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Started by Andrew, February 14, 2001, 09:11:04 PM

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A Chinese Ghost Story
First off, some of the shots were just beautiful.  Watching the lovely ghost twirl out tendrils of white fabric toward the camera just knocked my socks off.  The movie has plenty of action, plus some humor and (of course with an alluring female ghost) romance.  My only complaint is that the plot seems to take off at the end.  I was running to keep up with everything happening.
The Plot:  A young man meets a beautiful young woman and falls for her, never suspecting that she is actually a ghost.  Every night she is forced to find male victims for a 1000 year old evil tree spirit.  With the help of a brave Taoist swordsman he must find a way to free her soul and destroy the evil.  Don't miss the stop-motion zombies that are created when the tree spirit kills someone.

Cannibal!  The Musical
Watched this for an upcoming reader review, so I won't spoil much here.  Trey Parker stars in his own film about an expedition from Utah to Colorado that goes bad.  Half the fun is just watching them play off musical numbers with a straight face.  Especially when they are about hanging or, even better, the timeless love song about "when I was on top of you."  (Trey singing about his lost horse.)  Good fun for people who like films like "Oklahoma" or "Brigadoon," though you need a warped sense of humor too.

Dead Space
Marc Singer stars in this remake of "Forbidden World."  A scientific outpost on a remote planet has been working on the cure for humanity's latest killer plague.  Unfortunately, the fools have no safeguards in place and create a killer organism.  Why don't they have airtight clean rooms equipped with robotic arms?  Where is the monster getting all the mass from?  Did anyone else think about snapping off a few of its appendages, then steaming the legs and eating them with a little butter?  I couldn't help but wonder about their protective suits.  Somebody says the atmosphere will break them down after a short time (it is full of caustic chemicals I guess), but nothing is covering parts of his face!  Well, it was just as bad as I remembered it.


Mofo Rising

I really liked A Chinese Ghost Story.  I've got the sequels in my queue at Netflix, but they won't be coming for a while.  They also made an anime using this story.  The Chinese must view their movies quite differently than we do, at least judging by the speed-freak pacing in this and other movies.

Cannibal: The Musical was hilarious.  Definitely a better than average way to pass 90 minutes.  I personally like the tasteful way they portrayed the traveller's decision to resort to cannibalism.  Makes the director of Alive look like a butcher.


I bought Chinese Ghost story from for $8.78, but it hasn't arrived yet. After reading both your comments, I really want to see it now!