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Started by Andrew, November 25, 2006, 04:09:48 PM

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The Patent Dragon

This movie has Caroline Munro in black leather thigh-high boots. It also has Caroline Munro in black leather thigh-high boots rolling around in the sand to escape the the Amazon "Talos". Works for me.


Hey! I saw this movie at the age when I was 5 year old! I was so fascinated about this space ships, police robobot's ( I've pleased my father if he could buy me such kind sized  robot to play with! :) I was really impressed about this galactic movie since than! So, 25 years later,(yesterday), I've downloaded this movie and watched it again and the memmories came back...:) I mentioned that this film conteins a lot editing errors! But all in all this film is a troo legend!


Just one thing to get rid off;
Stella Star,(stella is the latin word for star) with robot holding hand to hand at the icy planet, I didn't forget for about 25 years! As a kid I was REALLY impressed by that movie! ;)


My wife and I saw part of it.  We walked out in the middle.  It was sooooo bad I asked for my money back.  :-P


I saw this movie 15 years ago, at a 24 hour science fiction film festival in Cambridge, MA.  I was already so tired/loopy that I was sure I'd hallucinated it.  To this day, 15 years since we've last seen it, my friends will occasionally drunkenly roar "IMPERIAL BATTLESHIP - HALT THE FLOW OF TIME!!", when the moment is *just* right.  A true classic.

Jon Maguire

Must add to the comments and agree.. possibly the best worst film ever!

However when I first saw it (aged 8 or so) i thought it was brilliant.

I didnt realise it starred the "Hoff", another triumph.

Am now going to get it and relive a childhood lost.

Favourite bit was the torpedoes, what a great idea (to an 8 year old!).



Oh yeah!
First class cheese!
Man, i hope someone reccomends this to Rifftrax!
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Wow I love this. I'm high on pills and alcohol, and wow.

"These deadly rays will be your death." - A(c)kton

One of the best qoutes ever.


Review updated and republished on this date.  I hope that a few more bad movie fans discover the glory that is "Starcrash."

Andrew Borntreger


I still don't know what is more pathetic about that "torpedo" scene, the fact that they were loaded with men and not explosives, the fact that the bridge was so easily penetrated or the fact that everyone was not instantly blown right out into space.

Films like this are the Holy Grail for bad movie lovers.
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Quote from: Stone on May 28, 2007, 08:30:44 PM
Wow I love this. I'm high on pills and alcohol, and wow.

"These deadly rays will be your death." - A(c)kton

One of the best qoutes ever.

Actually I believe the quote was

"Impossible! Nothing can stop these deadly rays!"


Like a few people here I also saw this when I was a nipper and of course wouldn't have realised it was a "bad movie", it had a cowboy robot in it what more could a kid want?


I had this on VHS a while back. Makes my sides hurt I laugh so much watching it.

Have they released a halfway decent DVD of this?
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Quote from: Torgo on June 04, 2007, 06:14:26 PM
Have they released a halfway decent DVD of this?

The best DVD version I have found (I have tried three of them) is the one linked to in the review.  It is the "Starcrash" titled DVD, from a company called Telavista, though on the back of the DVD the company credited is Substance.

There is supposed to be a Region 2 anamorphic widescreen DVD, but the quality is supposed to be low.  Since I love the movie so much, I have considered picking it up.
Andrew Borntreger


FWIW, Netflix finally got Starcrash in their catalog, and I saw it just a couple of weeks ago. O. M. G. !! It's everything I'd heard and more! How MST3K never did this one, I'll never understand, it would have been perfect for them. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said, except- do whatever it takes to see it! Buy, rent, beg, borrow, steal.. whatever, just see it!