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Attack of the Supermonsters

Started by giant claw, February 13, 2005, 03:04:32 PM

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giant claw

Looks like a weird comination of BATTLE OF THE PLANETS,THUNDERBIRDS and GODZILLA and well you beter hope that those crazy critters never catch colds it would be disasterous SQUAWK,SQUAWK,SQUAWK

Launcelot Rolaids

This is one hilarious cartoon.  The dinosaurs are men in rubber suits and the people are cartoons.    


<I>The following information was submitted by John Cassidy.</I>

The show was produced by Tsuburaya Productions (famous as the makers of ULTRAMAN), and aired on TV Tokyo from 10/7/1977 to 6/30/1978, with a total of 39 episodes.

The stock footage you saw in the beginning . . .  FEW scenes are from ULTRAMAN, but others are from ULTRA SEVEN and the TV series MIGHTY JACK (which Sandy Frank ravaged into a feature-length film), and most of the monster footage is from other Tsuburaya superhero shows such as FIREMAN from 1973 and the first episode of ULTRAMAN LEO from 1974.

The brother and sister who combine into the Aizenborg pilot are named Zen Tachibana (Jim Starbuck) and Ai Tachibana (Gem Starbuck).  BTW, Ai and Zen are Japanese for "love" and "truth," respectively.  The Aizenborg-Go is the name of the ship they pilot.  In Episode 20, the ship is replaced by the Ultra-guy you see in the big picture named Aizenbo.  Tyrannus is originally called Ururu, and as you guessed, he is a fugitive from Tsuburaya's older production THE LAST DINOSAUR.  He too was phased out in # 20 by that alien guy at the bottom named Space Demon King Gottes.

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Here's the main index from where the image came from (this is based on a whole encyclopedia of 70s Japanese superheroes)!

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Brother Ragnarok

Just finished watching a copy of this I found for two bucks at a pawn shop, and holy crap.  I read the review and discovered many of our jokes (Hitler and "red rat") were the same.  Great minds and all.
If anyone knows how I can find the rest of the series, please get ahold of me.  I love you long time.

Brother R


Yes, a very funny series...believe it or not, it was a big hit in the middle east(particularly in saudi arabia) and in Italy around the mid 80's
Very appealing series for kids...when my dad worked in Riyaad, i was raised on it.

Now its great for a laugh...theres more series 5 onwards, jim and gem can combine (in the flying supermachine thing) to become this huge robot thing the size of the he can take them on single handedly...looks a bit like ultraman but better.
There are actually 10 series episodes with 4 parts in each

for a 70's kids show, i reckon it aint all that bad - a lot better than the s**t we see today. If anyone wants pics, feel free to email me.

Steve Bentley

I own this thing!  I bought it several years ago from a video store for my wifes little brother, and watching it with him, found I couldn't part with it!  There is another movie made from this same series called "Return of the Dinosaurs", but the dub and edit seem to have changed the entire concept.  Search for it!  I urge you!  It is as bad and even funnier!



My friends and I (who are seasoned bad movie watchers) were absolutely stunned by the total ineptitude of this movie. It still makes us laugh uncontrolably. This is a MUST. Trust me on this one.


Oh my... I bought this movie on this past week, it showed up the other day, and my friend and I (he's got three... count em THREE Turkish movies) watched in utter disbelief last night. It looks like 4 TV shows smacked together, they reused so much footage, we were quoting dialogue before it happened. It really is worth $10 to buy and keep. Seemless? I don't know... Funny? Oh my, yes. The "dumpster" also has a plow on the front, perhaps for when the team needs to do emergency snow removal.
So much of this is just bizarre, what's up with the sloth? And the amazing telescoping cylinder is really great. Enjoy this movie!!


Oh my god, thank you. I was talking to someone about this movie earlier tonight, about how much I loved it when I was really young (They used to have it at the local video store) and, amazingly, I found this site first off. Funnily enough, all I told Google was "gemini brother sister time limit" and this was the first match. Amazing. Wicked site. Thanks for the nostalgia.


I love this serie,when i was kid my dad always rent it for us.And now i have a trauma,i am looking for the episodes but i cant find any on the internet en in mangaschop also!!
So plzzzzzzz if anyone could help me?

I really like the scenes where the dinosaurs demolish the cities and you see the people (who are cartoons) panicking.  I find it hilarious that this animated piece is set in the year 2000.  I guess the cities that are being destroyed here are set in Japan.  It is an ideal movie worth watching, heckling, and making out with your girlfriend who can either be Japanese or Czech.  If you ask them if the people there put powder, she'll likely reply no because she herself does not put powder but blusher.

Badre "Bennu"

The show's arabic dub was pretty popular in Arabic countries. This was one of my first introduction to anime along with Gatchaman, Mazinger Z and UFO Robot Grendizer. True it looks very cheesy now but you have to give credit to them for trying to mix anime with live action Tokusatsu.

Nene Murakami

Which video stores rent or sell this farce of a movie?  Although I call it a "farce", I actually like this movie.


This dreadful, dreadful piece of film was a cornerstone of my youth, and a quite regular rental.

I think it is responsible for my anime fandom today.