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Manos, the Hands of Fate

Started by The Burgomaster, January 15, 2004, 05:43:05 PM

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I've only seen the MSTied version, but I knew a couple of guys at my old Rocky Horror theatre who were obsessed with this satanic turd and got a copy from Sinister Cinema. Lucky them. Did I mention one of these yahoos looked EXACTLY like Dr. Erhardt? <shudder>


Movie...too...painful. I don't know how you survived this one without the MST3K commentary.


The clip says it all. How could MST3K not do this one? The Master and Torgo ARE Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank, right down to The Master's wholly-unthreatening "evil" laugh (and habit of hamming it up to the camera).


"You have nice hair... I'll save it for the master."
Without MST3K, I wouldn't have been able to watch this film.  My roomie, my wife, and I started quoting it for months afterwards.

The Magi

Heheheh...I used to date a girl who concidered this movie to be excellent.  She watched it constantly....

And you think you knew true horror watching this ONCE!

Mikey (LGemini)

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!  MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HELP....  MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!   <sob> <sob>


For some reason, my favorite part is when sand was obviously diliberately thrown directly at the camera lense!


Was that Gomez Addams SLUMMING?


'Manos' is perhaps the worst.......I don't know.......there's a lot of crap out there.  My personnal vote goes to 'Monster-A-Go-Go', also covered by MST3K, but not available on release.  I used to rent an out-of-print copy from my local video store before it disappeared for good.  If you think 'Manos' can be challenged, this film is a good contender.  A hint for how bad it is?  Its actually several pieces of other movies interspliced into one ugly mess.  Oh........and it doesn't have an ending either.  Hope that doesn't spoil it for you all!


You are a far far braver man than me.  Hail the bad movie master!

James Auburn

Hey, "Manos" isn't a movie - "Manos" is a RELIGION, alright?

Very few times in this life do you see such a perfect object, that fails so completely on every level, so miserably, utterly WRONG that you can't help but sit in dumbfounded awe.

And Torgo's one of the greatest characters in film history.


You actually PAID for this movie??? You and your wife MUST share separate bank accounts. :)

Oliver Klozoff

Classic! Classic piece of ****! Fun if your totally drunk and doing something else.

Josey Aalto

What can I say, this movie is my FAVORITE!!! I purchased it off of moviesunlimited and I found out that MST3K ruined this film, and cut out some of the best parts. My opinion is that if you havent seen the uncut version, please dont write reviews that bash the film, because mst took the feeling of the movie away. I havent even had this film for 5 days yet and Ive watched it 6 times! This is the coolest movie ever *****outof *****


Torgo has the greatest theme music ever