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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Started by Scott, April 03, 2007, 12:08:52 AM

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I get all that. And it shouldn't have gotten physical at all. Punk's gotta be held responsible for everything he did cause. I didn't mean to imply he was completely innocent on everything. I didn't read all the reports on everything and do a deep dive, and let my being a fan of his just took his side on some of it.

I haven't really been fully watching WWE as much lately. I'd tune in for segments and matches with certain wrestlers I did like (Rollins, Wyatt, KO or Sami Zayn)

Punk is in the Rumble and has had promos with Rollins, who does have some real-life heat with Punk. I'm curious where that goes as I'm a fan of both and both can have great matches.
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