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Favorite condiment?

Started by RCMerchant, October 15, 2021, 08:53:19 PM

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Ketchup? Mustard? Mayo? Sriracha?

Mine is hot sauce. Tapatio is my favorite.

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Mayo I guess. It goes well with lots of things, especially sandwiches. And I'm a huge fan of fries with mayo.
Mustard is my second favorite. I do like honey dijon mustard as well. Here in Germany there is a classic and very popular sweet mustard and it is the only kind of mustard I don't like. The sweetness doesn't compare to honey dijon. It's more like pure sugar. I also like whole grain mustard but for some reason it has become rare here over the years.

I prefer any type of BBQ sauce over ketchup, but I still couldn't do without ketchup.
love Soy sauce. I put some in scrambled eggs or mix it in ground beef for hamburger patties. It is also great in cucumber salad.

As for hot sauce, I always keep some (with garlic flavor) in the fridge to give dishes a bit of a kick.
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I very rarely add any condiments to my meals, but when I do it is normally something spicy.
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I love pickled hot chili peppers. 
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I'd suppose it would depend on what I'm eating at any particular time.

Ketchup goes well with a nice burger. 

Grilled chicken I like Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet Thai Chili sauce.

Wings, cooked in a nice Buffalo sauce.

Tuna fish, oddly, I prefer a spicy brown mustard as opposed to mayo.  I'm not a big fan of mayo.

Turkey, like for Thanksgiving, a nice heaping of Sriracha sauce goes well with it.

I don't necessarily have ONE particular preference
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Mustard. I'll even eat it with peanut butter!


Sriracha mayo/ any spicy mayo. I'll put it with fries, burgers, hotdogs, fish, etc.
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