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Attack of the Supermonsters

Started by giant claw, February 13, 2005, 03:04:32 PM

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manuel sanada

i think no one mentioned how does the AIZENBORG robot is formed.... this male (with some female attitude) just "enter" in the energy door where the voice of her sister come. i said enter but i should ve said "penetred" . coz the sexual methaporas are very strong.

AI ZEN.. CONTACT!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this crap as a kid. I can't believe its not totally forgotten. ^_^ This review really brought back alot of great memories.

night heron

Looks a bit like a cross between BATTLE OF THE PLANETS,FIREBALL XL-5,VOLTRON and THE GODZILLA  movies kinda neat and strange where they could blend animation, puppetry and live actors wow


How did they do that some of the parts of the movie looks like BATTLE OF THE PLANETS  while other parts look like FIREBALL XL-5  and a little bit of GODZILLA movies thrown in


Which crazy idiot made this? The Pentagon is a table, gay people, talking dinosaurs controlling animals. Must have been a gay, talking dnosaur-like anti-Ameican terrorist with the powers to control animals.

Nine words . . . this movie sounds like a stupid piece of s**t



crazy f**kers.

giant claw

Kind of like combining BATTLE OF THE PLANETS,VOLTRON,GODZILLA and some other cartoons and live action movie all together what a big film

David Medina

I never heard of this before but it looks so damn funny! Kinda like G-Force and Power Rangers on crack.


I'm planning to start a website in the near future wherein I mock movies while being filmed (similar to mst3k style), and I'm sooooooo glad that I stumbled onto your website, as I need detailed descriptions of nightmarishly bad movies in order to know which ones to rent/buy as a prelude to smacking them down on cam. I've only read a few of your reviews so far, but this one was exceptionally hilarious. I especially liked the line where you'd thought that you were, by now, too jaded to stare slack-jawed at something awful on the screen. Isn't it horrifyingly refreshing to know that there's some new low point out there to discover in the mystical, sugar-and-cough-syrupy realm of really bad movies?

Keep up the great work, man!! God stuff.


Chris Conley

The lord tryanus (don't think i'm spelling it right) dinosaur was the same dinosaur in the last dinosaur the one that richard boone had to hunt and kill


Tyranus and The Last Dinosaur are the same. The series the movie came from (Aizenborg), along with two other dino themed shows, proved to be a real low point for Tsuburaya Productions. Many folks wondered if they still had it. Luckily they rebounded with Ultraman 80 and got back on track.


A friend of mine got this in via Net Flix this past weekend and we watched about half of it last. That was about all I could take.

The movie is hilarious for about the first 15 minutes but then it dawns on you that you've still got about a hour and half to go and that nothing is going to change. The film just repeats itself over and over and over and over and over again.   
"There is no way out of here. It'll be dark soon. There is no way out of here."


it's four episodes from a tv show, that's why you get four of the same stories.  later on, the twins turn into the superhero Aizenbo (i think).

"The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." ~ Alfred Hitchcock
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