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Babes in Toyland

Started by Squishy, December 16, 1999, 07:22:05 AM

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Hey guys, what up?  I am looking to find this movie on DVD if possible, does anyone know where I might be able to get it?  I'm in Australia, so probably my best bet is to look in America.  I have tried Ebay, and cannot find it there.  I know that if it isn't on Ebay, it's nowhere, but I need to find it.  



There's nothing like a bad movie, and this one is really up there. It's actually fun to watch if you have a couple hours to kill. But be warned, you will NOT get that time back. So, have fun.


I loved it!! I watched it all the time! And I watched it last weekend at my grandparents house with a friend! It was a good laugh!

Otto Baron

From an opening musical number that demonstrates the wonders of life in Cincinatti (as well as the difficulty of coming up with words that rhyme with it) This is a special treat for afficiandos of really bad cinema.  The severity of the charge of "Grand theft cookies", the touching scene where Drew Barrymore remembers her negligee (I still have my teddy!) And let's not forget how Santa may know if children are naughty or nice, but is apparently clueless when it comes to the behavior of adults.(He just adores Pete Rose.)I located a copy of this some years back at McDonalds, and found it a worthy follow-up to the equally well crafted "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians) This film was well worth the price of a big mac-without any of the artery hardening greese you'd get from eating it.  The Only thing this film lacks is the Joel Hodges and his robot friends doing a commentary.

nobody reads names!

Why are those damn kids laughing? The dudes killed like two trolls. Now the trolls will eat Santa. Now I'M laughing.


Cute movie. Liked the "Cinnskiwhat'ski?" gag a lot. I prefer the original version, though. Laurel and Hardy made better flunkies. This movie's good in it's own right though. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.


Im at work and I got the Gay Cincinnati song stuck in my head so I started looking for the lyrics and found the song here! I used to watch this movie everyday when I was a kid!!


I dont care what anyone else says, I think the film is awesome and right now I am going on ebay to find it, Keanu was incredibly cute in this film and Drew, well you could'nt find a better actress for that film! loved it!


Aww, come on.  This movie may suck but it's pretty much a children's classic.  I used to watch everyday and I made all my friend's watch (and we're all in high school) and they still liked it.  If you still think it sucks, at least the cheesiness of it all is still funny.  And they get to drive those sweet little cookie cars!

Sora the B-Movie Alchemist

Every year, my mother drags out these god-awful Christmas films. This... horrid piece was a member of the Sora-Torture Fest. Thankfully, I was so young I don't remember much.

Rating: N/A


One thing the reviewer forgot to mention:  Not only will being from Ohio make you immune to zombie making poison, you will also be immune even if you just sing about a place that you have not only never been to but have never even heard of.

DAMN IT! Now I Have that Cincinati song stuck in my head


Does anybody know all the words to the Cincinnati song? I'm from Cincinnati and I love the song, but I don't know all of it, and what I do know has been stuck in my head for days... I want to know all of it! :) So if you know it, please e-mail it to me! Thanks a bunch! ;)


You guys are crazy, this is one of my most favorite movies in the entire world!!!


I remember this movie, because the daycare I was in as a kid practically required us to watch it once a week through the months of November and December. Characters from it still appear in my nightmares on occasion.

Nicole Emery

This is the best version of Babes in Toyland.  It's Jill Schoelen's second best movie.  Her best one is The Phantom of the Opera (1989).