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Can't post links/Seeing blank posts

Started by Rev. Powell, March 09, 2014, 03:56:59 PM

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Rev. Powell


I'm having two separate (possibly related) problems that just started today.

One, when trying to respond to a post, if I include links (to my own site or another) I can't post anything. I get an error message stating "The message body was left empty."

Second, I am seeing a lot of blank posts throughout the site. Sometimes they contain links, sometimes not. If I "quote" or "modify" them I can see the text.

Here's an example (I have to break up the url or I'll get the error message I mentioned above): www. badmovies. org/ forum/ index.php?topic=141259.0

On that page, I can't see anything at all that I have posted---it's all blank. I can see Josso's posts, and I can see my original text when he quotes it.

Any ideas? Have I been flagged as a spammer?
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I see it too, possibly an SQL issue?

Without seeing the logs it's hard to say but as I could see it before it's just a guess

edit: google tends to  point towards encoding compatibility issues, test™ // ~~ ╚ µ


Looking now, with both my account and the test account I cannot see what you describe.  Is it still happening to you?

Andrew Borntreger


The problem seems to have disappeared for me



Does seem fixed now, but for completeness it was doing similar blanks for pm's.

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Rev. Powell

Back to normal, I guess it was just a weird network thing. Carry on.
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I had the same thing a day or two ago, several posts in a thread would be blank.  But it seems to be back to normal now.
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I cant post videos either-something is goofy. I mean today is march 10th-I wanted to post a song for All Hallows-but I cant?
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