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Hawk the Slayer

Started by joegerrard, November 25, 2006, 04:10:12 PM

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Sfssdthe biggest

Biggest Film in fantasy genre of American History...Others are Legend and Excalibur


This film rocks! Where the hell did they get that repeating crossbow,I want one. The best sound track ever!


Hawk the Slayer may not have had the budget of blockbusters we see today but we are talking over 20 years ago(how quickly people forget)when D&D fantasy films were never heard of and movie FX was still very much in its infancy, I was 12 when I first saw it and I was blown away and as far as I am concerned this film is a bright star in amongst all the others definitely worthy of Cult Status a film that shaped the future of all fantasy films we have today oooh the sword, the music (wish I could find it) just a fantastic film.


Hey we all know this movie is totally cheesy but its still alot of fun to watch. C'mon now you can admit it.You know you liked it.


Sure the special effects weren't special, and the writing wasn't based on Tolkein, but I love this movie anyway. It is 100% pure entertainment from beginning to end. It is a lot like turkey bacon. Great for what it is, just don't expect it to taste like bacon.


Oh this film DID amuse me; as I kept yelling out, "Pure cheese! Chesse and ham on toast without the toast!" As  awful as it was, I couldn't drag my self away from this awful spectacle! The magic glowing sword, hula hoops and BOUNCY BALLS , and the distinctive amount of blood when people were killed, was enough to keep me watching the whole film XD


They showed this on the BBC the other night. This is one of those "so bad it's good" films. I have never laughed so hard watching Jack Palance over act in that big helmet. And nothing says medevil england like disco music! This film Rocks!!


Saludos desde España colegas!!

My English is not the best. (so excuse me for the errors)
Im from Spain, Canary islands, exactly Tenerife. Im in true when i say that this movie its very apreciate in the roleplaying comunity of the city of Santa Cruz (tenerife´s capital).
There is anyway to get the soundtrack of this aweson freak movie?, really y need it!!!

This movie is great!, a roleplaying guy khows how to apreciate the movie. Really, tere are very few movies that brings me true diversion, one of this is Hawk the Slayer.

Que en español la han traducido a "La Espada Invencible".

Bye Bye From Tenerife, the land of the sun!!!.

Collin Pasternack

Man, Hawk THe Slayer is one of the best Sci-Fi movies. I saw it on BBC1 at around 24:00 and couldn't stop laughing. The TV Guide billed it as "Pseudo-Mythical tripe." I really want a DVD release with actors commentary, and deleted (plot) oops, sceenes. As to people saying its a "big pile of crap," well, I wouldn't say so, it takes a lot to make a movie...They were trying their best! Or, maybe they weren't, come to think of it. However, it is a great watch and a lot of fun.

Mike Smith

I've seen this movie a zillion times.  I wish somebody could tell me why.

Brian Willard

This film is so bad it's good. I don't recall seeing it on MST3K, but it cries out for that kind of treatment. I think it's a great film, and it shows what kind of fun you can have with a low budget and a truly desperate Jack Palance.


I just finished watching this on DVD and thought I'd have a look on the net for a mind sword. Didn't find one but I found this page. Glad I'm not the only closet Hawk fan.

"some people just don't know when to keep their mouth's shut"


Many years ago I wondered if Hawk fans would muster the strenghth to petition the studio to producea DVD. To those of you who had the sack- many thanks.


I remember loving this film when it came on TV originally; then I had to wait until the DVD to see it again- I nearly forgot about it entirely, because they never showed it on TV much at all ( I wonder why?!) It's hard to say why, but it is genuinely one of my favourite films, and is on a par with Dragonslayer as my favourite fantasy film. Bernard Breslaw kicking arse- what more do you need in life?


Hawk the Slayer is cheap and tacky, but it is one of my favourate fantasy films of all time..the music in the film is great..the story is cool even if a little cheesey in places...this film would definatly deserve a remake....long live glowing green transporters....