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some peaceful music.

Started by Morpheus, the unwoke., December 15, 2022, 09:01:46 PM

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I think the best that can be done is to use https so that only the link will show up. For those using mobile devices, will be used, and that will have the same result. The forum software will automatically create an embedded image if http is used.

I recommend the Harmonia Mundi box set of Sacred Music. Many of the volumes have been uploaded, but I recommend the physical set for CD quality audio. Here's Vol. 10, containing Rovetta's music:

Finally, it should also contain works like Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, but my favorite's not from that collection but from Decca, conducted by Rousset and featuring Scholl and Bonney:

For those who recognize it, elements of it have been used for various films, including Amedeus and Tarkovsky's Mirror, not to mention Ren and Stimpy (LOL; " eeeeedeeeeeot").


Is "Amedeus" anything like "Amadeus"?  

I think it may be a neorevisionist trend to re-name old films, hence "Amadeus" becomes "Amedeus"?  We saw this more under Bush than Obama, but the global movement toward neo-neo-revisionism is showing itself here, though the western press, and especially neo-neo-neo-capitalists are in sharp denial.

When the western powers forced hegemony on the film libraries of the Third World (a dated term, as Kissinger points out) we saw this effort to stifle the use of original names.

Hence the money when transferred from Hollywood (or more properly Los Angeles) to Manila and via covert CIA channels on into Nigeria) proves there is no other interpretation.

Philomena Cunk talked a little about music:

QUOTE: "Is you a music teacher?"

Other links on the subject:

A review of the motion picture:

QUOTE: "This is a great film."  (Roger Ebert, 1985).

The play that started it all:
Some background on the name itself.

Here is an expert discussion the significance and ramifications of Amadeus:

Finally, let's not forget to listen to some of "Amadeus'" lovely music:
What does not kill me makes me stranger.