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Words that are fun to say! (Besides swearing)

Started by BTM, March 03, 2009, 07:05:02 PM

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There are so many words out there with weird/funny sounds that they're neat to say, although many you don't get a chance to use often in everyday conversation. 

So, what ones you can think of? 

Here's mine:


feign (rhymes with pain)

titmouse (can't say it without giggling)

Uh, shoot, had a ton of them, but can't think of any off-hand...

I'll come back to this subject.
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I try very hard not to swear, so I substitute nonsense words or foreign phrases.  A few faves:

"Sugit facientor womitas!"  (LATIN: "That sucks, and it makes me want to throw up!"

Then, some plain old English words are funny, like

"I shall smite you in the nostrils with a rod of iron, and wax your spleen with Efferdent!!"



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