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Your best friend from childhood?

Started by claws, August 24, 2023, 04:51:46 AM

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Who was your best friend from childhood? What made him/her your best friend? Are you still friends?

My best friend was the total opposite of me.

He was loud, I was quiet.
He always got into trouble, I never did.
He did drugs, I didn't. He already smoked pot in his pre-teens.
He was a gifted musician, I couldn't play any instruments.
He was obsessed with Pink Floyd, I didn't care for Pink Floyd at all.

but we also had things in common:

He was the youngest of four siblings, so was I.
His father was a foreigner, so was mine.
He was born on a holiday, so am I.
For six days a year we shared the same age. I was one year older.
His family's rotary dial phone number was 1797, ours was 1787. People who wanted to call us would ever so often dial my friends number, and the other way around.
His family's house number was 13, so was ours.

We were so close we had our own secret language and hand signs.
We fought alot, and made up alot.
He always knew what I was about to say, and the other way around.

I was done with school a year before him. After a couple of years we slowly drifted apart and didn't see each other for lomg-ish times. At some point we met again and renewed our friendship. Didn't turn out well because I couldn't handle his lifestyle. He was without a job (he refused to work), he was doing even more drugs, he was on a private war with local police. He even set a cop car on fire. He mugged a pizza delivery guy with a weapon. When cops started to show up at my place questioning me about him I finally cancelled our friendship. Edited to add: he had a son raised by his mother because he was too busy not working, doing jail time, doing illegal stuff or hanging out with his druggie friends.

Haven't seen or spoken to him in 20 years and have no desire to do so. I know he moved to another town after selling the house of his deceased parents. Apparently he tried his hand at selling drugs after buying drugs with the money he had. Another friend told me he now works as a self employed web designer.

Anyway, that was my best childhood friend story. Care to share yours?
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Well my best friend from 12 to 26 was over 6 foot tall whereas I am fairly short. He loved computers whereas I saw them a fun tool but there were better things in life. I stood up to bullies, he would run away. He'd always talk to women whereas I was too shy.

Round about the age of 24, he started to copy me. When I got a job a week later he picked up one. When I was accepted to go to college, the next day he applied, when I went to move out of our home town, he said he wanted to tag along with me. Then we ended up at college together, and there was a girl he was very interested in, but she was more interested in me. We started growing apart as he became a bit of pest around her, trying to move any 'competition' away from being around her and get touching her in a way that made her uncomfortable. Everything came to a head late one night when she was using his computer (he had a spare one he'd left at my house) and found naked pictures of kids. I honestly wonder if he'd deliberately put them there, planning to call the police and report me for having child porn on it to get me out of the way, so he had a clear run at Suzanna and I just happened to find them before he could.

The next day we reported him to the police and he was arrested. I've seen him around once or twice in the more than 20 years since, but we don't exactly speak to each other.
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When I was ten we relocated from the southernmost part of the greater city to the northernmost, into this neighborhood just being built, and right after that I met a girl named Gina (I swear she looked like Snow White) who moved in a few houses down the street.

She was in the same grade and we were going to start at the same school that fall and we bonded fast even though we were different in a lots of ways. She was shy while I am not (though I can be quiet), she loved horses and wanted to be a veterinarian, she was insane for chocolate, while I could take it or leave it, and she was more of an indoors, low activity sort, while I felt trapped if I couldn't get outside when I wanted, always being active with a lot of energy. But we also liked the same books and games and from that first summer and continuing on for years we'd do this thing where we'd slide in together under one of our beds, between the floor and the frame, and talk quietly about just whatever, lol.

It seemed like the older we got the less we had in common, especially with boys, she was a virgin well into her twenties, but we still stayed close and I counted her my best friend far into adulthood, even when it was probably anachronistic to think of her that way. Her mom, who was a dentist, went on these month-long volunteer trips to Third World places and gave her services to dental clinics, and she started taking Gina when Gina was old enough to go. On one trip to Merida, Mexico, Gina ended up stunning all of us by becoming engaged to a doctor down there and for months I was depressed at the thought of her living so far away, though that ultimately didn't work out and she came home and ended up living with me for a year in the house where I am now, which was a nice chapter in life.

In time she got engaged again to someone from around here, a nice fellow, and got married, had two daughters, the oldest my goddaughter Courtney, and then life got in our way more and more and though I said she was my best friend we were actually living far enough apart that we saw one another less and less and life filled in the vacuum with other people and it got to where weeks would go past and we wouldn't hear from each other. Finally a couple years ago her family moved to Los Angeles, and while I hoped we'd keep in touch, we really haven't all that much, though she did visit recently.

That's life for you, but I am happy I had her as long as I did because she's a good person and I still love her.
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Nick Siskaninitz.  His Dad was an old Russian farmer. We worked on his farm, went fishing at the river a lot, drank home-made wine, went to concerts and movies.
I miss Nick. He collected lots of war comic books too. His Dad was in WW II, and he had some Nazi and US war relics. He still lives in the same house he was born in, and still plows the same ground. We drifted apart after I started doing drugs and hanging out with a wild crowd in the late 80's.
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I lost contact with all of my childhood friends after Rhodesia became Zimbabwe as many of them and their folks fled to South Africa and overseas. I still remember them though.
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Hmmmm. . .

Truthfully, I am still in contact with three people from my elementary school days.
One was my second grade sweetheart; I married her.
The other joined us in 4th grade, and he's still a close family friend, although our busy schedules don't allow us to visit as often as we'd like.
The other lives a few roads over, and we are more pleasant acquaintances than close friends now.  But I still see him in town from time to time and we always chat a bit when I do.
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I'm still friends with my best friend. He's a paralegal working in environmental law last I heard. I'm seeing him on Saturday at a parade he's going to be a part of.
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I met my buddies Percy and Erich in second grade, way back in 1991-1992. Percy ended up living with me and mom a couple of summers between 1995 and 1998. Percy and I are kinda opposite, he's tall, I'm shirt. He's black and I'm white. Erich and I are similar in the comic books we like, and video games, but I'm more of an athlete than he is. We'd hang out all the time.

Now it's 2023. I'm friends with both, we talk every day, and we hang out once a week.

Brian - me and Erich started a new school in 4th grade. Percy didn't come to this school. Brian and Erich and I quickly got along. As adults Brian slightly blew out of our lives. He got married, became a lawyer and had kids. The rest of us don't have kids. But a few years back, Brian happened to walk into a local Pub I was in, and we drank and are and got caught up. Now me and Erich and Brian meet up every other Tuesday afternoon for wings and beer.
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My best friend Larry died of a heart attack 2 years ago. I knew him since 5th grade. I don't see anyone I knew as a child anymore. All dead or gone.
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Nick was my best friend but his ***** wife didn't like me. He and his 2 older brothers are both "man's men" who do whatever their wives say. new england what can I tell you


still besties with all 3 of my childhood friends. we all took different paths in life, but we have always stayed in touch. i'm a witch/cook. sue is a christian/nurse. heidi is a buddhist/artist. bob is an atheist/ woodcarver( mostly canoes) .  :cheers:
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I was separated from my best friend from middle/early high school when my family moved to another state. We wrote and phoned and met once or twice but naturally didn't keep up. Decades later he actually tracked me down and called me. Meant a lot to me that he wanted to reconnect, but we still didn't keep up after that.
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