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Who Was What-- Classic TV Edition

Started by ER, August 23, 2019, 01:57:50 PM

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^ Well, I'm glad I'm of some use around here!  :wink:
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Svengoolie 3

Quote from: ER on August 25, 2019, 09:52:53 AM
Quote from: Svengoolie 3 on August 24, 2019, 06:09:00 PM
People  have always wondered about Marylin on the munsters. The fact is she was a succubus. So of course she looked normal and attractive,  but you notice she never had an ongoing boyfriend?  Spot  helped with the bodies. What did yoiu think they were  feeding him?

Charming theory.

Hey you oughtta love my their agvout how a Frankenstein and a vampire had a werewolf son.

Herman was made of parts of various people , and his package belonged to a guy suffering the werewolf curse. The doctor  didn't know it as he collected it after the guy had been shot with a silver bullet,  died and reverted to human form.

Now Eddie was conceived on a night with a full moon when herman's package was in werewolf mode and hence Eddie.
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Who Reigns Higher In Classic TV Hell?
Cousin Oliver VS. Scraaaaappy Dooooooo!


Round One:
Cousin Oliver had a demonic ugliness to his scrunched face: +1
Scrappy Doo deceived the unwary with his puppy cuteness: +2
Winner: Scrappy Doo

Round Two:
Cousin Oliver brought bad luck and misfortune to the Bradys: +1
Scrappy Doo shat all over the Mystery Machine, citing lack of housebreaking: +1
Winner: Tie

Commercial Break:
Now a word from our sponsor, Random "Did you know Scrappy Doo was nearly voiced by actor Gary Coleman? It's a fact!"

Round Three:
Cousin Oliver was the product of incest: +1
Scrappy Doo's mom was a b***h: +1
Winner: Tie

Round Four:
Cousin Oliver got The Brady Bunch canceled: +2
Scrappy Doo failed his mission to entirely destroy the Scooby franchise: -1
Winner: Cousin Oliver

Round Five:
Cousin Oliver spied on Jan in the bathroom: +1
Scrappy Doo murdered Velma's girlfriend and blamed it on a ghost: +2
Winner: Scrappy Doo

Final Score:
Cousin Oliver: +6
Scrappy Doo: +5

Resolved: Cousin Oliver reigns higher in Classic TV Hell than Scrappy Doo!
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