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LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Showtime series)

Started by indianasmith, December 11, 2022, 10:48:25 PM

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Just finished the first season of this show tonight, and it's a masterpiece!
Loosely based on the two movies of the same title (Swedish original and American remake), the series chronicles the story of Eleanor, a 12 year old girl who was bitten and turned by a vampire ten years ago, and her father Mark, who has simultaneously protected her, killed men to feed her, and tried to find who infected her so that he could figure out a cure.  The storyline is well plotted, the characters deeply sympathetic, and the screenwriting downright brilliant.
I can't wait for the second season!
"I shall smite you in the nostrils with a rod of iron, and wax your spleen with Efferdent!!"