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Q: The Winged Serpent

Started by Megan, December 12, 2001, 11:10:11 PM

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I swear near the beginning of this movie, one of the guys running around in the street is Charles Manson!


Whoops, didn't even notice the line BELOW the headline at first...  "Witnesses Descriptions Conflict".  "Witnesses" should have an apostrophe.  I'm guessing the former copy editor of that fictional newspaper is now holding down a job at the a local McDonalds...


I like the headline on the newspaper in the fifth still: "Photographs Fail to Prove Existance [sic] of Giant Bird".

You know, in the real world, newspaper editors may let the occasional grammatical error slip through, but they're usually pretty good about not letting blatant misspellings get through.  Especially in the headlines...


Astonishingly Stupid Dialog explains why no one sees "Q" coming as he soars over New York City:

"I guess he was flying in line with the sun."

...or some such crap. Sh'yeah.

I cannot believe the same Michael Moriarity I watch on "Law & Order" reruns is the same guy I saw in "Q" (and "It's Alive III: Island of the Alive"). Eeeewwwwwwwwww.

One Shining Moment: look at that eighth still under the review, the one with Q's head popping up behind Carradine. I had no idea that was a process shot until that very millisecond; startled the living crap outta me. It almost makes up for the stop-motion "swimming" men Q hurls off the Chrysler Building.


Michael Moriarity is in a lot of Larry Cohen's movies, the most famous apart from Q is The Stuff.

Jordan Garren

How could anyone truly hate this film? Michael Moriarty is hilarious as the down and out ex con (the scene where he talks about his "baaaddd dreams" to his girlfriend is a must see). The effects are kinda cool and the movie pace is good and steady. The director, Larry Cohen, uses a lot of foreshadowin in this flick too, and it's fun to point it out while watching the movie. Now this is just my opinion (which is completely biased since this is one of my childhood favorites) but I'm sure that when you see this'll enjoy it (or at least enjoy Moriarty's acting).


In all the comments I've read everyone has seemed to ignor two facts: 1.Quetzalcoutl was a feathered serpent not the winged and clawed reptilian dragon depicted in the film and 2.Quetzalcoatl was the portector and guardian of mankind who among all the Aztec gods rejected human sacrifice.


The window washer getting his head munched off and the creature lives atop the chrysler building i guess becuase KING KONG(classic got the empire state building and him running around saying EAT EM EAT EM


Time once again for a Felicity-talks-about-what-her-life-was-like-at-the-time-she-saw-the-movie review.

It was late 1998.  I'd just been fired from the best job I'd ever had and I was always low on money.  I was hanging out with this depressing man-hating lesbian dominatrix who only wanted to do things that didn't involve leaving her apartment, and we were desperate for a we decided to rent Q--The Winged Serpent.

So you can see how I might not have been in the best frame of mind.

Add to that that the movie was all gross and 1970s, with bad hair, bad clothes, and bad cinematography, and no likeable characters...the movie had signed its own death warrant.

Only two positive experiences came out of this otherwise completely hateable movie:

1.  The naked woman on the rooftop.

2.  Two years later I e-mailed the proprietor of a bad-movie site (I can't remember the name now, but it was these really nice guys in Lynnwood, Washington) who had asked for suggestions for bad movies to review, and I suggested Q--The Winged Serpent, and he seemed really, really thrilled that I suggested it.  :-)


I picked up the VHS of this for a dollar recently.  It's been years.  Funky little flick.  It's good to see Candy Clark in a film.  She was terrific in American Graffiti.  

I wish all bad movies were this good.


This movie rocks!!! Who couldn't love a movie about a flying, carnivorous creature attcking New Yawkers? M. Moriarty is a scream! David Carradine is always interesting to watch. There's gore-a-plenty, so any gorehound will find "Q" to be a satisfying rental. Many thanks, Larry Cohen, for this and other entertaining B movies.


I saw this movie 20 years ago and thought it was great.I do not wish to see it again as it may seem a bit rubbish now.

giant claw

Weird weird weird why would a anchent creature choose the CHRYSLER BUILDING to live? and this thig bites of the heads of winderwashers eeuuiiiww


Quote from: Steve on November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM
In all the comments I've read everyone has seemed to ignor two facts: 1.Quetzalcoutl was a feathered serpent not the winged and clawed reptilian dragon depicted in the film and 2.Quetzalcoatl was the protector and guardian of mankind who among all the Aztec gods rejected human sacrifice.

Kudos on the research, I'd considered looking up the name myself. Another tid-bit is the dinosaur/flying reptile, one of the largest, named of many species enslaved by space colonists come 80s toy franchise "Dino-Riders". Coincidence?

Kudos also to whoever knew it would take a 1st rate heavy metal-ish cover to snare people into one of the most awkward movies I've ever seen...and I've been waiting to see this for almost 20 years. Ah, the movies my mother yanked me away from in the 'Major Video'.

Maybe they thought they could capitalize on the good even to this day 'Dragonslayer'. Maybe 'Valley of Guangi' was just too easy to believe. Baring the 'flying against the sun' bull, however, I have to admit that the little monster freak in me still kinda digs the premise. :teddyr:

Hell, I'll say it, in the right hands (cough* makers of "The Host") a modern remake of this one could be fantastic.
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However....they never explained how all those big piles of people poop came from.
I mean,there must have been some, right?
I'd call those a clue...
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