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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Started by D-Scum, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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Sora the B-Movie Alchemist

THis movie was so painful to watch. Ripping at my heartstrings. Even with the bots from MST3K, I wanted to hurt myself. Please, for the love of god, don't see this movie.

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Hurtful.... so hurtful....


Well, here it is, forty years to the day that I saw S.C.C.T.M for the first time! I just finished watching it again, and a few things struck me. One, Billy Foster and I both got our AARP cards this year (age ten to age fifty) . Two, Girmar means Girl Martian and Bomar means Boy Martian. Three............who would have thought I'd be watching this movie in the year 2004?

Something to talk to my shrink about!

p.s. Yes, the movie sucks, but it's a GOOD kind of suck.

Susan Colucci

Love this movie!!!!!!!!!Saw it on Sci-Fi Channel and finally found the VHS couple of years ago of all places in my Pathmark food store in the xmas section. I bought all of them-every video store said couldnt get it! I know its silly and makes reference to "earth children" not being very bright but it still makes me laugh.

I found this on DVD at a local thrift store, for the amazing price of $1.  Best dollar I ever spent, well at least since that last dollar I spent to buy "Plan 9 From Outer Space" on DVD.

giant claw

A real gem in bad movies and a real lump of coal for the director i mean there are some christmas movies that will be classics like ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE,MIRICLE ON 34TH STREET ETC and then theres tha real bad ones SANTA CUASE THE MOVIE CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS POLAR EXPRESS but this one is the #1 in bad hoilday films


I used to watch this movie on t.v. with my brother every Christmas, and we loved it!  This year I got it from my local library and showed it to my classroom of 4th graders during our Christmas party (Polar Express was all rented out).  They thought it was awful, but they loved it.  They even asked to see it again when they came back to school after the new year.  I'm cultivating a new generation of bad movie lovers (your tax dollars at
work : )


I saw this movie as a kid 2 years in a row at the UA Oasis.  They always used to run kids matinees and had all the K. Gordon Murray classics and anything else they could play.  

Max Alan Zoller

This is the best movie I have ever seen...SO funny that I could hardly watch the ending because i was crying out loud and tears we're running from my eyes. A true joy (if you're a masochist like me) to watch again and again. Really addictive song...can you find a soundtrack? Please name the title of this mexican Santa film, it sounds good!


This is the best movie in the so bad it's goog genere of film. SCCtM is the Top Shelf example of the 'Just beacuse you own a Video Camera dosen't mean you should take this weeks allowence (Probably $5-$10)and make a Sci-fi/Chrismas movie.'  


Wow. I JUST finished watching this movie on TV 101 in Atlanta.
What can I say that hasn't already been said?!
The dialogue, the sets, the costumes. I give them an "A" for effort and creativity...didn't know Martians wore hot pants! And that green, greasy makeup that SOME of the Martians wore; I guess the others were allergic to it.
This movie is on a par with (actually, better than) the live-action crap currently on Cartoon Network (that Garth Merenghi show, for one).
Yes, Pia Zadora started making bad movies at a young age; the only other thing I've seen her in is "Butterfly."
SCCTM has an extremely high "cheese" factor!  I guess recreational drugs were readily available in the 1960's..."I want my DOLLLLLLLLLLLS!" ( A quote from another cheese-fest, Valley of the Dolls, but that's a whole 'nother story).

Giant Claw Jr


Kerienne H. and my mom were glued to the screen yesterday when we watched was so bad it was good! the thing that trips me out, though, is the fact that it was supposedly 19 degrees below zero and that Andy Anderson dude only had on a fur coat...overall, it was HILARIOUS.!

David Merrill

I grew up on this film. They would run it every Christmas on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when they'd run out of Christmas specials to show. i watched it with the same intensity as Rudolph when I was like 7. Pretty scary I was allowed to watch this kind of crap. It's important to remember this was Pia Zadora's first film. But then probably no one remembers her and her rich husband who tried to buy her a film career anyway. I'm gonna go see if Toxic Zombies is here.