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Started by, October 26, 1999, 03:40:08 PM

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Silly movie but entertaining anyways and what happened to her accent now? It's like she lost so much of it. Now she talks like a barelyBritish American\\Australian muse. That stronger British accent she had was one of the most charming things about her in Xanadu and Grease and other things she's done before the middle 1980's. I miss her recognisable accent, dammit! There, I feel a bit betta now.


Is it just me or did anyone else have a hard time believing the love story in Xanadu?  Every time Olivia Newton-John has to kiss Michael Beck she has this expression on her face like she's thinking "I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth."  No wonder she's always running away from him in nearly every scene.  She's not trying to be coy, she's just trying not to lose an eye from that gigantic schnozz of his.  

Speaking of his schnozz, you can't deny it's huge.  I mean, even as a fish and a bird he had a massive nose.  Score one to Don Bluth for that. If you listen really closely you can hear Gene Kelly insult his nose in the bandstand scene.

Danny:  Things are bigger now.  ANd this place--WHOO--sure is big....just like your schnozz.

Okay, so the "just like your schnozz" bit I made up, but you can't deny there were clear implications there.

Blue Leopard

Gods... I remember this came out where I lived the same week my sister was born. My Mom and sis were still in the hospital (C-section) and Dad took me to the movies & McD's because we were bored and hungry at home. That's the best I can say about this film, although the animated segment was pretty well done.

P.S. Swamprat, I almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard at your first review... and the second and third. And if your marriage has survived this, it will survive *anything*...

Arm Commander

Run! It's the tormenting Xanadu Monster! Only I and the Marauders are strong enough to put this monster to rest! Give me the D-Gun, boys!

It's time for some unsettled score to finish!

Tys Miha

 You missed a "something to watch for"... at 14 minutes Sonny actually jumps the shark with his moped. At least I think theres a shark down there, but I'm guessing they had to edit it out because it wouldn't sign a release once it got a look at the script.


Thank God this move was made. I used to have a terrible time with insomnia, but now all it takes to fall asleep in 5-9 minutes is to pop this bad boy in. I'm not making this up as a joke, I really play this glitter encrusted turd when I can't fall asleep. Another good thing about Xanadu, its easier to stomach than NyQuil.


"I love the film"! Aside from that I guess I nothing ells is worth going on about. I was young when I saw the flick for the first time and a lot messed up. I came from the classic hell home. Child rape, Child abuse Drugs and alcohol. The only release from my home life was the movies and when I saw this movie film fort the first time, I was hook! I felt what I wanted in a love relationship and more importantly, what happiness was supposed to be like. So maybe it was a little corny and Mr. Beck is a bad actor. The movie made me happy and wasn't that what it was supposed to do?

Benny JR Ewing

I STILL Love this movie! It's so great, is there a sequel? And, No, I am NOT kidding you!


I love this movie!
No matter how bad it is.
I saw it when it was released in the early 80s with my mother and I fell in love with Olivia Newton-John. I adored her dance routines and the final scenes with the big X appearing to change each dancing scene...
And the special effects, so cheesy
I love Xanadu. I bought the VHS first and then the DVD and also the soundtrack.
"Suspend me in time..."


Next to Flash Gordon, this is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures.  Although, now that I am 35 yrs. old I don't think I need to feel "guilty" anymore.  I too saw this in the theater when it first ran in 1980.  I seem to remember Buck Rogers playing at the same theater.  You knew right from the opening titles, where the plane revolves the globe and evolves into a spaceship, that you were in for a special ride. I thought Olivia Newton-John was a dream on roller skates.  When the muses came out of the wall dancing to I'm Alive by ELO I just about wet my pants.  I immediately wanted to become a dancer and just keep on turning and spinning.  Gene Kelly has a wonderful presence in this film.  For him I am sorry this movie had to be the last film showing him dancing.  For me I think it's very cool.  I only wish ONJ had been a better dance partner for him.  I think he was still up for a more complicated routine than the one shown.  Speaking of her about when she slowly puts one arm over her head at a time near the end of the film, and then repeats it stiffly.  That always makes me giggle.  Oh, and what about the Victor/Victoria outfit, complete with headdress, she wears for like a minute when things get all "futuristic" during the final number?  I believe Victor/Victoria came out in 1981, hmm. However, I always thought she looked super hot in the "bad girl gone savage" number near the end.  You know the one where she wears some sort of plastic leopard print outfit.  There are so many wonderful and crazy things going on in this movie I can even over-look Michael Beck's performance.  Xanadu Forever!

Virginia Plane

   The only good thing about this movie is a couple of the songs, I did always like ELO and the Tubes. (Even got to see the Tubes live once!) Other than that, ugggggggggh. I was hoping Michael Beck was going to get hurt when he deliberately crashed into the brick wall on his skates but no such luck. Oblivious Newton John always got on my nerves even when she was popular, and I just felt sorry for Gene having to be in this nonsense.

Kira kid

DUDE -  for someone who HATED this flick... you sure put a HELLA bunch of effort into putting this all together.....


I've been a die hard, albiet ashamed..., lol- fan since a teen.... and i just got MORE stuff from HERE than in a buncha years elsewhere....!!!!!


But really..., all the stuff u say to watch for and point as faults....  IT'S A MUSICAL, man.... It's like taking a deadly serious take on a slapstick comedy......


Call me weird, but I've always thought that Olivia was kind of hot in this movie.

It's still terrible though!   :tongueout:  :teddyr:
"There is no way out of here. It'll be dark soon. There is no way out of here."


I'm a huge ELO fan, so the movie worked for me there.  And the crazy transitions.... (How about this time, we shatter the screen into a million little pieces!)


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