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Philip Cook Interview

Started by Andrew, January 31, 2009, 10:40:06 AM

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Philip Cook wrote and directed Invader, along with "Despiser" and "Outerworld."  They might have modest budgets, but the results are expansive efforts that are far more entertaining than many films that cost ten times as much to make.

Andrew Borntreger


Great interview!   :thumbup:

I haven't seen Invader or Despiser but now I may have to.


Wow, I have never been so interested in a filmmaker's work as a result of an interview.


I saw Despiser and thought it was pretty cheesy, but I found it to be pretty fun.  I'll have to check out Cook's other films now.  I like his attitude how he's not making Casablanca but he really would love the chance to.  Give him $10 mil off Michael Bay's next movie and see what he does.  I bet it would be worth it.

Good interview.   :smile:


I was an extra in Invader. The Cub reporter. I remember working in the building where they were shooting and someone didn't show up so they said, "Hey kid, wanna be in a movie?" I"ve yet to see the film though.

Stephen Carmona

Phillip of my favorite people.  Anyone who has worked with him knows exactly what I mean.  He could make a a great film on the craft service budget of the last TV show I worked on. Thank you for the interview.


I saw Outerworld on VHS entitled "Starquest: Beyond The Rising Moon."  The box bragged about excellent cinematography.  Usually, that's a bad sign.  I was pleasantly surprised.  :smile: