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Author Topic: (AKA Troll 3) Quest for the Mighty Sword (1990)  (Read 9256 times)
Nukie 2
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I did it all for the...

« on: October 03, 2008, 11:44:08 PM »


Rated PG-13
Filmirage 1990
Directed by Joe D' Amato

Ator (father)- Our chubby blonde hero,  who dies in the beginning.

Ator (son)- The same chubby blonde hero, grows up to not do anything of much significance.

DaJanira - Lost her immortality by helping the first Ator, almost turned into a statue.

Gunther - Ugly, pathetic, zitfaced prince who can’t get laid.

Sunn - Ators mom, and the first Ator’s wife. She becomes a hooker.

Skiold - Almost got killed in a bar, Ator saved his butt. He pays off a life debt-- he dies!

Nephele - A friendly goddess who visits Ator as he plats outside of Grindle’s house.

Grimilde -  Gunther’s wife, not fond of his pimpled visage. Tries to get it on with Ator (son).

Grindle - Nilbogian goblin, gets it on with on Sunn. Gets sliced in half by the Mighty Sword.

Thorn - Nilbogian Goblin demi-god, not impaired by height. Kills Ator (father). Doesn’t make an appearance in most of the film.

Hagen - Nilbogian Goblin, advisor to Prince Gunther. Delivers his lines as though he’s reading them.

The Gods - You hear about them, never really see all of them. Their temperament is however which way the wind blows.

    What would you get if  “Cave Dwellers” had a head-on collision with “Troll 2”?  “Quest for the Mighty Sword”! Another Ator sword and sorcery film by Joe D’Amato. This was created after he worked on “Troll 2”--  that’s why there are three Troll 2-Goblin costumes used in the movie. Interestingly enough, the movie was titled “Troll 3”, and “Troll - The Sword of Power”, in Germany!

    Honestly, I had to watch this movie twice; as a “Troll 2”fan, the idea that the goblins costumes were used here, was just too much! This is a must see for all “Troll 2” fans. It’s not as great as “Troll 2”, but it’s fun. The lines aren’t as inept, but some of the actors trip over their lines. The sets are seal bad, the exteriors do not match the interiors-- the exteriors probably being real Italian Castles. Miles O’Keefe  doesn’t play Ator, Eric Allen Kramer does, and he looks like a real dullard. He plays both the father and son version of Ator. Some of the background music in this movie was used in “Troll 2”.

   Prince Ator is killed within seven minuets into the film, after defending justice with his Mighty Sword of Grahhl against a demigod named Thorn. With a blow from his spear, Thorn kills Ator, and splits the sword in two, despite DaJanira’s wish.
Prior to the conflict, Ator explained to his uninterested, infant son-- also named Ator, that Thorn wants the Mighty Sword of Grahhl; he must defend it, and bring justice to his people. Apparently Grahhl is the objectification, not the symbolism of justice-- yes, that’s right, something so philosophical and abstract is embodied in a goddamned sword!

    As this is a film by D‘Amato, the logic of the movie is just made up as it goes along. which means there’s a stupid law where wives’of  prince’s can’t be widowed, and so Sunn must die. Sunn takes Ator to Grindle, and tells him that he must raise Ator, and tells him to forge Grahhl on Ator’s eighteenth birthday. Grindle tells her that it’s unfair that he must raise him, because he didn’t get to bang her in order to be a patriarchal figure. Despite this. he promises her a potion of an instant, painless death. Instead, he slips her something else, she doesn’t die, and she makes outs with his jagged teeth.

   Years later, Ator hears about his mothers well-being from Nephele, as he farts-around the marsh outside Grindle’s papier-mâché hovel; he learns that because she was a princess and  funked a goblin, Sunn is being punished by the gods to be a whore. As to why she can’t go to school, or if she has a pimp, the audience is kept ignorant. Moving-on, Nephele reminds Ator about The Sacred Grahl, and his destiny to wield it. Nephele sees Grindle on the other side of the lake, she morphs into a bird, and buggers off.

   The seventeen year-old, receding hair lined Ator is given his sword early. He shatters the sword over Grindle’s head, then Grindle, laughing with his top lip above his gum--sounding much like a broken tractor, explains to Ator that it was a replica.

   Depressed, Ator leaves the cave, err set, for the marsh. He sees DaJanira running across the other side of the marsh. It would appear that she is running from something, but no, the production is so cheap that they can’t afford horses! Anyways, Ator tries to pursue her, because she’s hot, but he’s met by Nephele. She tells him about DaJanira; that she’s imprisoned by the god’s fire for protesting against his Father’s death by Thorn. He wants to free her, but he will only be given further instructions how until he gets Grahl.

