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Started by Andrew, November 25, 2006, 04:09:48 PM

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This movie is like a 90-minute train wreck! No matter how horrible, you just can't help but watch it through to the end. This flick is beyond "sucking"! As a matter of fact, it would take a million years for the light from "sucking" to reach it! It gives me great pleasure to see David Hassellhoff in a role that does nothing more than beat his ego to a pulp. Grab a case of beer and some of your closest friends, with a good sense of humor of course, and watch what should have been the end of Hassellhoff's career! A MUST SEE! I wonder if this will make it to DVD?

larry beason

There are no words to express my contempt for anyone who can find anything to praise about this movie.  For years, it served as a watershed moment for me when I realized just how bad, how unbelievably bad, a human endeavor can be.  The entire human race has been lowered in my estimation because of this sad, pathetic movie.  Even its innate, unredeemable badness--its ability to reflect the Platonic idea of baddness--cannot make me ever watch this movie again.

Priss Asagiri

If there was any movie that deserved to be given the MST3K treatment this is one of them! Too bad the show is no longer on the air. (Bummer!) Is it me or does that Count What's His Face look like a bargain basement Ming the Merciless. He probably should have been called Zing the Worthless.

Dani Darko


I saw this "thing" many years ago and I can't still believe my eyes. My brain collapsed at the first five minutes of it, and I just simply let it go.
Robots!Girls in bikini!Cheesy stop-motion!A bad impersonator of Ming!David Hasselhoff!70's Bad hair!Christopher Plummer dressed as a barbie doll!...
Those things and a lot more is "Starcrash", a film that deserves a special edition DVD right NOW!
Recommended to exquisite bad movie gourmets.Bye!!

Joe Meils

There are so many things to mark this film as a "good bad" movie. Confused plot, poor production values, bad acting, and stars desperately trying to scrape up rent money by agreeing to be in it. But there are many things I have to admire about this film. First of all, Caroline is easy on the eyes. Her costume designer obviously knew where her talents lay. Secondly, the special effects! According to Starlog, the models were built in two days, and shot in less than three weeks. I don't know about you, but when i heard that, I was amazed they looked as good as they did. Third, I once bumped into Hasslehoff at Universal Studios, I mentioned to him that I enjoyed this particular film. He laughed and let me know a secret: the ending was written the night before,by the entire cast, over two bottles of wine. Man, shooting this one must have been the cinematic equivelent of a drunken frat party.

Bryce David

I love STARCRASH. Caroline Munro is hot. And the film is funny. I saw it as a double feature with INFRAMAN. The best double feature of all time!

BTW, if you like STARCRASH, then watch HERCULES with Lou Ferrigno. It's made by the same guys who made STARCRASH. HERCULES is as bad/fun as STARCRASH.


The good news is, this little jewel is released on DVD Region 2 in Europe!

Can't wait to swap my old nasty video for a great DVD :)

Alex Panz

I love it, will somebody please release it on DVD finally?

Jeff Costigan

I remember seeing this flick when I was not yet 12 yrs old !

At the time I liked it, but even then I said," hey,

how come they send men in torpedoes into that enemy

vessel, why not bombs !"  

 Years later I see this dreadful crap as worse than

Battlefield Earth !  And really terrible acting to boot !

Matthew Taylor

Just found this movie at a car boot sale (think you call them trunk/garage sales in US) this morning and watched it as soon as I got home. Absolutely brilliant, from the opening scroll text (not only painful on the eye and difficult to read, but complete grammatical diarrhoea) to the torpedos that really do crash through the plate glass windows of the Count's space craft and then have men jump out of them (I am chuckling to myself as I write about that). This movie must be seen, where else can you find 3 frame per second stop-motion animation. David Hasselhoff with a lightsabre and a planet described as being run by Amazonians, by characters who live a million light years from Earth and have no concept of the Amazon. Brilliant stuff.


Saw this film in 79, at the Travis AFB theater with several drunken buddies..Many years prior to MST3K... we ended up heckeling this movie, creating tons of laughter within the theater..and with Ms. Munroe's assets clearly burned into my memory, I give this film... 2 thumbs way WAY up!!! (But only when fortified with several beers!!)


This is one of the most funny movies I have ever seen.

Some things I won´t forget for a long time:

- Protagonists looking and behaving like a greek catamites
(Akton, seemingly a gay Italian newcomer, and the "Prince"=D.Hasselhoff)

- good and bad troops wearing gay leather-costumes

- A "bad guy" called Count Zartarn (=Satan?)

- A bad-guys-space-headquarters that has the shape of a hand (it transforms to a fist(!) when being attacked)

- An "Imperial Battleship" that is able to stop the "flow of time"

- An evil destruction machine that is so big, "you would   need a whole planet to cover it"- so or similary the Emperor(a destruction machine that needs to be covered behind a planet?)

- At least these silly torpedos with troopers inside

I am proud of having recorded this movie!


When I saw the trailer at the cinema in the late 70s I thought that I have to watch the movie. Unfortunately it was never shown in a cinema here. Later it was shown on cable-television and after you watched movies like star wars this movie doesn´t look very well. N.t.l. I love it anyway, because of all those crapy Harryhausen-like fx and sexy Caroline Munroe. David (urks) Hasselhoff has one of his first performances as a kind of Han Solo-rip-off. All in all quite funny to watch, but you must switch off your mind.

Arm Commadner

Heavens bless thee, Starcrash. You have passed the test for being an incredible movie. The Space Claw is the most memorable things ever seen on B-Movie history. Henceforth, I shall pardon you with 5 Arm Smybols! May you live to greater generations!


Heh,heh! This movie has "laser" everything,I kid you not!Laser pistols,laser rifles,laser spears,laser whips,a laser mask,and I'm pretty sure that Amazon statue has laser boobies!