? Do you people ever make s**t movies as bad as we do?....Wait! You did send us Michael J. Fox and Loren Greene, didn't you. And Ceilin Dion...I'd love to whap her with a stick. I'd love to see the Yukon...but I wouldn't willing go anywhere knowing they still showed this rotten film on the tele...Really now, after experiancing Alan Thicke...I thought you people had better taste than we did! Peace...(Sorry this isn't in French...I'm a product of the American Public Education System...Which means I'm damn lucky if I can write it in English after forty+ years of practice.)

I'm sorry to disagree with my esteamed colleage, but the Mexican "Santa Claus" is by far worse than Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.  Perhaps he hasn't seen this brillaint film, in which case I'll be glad to play it with him next month when he comes in to B-Fest.

SCtM has a much better theme song, though.

Paul Westbrook

I finally, after months of searching, have found this rare gem of a film. Good for those who are true moviephiles, like myself. For others, a good cure for insomnia. Works better than a dose of sleeping pills.


After reading some reviews for this movie, I thought it was gonna be really bad, I mean, bad, not even good.

But it is good. But still bad, if you know what I mean...

If you like bad movies, see this one!


Yes this movie is just plain atrocious.It's not even a "good" bad movie.It is, in fact, akin to a bottle of sleeping pills.I watched it once at 3 in the afternoon and found myself sawing wood halfway thru. I found a copy on tape at Blockbuster for $2.99 and it was cut! No performance by the dear little kiddies doing for theme song. I was ripped off.


I just gotta know: Is that one weasely little villian REALLY Jamie Farr? IMDB does not list him, nor his earlier nom de film: Jameel Farah. However, E-online, DOES list him. Who am I to believe? Can Santy help?(it's spelled S-A-N-T-A, but pronounced "Santy")


It has been over 20 years since I've seen this film, but I am still haunted by the sheer goofyness it asked viewers to accept.  


Just started watching this movie what a laugh!! I just finished watching the scene with the robot busting down santas door "torx" the bobot whith the silver painted can on his head..Im laughing my ass off, a true gem of a movie indeed.....this movie is so action packed, with high suspence and mind altering twist, a must see over 18 yrs of age for sure...Later M....


Was this movie acutally in theaters?  If so, I gotta have the poster!


In 4th grade my best friend and I stumbled upon this movie at Blockbuster under the "Cult Classics" section.  Still to this day, 15 years later, we both LOVE watching this movie together.  We still laugh with all the intensity as the first time we saw it.  YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!!  I wonder how Pia Zadora feels about it...

Vic Stiles

My name is Vic Stiles and yes, i starred in the movie "Santa Claus The Martians" as the earth boy, Billy Foster. I was searching on  yahoo and came to find this site is alive and well. I am very please to see that people still love to talk and watch the movie i had once made years ago. I think it had been and will always be a classic,and should be played on T.V every year. For the past couple years i have been fortunate enough to catch my movie on T.v. This year i was sad to learn that it had not been played. We need to put pressure on networks to get this classical movie played once again!  Thanks a lot for making a site dedicated to this cult classic. Goodluck with the site its very nice, thanks again
                                 Vic Stiles    

Gary Sivits

   In response to Betsy,  I was wondering the same thing.... is that weasily,little martian with the big shnozz Jamie Farr???  Listen to his voice, with the few lines he says, it sounds like him!!  Obviously this is one of those flicks he'd rather forget.  He isn't even listed in the final credits.  Overall, this is a fun flick to watch around Christmas time with the kids, or other adults who like to make fun of low-budget blunders, a'la Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Maybe Rhino Records will release the MST3K version.

Ernst Bitterman

I've seen this item and the Mexican Wrestling Federation "Santa Claus" (mentioned previously) back to back at a holiday MST3K evening.

Poo.  It's really hard to take even with the full MSTreatment.  Actually, I got up and went for a walk to avoid a bit of it.  I live in Canada.  The year this happened, we had -40 temperatures without wind chill (and don't bother asking Celcius or Fahrenheit; at -40, they meet).  I guess the moral is, even a REALLY bad movie is better than loosing your ears to frostbite, since I did come back for the end.


The worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life (22 years of age). A MASTERPIECE OF DISGUST!!! The actors are simply awful! The toilets on their heads are absolutely ludicrous! Their green tights are absolutelly gay appealing!
Movie zenith highlights include :

1) The "nuclear" curtain that totally rocks!! What a conseption!!!
2) The battery shaped spaceship!! I guess these guys were awfully low on budget!
3) And finally the wonderfull oscar deserving role of DROPO (what a name!)

P.S: Somebody please send me a copy on DVD!!!