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Hawk the Slayer

Started by joegerrard, November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM

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This is one of my favorite fantasy films. Sure it may be cheesy but it has Crow! I take "Hawk The Slayer" over "Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie" any day 8)


Woohoo!!! It's finally out on DVD. Get some lizard's eyeballs and freshly whipped fish to munch on while you watch it.


I can't believe this is out on DVD. I have been searching for this movie for the last 5 years on any format. As a kid, Hawk the Slayer baptized me into fantasy fiction.

M. Penhollow

"Lizard's eyeballs!"  Yeah, I watched this movie over and over on Beta.  Cheezy as it may be I always thought it would make a good TV show in a Hercules/Xena sorta way.  After more than 20 years I'll finally be able to watch it clearly on DVD.. and in widescreen.  I can't wait.  Sure there is Lord of the Rings to satify the DnD audience now, but back then we just had Beastmaster and Krull, Conan and Excalibur, and for those fortunate to find a copy or see on cable: Hawk The Slayer.  Hey, did anyone notice the actor who plays Ranulf "One-Handed-Man", is the narrator for the Medal of Honor games?  You don't see him, but his raspy voice is unmistakable.

Charles D.

Today is November 4, 2002 and I just received and watched my copy of Hawk the Slayer on DVD!!  I still can't believe it happened! It is actually due for release tomorrow but I pre-ordered it.  If you own the VHS version I highly recommend getting the DVD anyway (I just bought the VHS version on e-Bay a few months ago -- about par for my luck).  Anyway, the DVD has an original trailer which is very cool and also a series of still shots from the film although I would like to have seen "behind the scenes" shots but I'll take what I can get.  The ability to jump to scenes via the "Scene Selection" feature is always a plus.  As far as the video, it isn't "digitally remastered" or anything but is fairly clean and DVD beats VHS for pause/rewind/FF picture quality.  The quality of the film itself is an oddity -- some scenes look very clean as though they were filmed today while other parts look like something from the 70's.  And sometimes shots of the same sequence in the film will contain both clean footage and poor footage alternating back and forth as the camera shots switch.  Ah, who cares -- I loved this movie as a kid and I love it now.  Now if ONLY someone would make a sequel so I could find out what the Wizards in the South are up to...AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH !!!!


I loved this film back in the 80's, and despite earth-shattering movies like Matrix and LotR, I still like it.

I'm desperately trying to get a pic of Crow sitting cross-legged, hood up, examining his fancy white arrows - can anyone help?

My arrow hit first. The peace of the dead.

PS. does Crow survive at the end......?


Still an all time classic for me!

So full of cheese and fantasy stereo types. Still I can't help but watch it! Got the Video, the DVD and can quote it till kindom come.

They really don't make 'em like they used to!


Cherie Charleson

Hi, my names Cherie, and im Ray Charlesons daughter, (thats Crow the elf 2 you) i'd just like to say to those who liked Crow, hes still a good looking man, and im even better ;) please email me on your thoughts. also id like to say that since Hawk the Slayer he has done much better movies, recently one with Steven Segal. xxx


I just introduced my wife to my alltime favorite childhood movie on dvd.  She thought "Hawk The Slayer" was worthy of praise. Since she never saw it as a kid I found this very satisfying. My brother mike wanted to be Crow. He worshipped that elf( so did I seceretly). I told him, " he wastes his time and mine", with his dream to become elven. It's nice to know I have company in my unhealthy devotion to this pre-"Lord Of The Rings" classic. Later, fellow fans!


All right!  It was a poorly made movie, but it was fun to watch.  It was one of the first movies I ever saw on cable and we were almost late for school many times because of it.  I always had a thing for Hawk and my sister loved Crow.  The characters were fun and the plot was pretty well written out.  The special effects were non-existant, but then we are taking the ealy 80's.  I even wrote out my own stories to continue on with Hawk, just for fun.  We may be a sick lot, but Hawk fans stand by their show!


This is SAD, i've been after this film for years, I finally got it on DVD the other day, Oh what a blast, I was 11 years old again, sitting in my local cinema watching the cheesiest sword and sorcery film of all time, well worth every penny. This film got me into fantasy in a big way, not long after I read 'The Lord Of The Rings'. Sheer inspiration, Thanks 'Hawk the Slayer', Top Film, should be a cult icon.

cheeky monkey

Top film. For me the defining scene is always Hawk being sent off via magic spinning hula hoops to gather his buddies. Each time he returns with the latest oddball the gnarly old woman gives it "The circle is not yet complete" and sends him off again. Over the top bad acting, bad effects and bad scenery, but the sum of the whole rocks.

Robert Illing

Undoubtedly the best fantasy film ever.  It even gets a reference on the Channel 4 someday programme, Spaced: "I once punched a bloke in the face for saying 'Hawk the Slayer' was rubbish."

I heartily agree.  Anyone saying Hawk the Slayer is rubbish deserves a massive smack in the gob.  In fact, I think it's about time they made that sequel.  Surely Jack Palance and John Terry are young enough (and possibly hard-up enough) to accept!


I can vividly remember one summer vacation. I'd have Hawk rewound to my favorite fight scene. I'd awake, make my bowl of Cheerios, park 2 feet way from the TV and my folks' first (450 lb) VCR (roughly the size of a suitcase - top loader!!!) and let her rip, every blessed day of that summer vacation.

The movie is a classic. I long wondered about it, dissintegrating on some Hollywood backlot warehouse shelf. I tracked it down by looking up Palance via City Slickers, then checking his filmography (yes, I'd forgotten the name of the flick... that's how long ago it was since I've seen it). JUST ORDERED MY DVD COPY ON EBAY. Once the wife and kids hit the road for a weekend to grandmas, I'm popping that sucker in and turning 10 again.

And to think, there were so many of us out there, watching this flick at the same time, completely enamored by it. It makes me feel small. It's like closing your eyes and smelling something from your childhood.


It's the film that will not die. Found it on DVD through Hen's Tooth video. Get it now on Ebay !