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Started by, October 26, 1999, 03:40:08 PM

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The bit I hate is at the very end, where the ghastly wooden faced leading man starts to chat up the hat check girl, just because she looks like 'Kira'. Just goes to show how little he thoughtv of her personality and how much he thought about her looks.. Jeff Lynne's songs are GREAT though


Oh God.... Xanadu (weirdest name for a musical?). Well, I'll begin by saying I consider this movie fit to use as torture on those people you despise the most, or perhaps as anice way to traumatize little children. I remember watching this on video with a few friends back in high school, we were all wondering what the hell this thing was, or if we had to be smoking pot or something to enjoy it.

Lastly, I have to say that the final musical number inside Xanadu where everyone (even Gene Kelly, WTH?) dances with roller skates and there's this weird bunch of girls hanging from ropes and spinning and cowgirls and other crap is probably among the trippiest things I've ever seen in a movie.


i may as well add my contribution. I loved the movie growing up - watchability factor now? Dunno, I think it woulld be fun. Bad acting, stupid plot, but seriously it was eye candy. Costumes and theatrics that maybe only a girl or very musical loving man could love.

But - the soundtrack is awesome. I love the combination of swing and rock in some of the songs. and I LOVE ELO

so there


Okay. I think your site is pretty solid. But THIS movie is one of my favorites. Also, alot of people would agree with me. HOWEVER! I must say that the guy who played Sonny was the worst actor I've ever seen on the screen. Did you see his reaction when Kiera scared him? There was, like, no facial change. Wierd. ANYWAY!!! The music in this by ELO and Olivia does't go with what's happening on-screen the best, but it's still CLASSIC, GREAT music (if you like disco, especially)! Also there's great acting by Olivia and Gene. Sonny guy SUX. I get it.


I have a friend who is obsessed with this movie and he makes all of his friends watch it every year on his birthday.  We usually just try to get blackout drunk in order to make it less painfull.....


This movie has all the makings of failure. Disco? Come on! By 1980 the thing was dying... It doesn't help that the thing has aged poorly. Yeesh! The overall quality of this movie is just one of disaster.

Well guess what? This movie is awesome! Bad quality does not mean a movie can't be entertaining and Xanadu was one of the most entertaining movies of all time. One drop? You sir are wrong...


I have to say Thank you for that review! I saw this in the theatre when it was released and Until now I hadn't realized the movie had a plot! I jst thought they'd strung a bunch of dancing scenes together and Gene Kelly moments and sent it out...


I've seen this movie about three times, all late night HBO or Cinemax... it's great for that... and I for one like the film, even though it's bad. It seems to mark that magical moment in pop culture where disco is falling out the door and new wave is stumbling on to the scene. The great rock band was the absolute worst! But something that made this movie awesome was spotting Sandahl Bergman from Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja as one of the Muses.

If Olivia isn't worth the watch, Sandahl's graceful moves (and hot bod) certainly are for at least a few glimpses!


Quote•  73 mins - Dude, skate through the wall, it'll work! Do it! Yes, build up speed, go, go! What the heck, that worked? Gads I hate this film.
•  90 mins - Olivia Newton John is singing country, everything going black, mommy..

:bouncegiggle: :bouncegiggle: :bouncegiggle:

Aww, man: I needed that laugh at the end of a long day - thanks, Andrew!
We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.


My sister and I grew up watching this film repeatedly. The main story, when broken down into basics, could have been a contender for the Oscars. Starving artist finds himself between rock and hard place. Terpsichore comes down from Olympus and helps him find a way out. Starving artist's work inspires many people and changes the world, if only a little. Everyone is happy, the end.

Sadly, this was one of those productions that was doomed from the get-go. One of the director's most important jobs is to make sure that everyone working under him has the same idea of the film they are making. Not only did this not happen, but it is pretty clear that no one consistent idea of what the film was about ever prevailed. Even during the climactic sequence, one cannot help but believe the director just sighed and said "yeah throw that s**t in there, we will fix it in editing".

As other writers have pointed out, it also helps when you base any part of your story on preexisting concepts, you best research the hell out of them. Say what you will about Michael Beck, he is the only one in the conversation with Zeus who escapes without saying things so insufferably stupid it makes one wonder if thousands of years of civilisation are coming to an end. Given the rest of the dialogue that Beck is saddled with in this film, that is worrying.

I also fail to "get" the hate for Michael Beck. He is no John Malkovich, granted (remake this film with Malkovich, yair!). But aside from Gene Kelly and James Sloyan, he is about the only person in this film who rises above his material. Given that he has to bear all of the weight of a very childishly-written protagonist, I think his ability is given evidence by the fact that the audience still follows his insane quest to open a roller-disco after the opening act.

Olivia Newton-John, dear Odin... she was so very, very wrong for her part. Granted, lead actresses who could dance were not in great supply, but they could have at least hired someone who knows how to act.