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Started by indianasmith, October 15, 2021, 11:01:17 PM

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This movie picks up right where the last one left off, with Michael Myers trapped in the basement of Laurie Strode's house as it burns down around them, and Laurie, stabbed in the stomach, being rushed to the hospital.
But then the fire trucks arrive, and try to put out the fire - enabling Michael to escape and the slaughter to begin again.
OK, the good - some wonderful appearances by veterans of the original movie from 1980, the survivors of Michael's first rampage gathering at first to commemorate the past, and then to try and make sure this latest killing spree is his last.   Some creative and very bloody kills, including several people you really didn't want to die. And Michael's burned mask gives him an even creepier aspect than in previous films.


Now the negatives - the entire buildup to this movie, and the first hour and change of its plot, make you think this is IT.  Finally, the people will band together and destroy this monster that has haunted their town and killed their citizens for 40 years.  Haddonfield will finally get some closure from Myers' reign of terror. NOPE!  Evil wins.  It's not even close.  Nearly all the people you care about die.
And then there is that problematic end.  Up to this point, it was possible to believe that Michael was just a really tough hombre, a big guy who could absorb a lot of damage and keep coming after you.  NOPE!  He gets stabbed through the back with a pitchfork, curb stomped on the staircase, then shot through the chest three or four times, clubbed with a baseball bat, and stabbed clean through the spinal cord right at the base of his neck - and moments later, he gets up and starts killing again as if he'd never been injured.
And where are all  the horny teenagers who normally form the slasher fodder in these movies?  The only couples Michael Myers dispatches in this film is two middle aged gay men and an elderly mixed race couple. 
With no explanation other than some BS speculation that Michael just gets stronger the more people he kills, the indestructible killing machine rolls on to the end of the film, absorbing fatal damage again and again, and we're left not one bit better off than we started.
I wanted to like this one, but I just walked out mad at the poor screenwriting and the deaths of all the good characters (except Jamie Lee Curtis, I think she's as immortal as Michael at this point!).   2.5/5

The Rob Zombie 2008 version was WAY better than this dreck.
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Jim H

I couldn't agree more indiana.  Huge step down from 2018, which I didn't love but was decent with some alright characterization, a pretty good climax, creepy atmosphere, and a good performance by Jamie Lee Curtis.  This one is just a mess, all over the place, totally sidelines characters that should be important, a stupid shock ending, awful dialogue.  It has some OK stuff too, still great score from JC himself, some decent kills, and this version of Michael is still good...  But yeah, very disappointing.  I'd give it a 4/10.


Just saw this today with my renter (first time we actually hung out together).  Dumb but eh, it was a fun day.

I don't think it was as bad as some people say, but I won't defend it either.  I did like some attention to detail at times, like at the beginning making the neighborhood feel like the late 70s (where they capture Michael).  And the acting was pretty good.  It didn't suffer as much as I thought it might, what with Curtis being sidelined for much of the movie.

But the film's over-reliance on gore was so ridiculous-- close up geysers of blood pouring-- I laughed out loud in the theater at most kills.  And as Jim mentioned some of the dialogue was bad (the scene in the bar had some tough-to-sit-through moments), and the drubbing Michael got that he just shrugs off after laying on the ground for a little while was just.. stupid.  Yeah, it was a bit of a letdown from the last one, though that one wasn't any great shakes IMHO.  Oh well, there's been MUCH worse horror films as of late, especially a number of psychological horror flicks.  Watchable for me at least.
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Well, I've heard a sequel called Halloween Ends is coming next year.

I haven't seen Halloween (2018) yet, nor this one.

I like the franchise overall but when they keep "rebooting" it and ignoring certain sequels it just feels like a ripoff and waste of money.  Jamie Lee comes back for H20, dies in Resurrection and is now back and "Oops, forget those ones haha".  Eh.

Quote from: indianasmith on October 15, 2021, 11:01:17 PM

The Rob Zombie 2008 version was WAY better than this dreck.
I actually feel that was a pretty decent remake/reimagining despite the criticisms of the overall film itself and series itself.  Halloween 2 by Zombie had a good premise but poor execution.
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I've not seen it yet, but my impression from people talking about it, is that they have more or less turned Michael into Jason.
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I thought it was excellent. H2018 was the first sequel I accepted. This was a good follow up. I went and seen it again and liked it even more. Loved the flashback scene and how it was old school MM in his movement, body language, and kill style (it was even a different actor). Loved that MM is an artist again, following suit from elements of '78.  Loved that everyone wants to be the hero and they learn hard why vengeance is wrong/futile. Love the fan service to the characters. Loved that Karen is a f**king liar, just like in the last movie. Love that Ripley-O'Conner-Strode thought she was hot s**t getting up after post-op surgery only to land her ass right back down in that hospital bed (Laurie, it's not about YOU!!!!). Loved that characters made dumb decisions (it's a slasher after all)...and yes, I like that MM is supernatural to a degree -as was implied in H2018 (the motion lights) and from the original (surviving six shots at close range implies much supernatural).

Best of all, Haddonfield f**ked around; Haddonfield found out.

I may go see it again.
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