 Finally, after two more tries of slicing the Nilbogian Fiend, Ator wields the real Grahl. He’s free from the goblins crap-pad, and Nephele tells him of his quest-- not, for the Mighty Sword, because the stupid thing was in the cave all along! Ator, must reveal the Treasure of the East (or something lame) and offer it to the gods in order to free DaJanira; but he has to defeat the guard over the treasure-- a Siamese-Robot-Knight. Also, he’s told that if he wants to kick the arse of Thorn, he needs more than the Mighty Sacred Sword of Grahl-- for Thorn is more powerful than it. There you have it, the sword which Thorn wanted so badly, is totally useless to him, and against him!

   Ator slices the conjoined twins in half; they shoot off sparks, and do a Michael Jacksonesque dance. Then a man sized, mucousoid, Godzilla-knockoff wanders by. Ator is threatened by the flames struggling to spew forth from the mouth of the sluggish moving creature, and he  precedes to whack it to death. After bleeding Nilbog Green, the mostly harmless lizard dies.

   Ator finds the treasure, and what a treasure it is-- Mardi Gras Beads, and bronze plates! Offer is to the gods, this makes him strong enough to break through Thorns Fire, and he frees DaJanira. Luckily, she falls for his chubby, black leather short-shorts wearing ass. But, utoh! The gods are p**sed, or something, and they attack them with stock footage of volcanoes, and someone spills spaghetti sauce down the stairs of the dwelling, so they must find an alternate way out!

   To take the edge off, Ator and DaJanira to go to a bar; the bar is like the one in Star Wars (but cheap)-- great choice for a date! Men and things are gambling at the bar-- one of the men tries to raise a prostitute for a bet, but the house won’t have it. The man pushes the prossie into a wall, Ator gets angry, beats the man up. Ator, DaJanira and the prossie are kicked out of the bar. Ator learns that prossie is his mom, they hug and sob over each other. Sunn wrinkles to a prune and dies in his arms. Later they roast the shrouded Sunn over a fire, I guess it’s some sort of burial rite. The idiots forgot the gnarr or dingy, so they had to smell her burning corpse. I guess D’Amato couldn’t afford that.

   Because our director also did soft-core porn, one of the main engines of this movie is libido. As Ator and DaJanira are running around a marsh (possibly the same one around Grindle’s place), Prince Gunther’s men capture DaJanira because they think he might want to make it with her, and he has a hard time making it with anyone; he is a pathetic, middle-aged, geek covered in acne. His own wife wont do it with him, she wants Ator. She doesn’t get him, because she’s not as hot as DaJanira, or as kind.

   Prince Gunther, is fond of making plaster art pieces-- he turns women and pets who reject him into art pieces, so they won’t run away from him. He’s a zit-face, and DaJanira doesn’t take to his offers. He tries to turn her into a statue. Ator goes to rescue her, and trips Gunther’s men with his sword. He finds Gunther and scares the crap out of him; Gunther grabs Hagen and jumps into a boiling tub of plaster, or cream of mushroom soup.

    Ator and DaJanira flee the Castle, and we learn that Thorn is still alive somewhere laughing. Was this a hint towards a fifth installment ?

                                             THE END.

I don't have any stills, but here's this YouTube clip of parts of the movie, featuring the goblins scenes. Posted by paintnothing on Feb. 16, 2007.


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Nukie 2
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I did it all for the...

« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2008, 12:54:59 PM »

Yeah, I know my review was quite long...
I hope you guys see this, I can't wait for you to shread it!

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« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2008, 11:08:52 PM »

I think that I saw this movie a long long long long time ago.  I must track this one done again.  I love the fact that the Trolls are able to take without move the lips.  I wonder if they know Jeff Dunham??  I thought the review was good.  You made a pointless movie, more barable. 

Off to the internet to find a copy.


JOHN Cheers

\\\\\\\"Freedom is not free\"\\\\\\ or ///\"Where ever you go, there you are!\"///
Nukie 2
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

Karma: 121
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I did it all for the...

« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2008, 09:03:37 PM »

Were you shocked to see the reuse of the goblin/troll costumes a long long time ago?

I bought my copy on amazon, only on VHS though.
I think you can download the full movie somewhere on-line. I don't know much about on-line downloads. I hope this link to another message board, claiming links to the movie, works.

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