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strange dream depository

Started by bob, January 05, 2012, 01:56:37 AM

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Rev. Powell

Quote from: Trevor on February 13, 2024, 04:07:00 PM
I had a serial dream a few nights back.

I dreamt I was at work and under investigation for doing something wrong but no one would tell me what it was.

I woke up three times during this dream and when I tried to go back to sleep, the dream would continue where I left off. 😳

Were you reading Kafka before you went to sleep?

Busy night dreaming last night.

I dreamed I escorted a female Pope in a wheelchair.

Later I dreamed there was a film movement called "Mollywood"--movies for ecstasy enthusiasts.

Later, I had another variant of a recurring dream I have where there is a beautiful, sexy woman waiting to bed me, but I get distracted by something (this time, a lost phone) and by the time I'm done attending to that nuisance I go back to find her and she's left.

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Rev. Powell

Dreamt I encountered a parade of women in 19th century dress, with the leader carrying a speargun. We were in a narrow hallway and as they pushed past me, they tickled me everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE). I then figured out that they were desperate women on a ritual hunt for men.
I'll take you places the hand of man has not yet set foot...


I have a recurring dream and had a version of it this morning. In the dream I am in this strange landscape, like a hillside folded in on itself, like a wave turned to rock, if that makes sense, and I am walking fast, getting away from someplace as much as heading anywhere, but in this dream I passed houses built along a gravel road, and a little boy came out to show me his art class drawings, and I stopped and looked at them, and when I looked back to tell him they were good, he was an old man, and around me the trees were taller and I think decades passed in the blink of an eye yet I was still in the same spot.
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had a dream last night where I was flushing my underwear down the toilet
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Quote from: bob on April 20, 2024, 09:34:31 AM
had a dream last night where I was flushing my underwear down the toilet

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Rev. Powell

I had a pretty detailed and disturbing dream/nightmare this morning. It began with me helping to clean up a girl who had a fecal accident. When we got into the bathroom the toilet was backed up and it stank badly. The woman was saying something too loudly and a policeman heard it and came in and arrested us. Turns out we were in Hungary. I tried to explain I had done nothing, but the arresting officer wouldn't listen to me. When I got to the police station I waited for an interpreter and I looked over in the corner. Tucker Carlson and a three other guys were standing there whispering about me, and someone said "I think he knows one of the Big 4." Thankfully I woke up.
I'll take you places the hand of man has not yet set foot...


not contributed to this thread before...

 but I just woke up from a dream where I'm standing in the middle of the road with a record player and a vinyl copy of Van Halen - Women And Children First.

Barak Obama is standing with me, and I'm challenging him to 'guess the artist' by playing the van halen record, but at the same time trying to hide the album sleeve so he doesn't see what it is.
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by the way (and apologies if this has already come up) but I highly recommend the 'work' of Dion McGregor

this was a guy who shared a flat with one other person back in the 60s or 70s... his flatmate heard Dion regularly talking in his sleep, and found his spoken word dreams so interesting he decided to record them.

random example:

(hard to believe he is actually sleeping while saying all this but it's been confirmed true). he has whole albums released!
please do not mock my potato.


A couple of weeks ago I had a dream where we went to visit a friend of mine who introduced me to a woman called Diane who made it quite clear she was very interested in pursueing a relationship with me. I didn't agree or disagree, just kind of being dragged along with events. Anyway, I'd mostly forgotten about the dream until a week or so later the dream had a sequel with us having some sort of courtship and her planning out our wedding (despite me already being married in the dream).

Anyway last night there was a third part to the dream where we got married (with Kristi in attendance). The dreams didn't have any weird, fantastical elements (well none beyond Kristi seemingly not being upset about our marriage becoming a threesome) that I normally find in my dreams. I wonder if at some point in the future there will be a fourth installment?
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