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Started by, October 26, 1999, 03:40:08 PM

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  Xanadu is probably the greatest movie ever made...the only possible exception would be a masterpiece known as KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park! I mean,c'mon! A super-fine chic magically comes out of a wall to talk some guy with a bad attitude into quitting his job,and opening a roller-skating rink where she can sing a couple of songs!!! How can you top that???


Okay, I admit it, I'm notorious for loving bad movies.  I love "Joe vs. the Volcano", "SGT. Pepper", and "Night of the Comet", but I loved "Xanadu" first!  It's NOT about some ridiculous romance or roller-skating!  It's about magic!  It's about being silly and dreamy and seeing the Tubes and a big band do a duet.  If you think of it as a string of music videos that captures the late 70's early 80's, it is the original MTV.


One of the best things about Xanadu is reading the reviews.  Yours is quite entertaining, Andrew, and pretty much right on the money.  "Maybe I'll get lucky and these two morons will skate into that huge fan."  Bwah-ha ha!!!

The intriguing thing to me about Xanadu is that despite it being a terrible movie in almost every measurable sense, I still love it.  'Course, I first saw it when I was twelve, so I guess you have to take that into account.  I can't imagine what I'd think if I saw it for the first time today!

But how many movies do you see these days which launch themselves so freely into fantasy to deliver such a simple, light-hearted message?  Hell, even kids' animated films are heavier these days!  Xanadu doesn't have a mean bone it its body, and that's gotta count for something.


Okay...My daughter had to rent this one to see why I was ranting on this site about it. It's been 22 years since I saw this thing in its entirety. I have to admit, it's not as bad on the TV screen as it was on the movie's a lot smaller...and that's the only improvement I could find. It still SUCKS. I had forgotten many of the little snippits that are real "gems". Watch the phallic image of the fake palm tree rising up from the floor when the two boneheads go skating by. Then they skate up the fake outhouse-looking little building and float off the other side like little roller fairies in the night. I thought my daughter was going to throw up through the pinball scene...and the freaks in the clothing store...and when Livy pops up in the late-late-show on TV and talks to Sonny. My daughter and I both have a keen interest in Classical Mythology...when Zeus and Hera have their little bit at the end of the film we nearly puked in unision. The wife, of course, sat and enjoyed it...just as she had some 22 years ago when we sat in the dark holding hands watching this tripe flickering away in all its big screen glory. I did learn something new and interesting this time around. The lead dancer in the muses was Sandahl Bergman. It was her second film from what I've read since. She was a Bob Fossie dancer and went on to play mosty Amazon Blonde roles in s**t movies. She was Arnold Swartzanager's Warrior Chick in Conan the Barbarian....since then she's been appearing in 'real' crap...(I know, it's hard to believe.) I know a lot of people love this movie. There are also a lot of people who eat bugs and collect shiney objects. I personally love the film Paint Your Wagon...I know it's just as bad, if not worse, than Xanadu. It had 'real' stars who could act but couldn't sing. I know there's something perverse about Lee Marvin wandering a muddy street singing show tunes, but still I love it. I even bought the soundtrack years least I don't eat bugs. I certainly don't begrudge the people who seem to love Xanadu. I notice that most of them love it the same way I love Paint Your Wagon. They know it's crap, but it's just a helluva lotta fun to watch. I'm kinda sorry I can't feel the same way about it...for me, it still, just plain sucks.

Lisa Ann

I loved this movie! It is all about fun. I liked all the animation and the colorful sets. It was creative in a 70's kinda way. The clothing and hairstyles are great! God, they sure beat the current trends of today (picture Goth and retro-slob-hippie by comparison----yuk!) I liked all the somewhat corny music. It was all for fun anyway. I also think that ONJ was absolutely gorgeous. She didn't have to act over the top slutty to be super sexy either (picture Brittney Spears, and the likes of todays youth)! Watching movies like this sure make me miss the way things were...


It is  one of the best movies i ever saw. And i think a lot of people think the same. It is a Fantsay film and the first time i saw it in 1983. And i like Olivia Newton-John very much.


I have the record framed in my room.  I have the cassette in my car.  This movie was impossibly cool to all young girls in the late 70's/early 80's.  There is no denying that.  Don't even try.  Having said that, I watch this movie now and realize, that yes, it is in fact tripe.  However, I hotly anticipate the days when movies like this (roller skating meets disco meets musical meets greek mythology meets studio 54) will be made again (oh yeah, it'll happen!).  ELO rules!

My turn.  The worse thing about the movie was Michael Beck, who read his lines like he was suffering from a terrible hang over, or he just couldn't be less interested.  

Gene Kelly...well, he's my beloved.  And, for a then 65 year old man, did a wonderful job dancing with Olivia.  That was, in my opinion, the only good part of the movie.

Sadly, even Mr. Kelly admitted to Xanadu being, "A pretty bad movie."


This is one of those really crappy movies that you just can't help but love! Rather like Are You Being Served - The Movie. Hilarious stuff! BTW, I think ONJ now lives a quiet life in Byron Bay (Aust). The old bag.


I am merely 17, I wasnt around when this movie was made. And even though I was too young to understand the tragic misled style of the 80's I am old enough to know a cheesy crap movie when I see one. This movie, although it excedes the limitations on cheesiness, offers a neverseen before plot until its time. It stars one of the best dancers ever aside from Fred Astaire, and one of the most awesome singers in the world. Those of you who have to choke down some alcohol while watching this movie, get a grip, if you dont like it dont watch it and stop complaining...It was the 80's cheesiness and bland plotlines are to be expected...what the hell did you think the movie was about anyway?


Well Andrew you obviously do not possess the required lack of culture to enjoy this movie.  You have my condolences that you will never enjoy the finer things in life.



Only one thing...the same dancers comment...umm they are supposed to be the same dancers...they are her sisters.

As a musician/artist I absolutely "get" the film. I don't believe in muses but I understand the frustrating artist all out of passion concept.

The two most brilliant scenes are the Gene Kelly, Olivia 1940s dance scene,(Remember the film is in the spirit of those old films, not Shakespear) and the 1940s meets 1980s rock/big band scene. Musically they are both superb.

Yes the movie has plenty of cheese but it is highly enjoyable from my point of view. Olivia's cuteness doesn't hurt either. lol.

If you want depth, watch Ben Hur. This movie never claimed to be in that genra. Just a fun time with some really great ELO songs.


I have seen this movie a few times and each view is valid.  It is interesting to note however, that there must be something in it to make so many people come this site and post an opinion about the film. (me included.)


Script was bad
Music was hot
Olivia was hotter
The logo and font were very cool too!  I have several movie posters.

Michael Beck should have been handed a train ticket out of Hollywood after the film for his inability to act - Andy Gibb would have been better.

Too bad the actually building burned down in 1989 - it was really cool.

c l dufus

I watched this movie back in the 80's. Like every other teenager with a television set, I had a major thing for the Solid Gold dancers...several of whom were in this movie. It wasn't worth the time. Olivia "The Singing Bunny Rabbit" Newton-John and Michael Beck (who?) with the poor, unfortunate Gene "Hey, at least the check cleared the bank" Kelly...who should've known better. There wasn't enough bad beer in Milwaukee to make this piece of crud digestable.